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Featured Races

Name Summary
Alraune A race of plant-like flower-people.
Celtic Born Your celtic born has several traits as a result of their ancestry and ancient bond with nature.
Earth Giant A race of giants, smaller than the rest of their kind their power comes from deep within the earth and posses the ability to manipulate the earth.
Embodied Mouther Gibbering Mouthers taken humanoid form, a race that battles with monstrous and aberrant origins.
Nocturne Humanoids of the Shadowfell, infused with shadowstuff.
Sobruaro Cactus people who are very jolly and fun-loving.

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Name Summary
Aarongar Shark people born of mad experimentation
Aethelf A distant relative to the ancestor of elves
Aggrand A race with the ability to grow to giant size.
Airrans Umbrella term for flying denizens of the flying cities called "aeries".
Albino Gnoll Outcast from the pack, smaller and weaker at birth, Albino Gnolls had to adapt to using their brains and their speed to be better than those that would harm them.
Alien Grey Alien Greys are from a distant, advanced civilization. You have crash-landed here.
Aligotarian Massive humanoids alligator
Aligrine Humans with wings from the plane of air. Sound familar?
Alleozsa Astral beings that use the refraction of light to shape themselves as visible and recognizable humanoids.
Aloii Highly logical, liquid metal beings with a thirst for knowledge.
Altine A race of humans with the physical abilities of spiders and shapeshifting capability.
Alu-Demon Vile, half-demon hybrids spawned from an Abyssal parent.
Alu-Fiend Half Succubus/Incubus, Half-Human... What's not to love?
Amanel Mobile and ruthless hunters of evil.
Amazon A race of warrior women.
Amazonia A race of warrior women descended from gods of war
Ambun The powerful defenders of the castles and fortresses of the Feywild.
Android, Variant Living constructs with a soul.
Android You were created and programmed for a specific purpose in mind.
Angel, Variant Angels are a powerful race of creatures created by good-aligned Gods.
Angel Angels are spiritual beings created by a lawful good deity to act as servants, messengers and warriors.
Angel of Death Undead humanoids with the general appearance of humans, that make strong thieves and assassins.
Angelic Succubus The familiar demons, with reformed features
Animated Armor A suit of armor that is given life through magic and is assigned a task. Often they are left behind by their creators, left to lie dormant for hundreds of years only to wake up and seek out a new purpose.
Anomalous Human Humans with just a little extra added on.
Anouki Waddling like penguins, but with antlers like moose and faces resembling hylians, anouki are quite a sight. Their blubber-filled bodies are most at home in cold climates.
Anthro Race Humans forced into animal experimentation
Anthrolupe Wild Anthrolupes are the solitary hunters of the anthropomorphic wolf race the Anthrolupes. They live in the wilderness, generally far from cities.
Anuran Their small stature and amphibian nature grants these small frog people many advantages.
Anutanin A cat-dragon hybrid, capable of quadruped travel, can stand, and eventually even fly
Apeling A race of nimble and strong monkey-like people.
Aphrodian A race with diversity between the genders where it is surprising to see if they are even related.
Apidites A Humanoid Race of Bees, each designed to fill a purpose in their militaristic hives
Apofficon Living in the Underdark, these mysterious creatures sport odd shimmering eyes
Aquaebant A race of aquatic humanoids with features like the original dwellers of the deep.
Aquarion Aquatic Elvenkind with a greek-styled society, and fondness of the great hunt.
Arachne Creatures with the upper torso of a humanoid and lower torso of a spider.
Aracoi Pure chaos taken humanoid form, aracoi are beings with scorpion-like tails and horns of various animals.
Aran-oids A robotic humanoid race built to help in a career or adventures.
Arborens The Arborens are a race of humanoid tree creatures that excel at stealth.
Argile Clay men with the souls of a human, though they don't show them that much.
Armadillo-Kin Armadillo-kins share the abilities and traits of their armadillo cousins, of which some are improved on due to their size and mind.
Armordillo Armordillos, above all, are sturdy, but typically will fall into being either wise or strong. Their shells give them an innate source of protection, which they can utilize to full effect in combat.
Arsenasite Hulking insectoids slaves that have been mistaken for Umber Hulks for many years
Astral Being The krill of the Astral plane
Astéri The Astéri are a race of primordial starfish people often seen along coasts and shorelines.
Atlantean Atlanteans are strong, versatile warriors of the seas, acclimated to the oceans and survival underwater.
Audino Cute and pudgy, these rabbit-like creatures want nothing more than to heal your wounds.
Aurochs Moon Cows, tougher then most races
Automaton Conscious and aware machines, made not by magic or divine power, but by science.
Avali, Variant You're cute... You're fluffy... But that doesn't mean you can't kick butt.
Avali Feathered humanoid descended from powerful ambush predators
Avariel Elves of the sky or winged elves.
Aven Aven live as a unique tandem of bird and man. Thanks to their strong wings, beaks, and talons, each has an expected set of attributes.
Avian, Variant An advanced race of bird-like humanoids that are deeply connected with their god Kluex.
Avian Strong and religious bird race from Starbound related to humans in many ways.
Avilus, Variant Optimistic songbirds that are just as likable as they are fast.
Avilus Optimistic songbirds that are just as likable as they are fast.
Awakened Owl Bear Owlbears in an Awakened state
Badger Lord Titanic versions of badgers - based on the Badgers of Redwall.
Badgerfolk All Badgerfolk, whether strong or weak, are sturdy. Their claws make them excellent at digging and the underground portion of their lives have gifted them with sight in the dark.
Baketako A race of intelligent bipedal molluscs that value honor over even life. (In simpler terms, octopus samurai)
Bantam Fomorian A smaller variety of a giant species
Bear Simply a bear
Bearon Sir Bearington's own proud and mighty race of humanoid Ursus (Ursine Bears).
Beast-Borne Beast-borne are excellent hunters and better friends. Endlessly loyal to those they consider family.
Beeholder Bee-like humanoid capable of flight.
Beholderborn A race of humanoids descended from the cursed Beholders.
Beholdertouched Humans spliced with the genetics of a beholder to grant them superintelligence.
Birali Birali are nimble cat-humanoid creatures who care not for others' opinions of them.
Bisharp Savage humanoid pokemon whose bodies are naturally covered in armor and blades.
Blaad' Os Humanoid squids with three red eyes. (Kind of like a miniature Cthulhu.)
Black Blood Angel Angels blackened by betrayal.
Black Eyes A demonic humanoid with stark black eyes and unusual supernatural capabilities.
Bladebound Bladebound serve as the enforcers of the Undying Light and are equipped to serve as well as possible in this role.
Bladeling Warlike outsiders from the Infinite Battlefield of Acheron.
Blaziken Tall, flightless, bird-like humanoids that combine fire and martial arts.
Bleeko Small, intelligent, and fascinated with light, Bleekos are masters of illusion and stealth.
Blessed Automaton Created by man, ordained by the gods.
Blood Angel, Variant The child of a Tiefling and a Fallen Angel.
Blood Angel The child of a Tiefling and a Fallen Angel.
Bloodraven The Bloodravens are a race of winged humanoids with claws that come out of their wings.
Blossom Shifter A humanoid with the coloration of any arrangement of flowers. They have a very androgynous look about them and you can barely tell between the genders.
Blue Bloods Fallen angels turned sexy vampires
Blueveined Cursed to live their lives with little time, the blueveined gain other abilities relating to the magic veins coursing through them.
Blugruim Hulking creatures whose hardy resilience is only countered by their kindness.
Bone Splinter Barbaric land-dwelling mollusks with origins in the Far Realm.
Borosi Feline shaped people with nightmare eyes.
Branded Branded are a hated union of beorc and laguz
Brightmaid Brightmaids are the result of a unicorn blessing a baby while still in it's mother's womb.
Browl A race of bestial humanoids that fiercely defend their mystic trees. A secluded people recently returned to the material plane slowly integrating with the other races.
Brute Nasty and brutish, but not so short.
Bularre Bularre are powerful humanoids derived from the Bulette.
Bullywug The self acclaimed rulers of the swamps.
Cambion The children of a fiend and a humanoid, cambions show their parentage through their physical appearance and equally wicked natures.
Camelfolk A reclusive race of bipedal camels.
Canibri Canibri are a race of humans cursed by an ancient forest god with some of the features of wolves and foxes.
Canus Human-like creatures with dog/wolf features
Caoraa Freedom loving and stubborn humanoids with some of the traits of ungulates.
Capricorn Man beasts with large horns, similar to Minotaur although more agile.
Cartura Small but wise lion-like fey that were cast out of the feywilds by the elves.
Castoran Master Craftsmen of wood and profound house guests, these Beaver-like humanoids share similar traits to their critter cousins.
Catfolk A race of Cat people, with as many variations as there are colors.
Catkin Inquisitive small felines, full of energy and pride.
Cauzerauti Humanoid warthogs created for evil, that have finally escaped their wicked origins.
Celt You are a very wise and powerful humanoid more invested in nature.
Centaur, Variant The nomadic horsefolk of the wilds.
Cervitaur Creatures with hybrid bodies and transient minds.
Chaik A race of oddly-skinned humanoids that live amongst the races of the Feywild.
Chamasin Plants of fire and light
Changeling, 2nd Variant Half-Human, Half-Doppelganger - the changeling is the master of disguise and intrigue.
Charr The charr race was forged in the merciless crucible of war. It is all they know. War defines them, and their quest for dominion drives them ever onward.
Cheliceri Humanoid spider-like people.
Cheox The corrupted fauns of necrotic origin. A true abomination to the world, and one that is aggressive to all.
Chesnaught Bulky, armored pokemon with a kind heart and a desire to protect what they hold dear.
Chimera (5e Class) A monstrous hybrid of lion, human and dragon.
Chimeran Chimerans are tough and strong, with their natural weapons and fierceness they will overcome any obstacle
Chimeroth Lithe, strong, and intelligent beings that utilize their talents in ways that enable them to quickly adapt in order to survive.
Chthonic Vampyre Twisted and cast from the infernal wastes to wander the surface lands.
Clabber Half-Mimics, created with a touch of necromancy.
Clamantes Hostia A word from the wise: betrayed children rarely stay dead.
Clawfolk A hardy race of ranger type humanoids.
Cleansed Blight What began as an evil awakening of plants has turned into thriving settlements of these goodhearted beings.
Clockwork Man Constructs created through mechanics rather than magic.
Clugs Four armed, two headed humanoids of great strength.
Coldskin Coldskin are humans that came in contact with the Elemental Planes of Water and Air in a bizarre event that changed them, and their world, forever.
Coldvein Undead elves shrouded in mystery.
Colowred A race of colored auras
Concubus A little fiend and a little fey make for an interesting combination.
Console Patron Unit You are a down to earth being powered by faith; you mingle with the people to garner their respect and reverence.
Corado Beings of desire and lust who are trying their best to fit in.
Corivilus The Corivilus are a flying ape-like creature originally from the Elemental Plane of Air.
Corollin Formerly constructs created by magic, powered by a gem core that controls them.
Cosmalog Cloudy humanoids from the skies above, brought by a holy comet.
Crabfolk Crab-like humanoids with large claws and great strength.
Croagunk Strangely musical creatures but underhanded fighters.
Crocadilian Humanoid crocodiles that lurk in swamplands.
Cutebold Cutebolds are sneaky and mischievous but cute and childish creatures that are related to kobolds.
Cy'kn Cy'kn are lizardlike humanoids that originate from the Lower Planes. Ironically, they are champions of justice.
Cyclops Simple, deliberate, stubborn and hulking giants with one eye.
D'ziriak Cheerfully coloured, glowing insectile humanoids dwelling in the Shadowfell.
Daemonii Let these carry your power to swell within your muscles and your rage course through your veins!
Daiyokai Greater rulers of yokai
Dantise Also known as Dire Elves. A crossbreed of orc and elves, the dantise blends the traits of both races.
Dark Ones Homo Novus, the Dark Ones, are Mystic masters born in a radioactive world that was left to rot. They decided to thrive.
Darkling Seelie fey whose curse causes them to rapidly age in sunlight, but make great assassins.
Darshroom A race of small humanoid mushrooms with mushroom caps that grant them various powers.
Death Qaz Death has befallen you but the Shadowfell has raised you above both life and death
Decidueye Collected, focused avian pokemon who employ ranged combat and stealthy tactics to win their battles.
Dedede Spawn The origins of this race can be traced back to the Great King Dedede, who somehow managed to reproduce alone and spawned this proud, stupid, and powerful race of creatures.
Deku Scrub Small, wooden, and sharing many characteristics with plants — most other races find deku scrubs a bit odd.
Delphox Bipedal vulpine diviners with a mastery of fire magic and psionics.
Dem'Fe Strength doesn't come from the arms that carry your weapons, but actions you do in the name of your tribe. A race of 4-armed desert dwelling elvish-folk that favor might to magic.
Demigod The offspring of a god and a mortal, a hero of days, a Demigod.
Demyling "Yes, I am Half Halfling, but don't call me a Quarterling!"
Denieran A race of humanoids with large magical eyes and strangely colored skin.
Devil Gear Mechanical servants born and bred in the Underworld
Dhampir The offspring of a vampire and a human necrophiliac.
Dire Human Humans after a bad episode of naked and afraid.
Doppelganger A deceitful race of shapeshifting hedonists, with quick reflexes and strange outlooks.
Draak'ar Descendants of cursed dragons who used magic to regain some of their power, at a cost.
Dracogoblin Dracogoblins are typically small, quick to run, and greedy. They act as if they are above other goblins and raiders but often fall into the same lifestyle as them.
Dracon Dracons are a race of dragons cursed in the egg to hatch in humanoid form.
Draconic Angel A crossbreed between an Angel and a Dragon, Draconic Angels inherit the best of both worlds.
Draenei Draenei, from the World of Warcraft franchise.
Dragon Large, winged, reptilian creatures with a lust for treasure.
Dragon Ogre A monstrous quadrupedal hyrbid of dragon and ogre.
Dragonfolk Medium-sized agile dragons who excel in spellcasting.
Dragonkin More civilized than those dragonborn.
Dragovian Draconic Player Race, Winged caster variation of the Dragonborn.
Drakiin Eladrin/dragon hybrids.
Drakyn Half-Humanoid, Half-Full-Dragon.
Drell You're a reptilian killing machine.
Drider, Variant Monstrous humanoid spider-like creatures.
Drider Half-spider, half-drow. These creatures are a testament to the will of the dark goddess Lolth.
Drock-Yar Sly, bitter but unopposably cunning goblinoids.
Dryad Humanoids made of Wood. Guardians of the Forest. Watchers of Nature.
Dryt Plant based creatures that possess psionic abilities and a rich culture.
Duarling Short but scrappy, these natural adventurers are born for battle.
Dullahan, Variant You've got a disembodied, floating head!
Dullahan The headless harbingers of death.
Eagle-folk Eagle-folk are strong and agile
Earthmen A race of poorly made golems turned free-thinking fighters.
Educated Rodents The Educated Rodents are a group of rare rats who have developed an exceptional intelligence. Small and unassuming, they still prove worthy allies and harsh enemies because of their pure cunning.
Eflint Enigmatic evolutionaries ... or shapeshifting fibbers?
Elderwood Plants that take on the appearance and characteristics of other creatures.
Elf Orc Elf orcs, savagely graceful or gracefully savage. You choose.
Eliotrope Portal makers hunted for their abilities.
Elnade Elnade are strong-willed, wise, and attuned to the waters around them.
Eltieam Not tiefling or human, but a whole other race of soldiers and rulers.
Enfield Humanoids with the cunning and body of foxes and with the wings and talons of raptors.
Entling Entlings are a tree-like humanoid creature with incredible strength and barkskin that gives it a strong natural armor.
Etterman Ettermen are the ettercap-fused human creations of a mad wizard, using their webs and wall-climbing to uphold justice and good, or to savagely demolish their enemies.
Evnir A clockwork race of unknown origins, even to themselves.
Evorian Powerful humanoids in both sight and mind.
Exceed Small creatures almost indistinguishable from house cats, but capable of walking on two legs and even growing wings.
Fae Fae are charismatic beings, capable of inflicting a lot of damage. They rely heavily on their senses.
Faerie Dragon Magical dragons that have eschewed living wild to be closer to more potential targets for their pranks.
Faerie Elf Good and Bad Fairies, the playable race.
Faery The diminutive folk of the fey wild, blessed with tasks to keep them busy from otherwise mischievous habits.
Fairy, Variant Puny manifestations of nature, these eternally young-hearted fey spend their days playing games and pulling pranks.
Fairy They are shy and reclusive flying fey creature that adores playing tricks and pranks on others.
Fallen Angel Once created for the sake of their deity, now serve themselves.
Fallen God Once a deity, you now walk among mortals. Only a shred of your divine power remains.
Fallen Human Human, Undertale Edition.
Farspawn As a child of the horrific and non-Euclidean denizens of the far realm, you can put your aberrant features to good use.
Faun A lighthearted and nimble race, Fauns make excellent craftsmen and deadly hunters.
Faunus, Variant A people with a deep connection to nature that manifests in an Animal Aspect. And cute cat ears.
Faunus The forest dweller with an aptitude for magic from a natural crystal inside their bodies
Fey Prairie Dog A humanoid prairie dog
Feyling The cute friendliness of a halfling with the mischievous blood of the fey. What's not to love?
Fireborn Humanoids created in the ashes of a war between the Material and Fire planes.
Firenewt Fire-worshipping amphibious militants.
Flamekin Fire elementals born from freak magical accidents.
Floran Florans are strong and swift. Though they appear to lack intelligence, they only lack education.
Flumph The mysterious flumphs drift through the Underdark propelled through the air by the jets whose sound gives them their name.
Forest Golem A race of stone and earth constructs, in which many plants take root.
Formicid A race of humanoid ants.
Frankenstein Frankensteins are large humans, created from the parts of other, deceased humans. Although this may seem like a grotesque combination, Frankensteins make great allies, but also great enemies.
Frosk Frozen dwarves from the far northern realms.
Froslass Female snow spirits known for freezing men and using their corpses to decorate their dens.
Furret Ferret-like townsfolk Pokemon with long striped bodies.
Fēnglì De Xīyì Rén The intelligent, ancient, reptilian island dwellers that most consider to be the apex of the races.
Gadragger Gadragger are very intelligent and slightly monstrous item collectors.
Galapian A race of turtle-like humanoids that move slowly, but are very hardy and wise.
Gallade Courteous creatures with an undying loyalty to those whom they share a close bond with.
Gallataur A mixture of minotaur and centaur, but only in appearance
Gardevoir Graceful creatures with an undying loyalty to those who they share a close bond with.
Gargoyle, 2nd Variant Living stone constructs made for tasks or protection.
Gastrosapien Gastrosapiens are large bipedal snail creatures native to swamps and other wetland areas.
Geist Geists are a unique form of a ghost or other spirit in that they have elected to turn away from the Blessed Sleep, a form of the afterlife where the souls find eternal rest, rather than being prohibited from it due to a geist's anguish or regret overcoming the pull toward the Æther.
Geitlan Geitlan, known to many as Goatfolk, are a race of half-human half-goat humanoids similar to Satyrs or Minotaur.
Geminus The sons and daughters of aasimar and tieflings
Gengar Large rotund phantoms with a fondness for curses and an appetite for souls.
Genie Phenomenal cosmic powers! Itty bitty living space…
Gerudo Tall, beautiful, powerful, and brutal, the race of almost nothing but women is both coveted and feared.
Gesttil A goblin-like race with gems for eyes.
Ghost Death is less permanent than you think.
Giantkin As varied as the great colossi that spawned them, giantkin share one thing in common: Strength.
Gilldren An intelligent, yet charismatic race with water as their greatest ally.
Gillman Wise and sturdy, the Gillmen are an aquatic humanoid race that are able to swim and breathe underwater.
Githet The Githet are a race of silent, stealthy feline-folk that live within tropical areas of the world.
Gnoll Gnolls are brutal hunters with a demonic ancestry who are fiercely loyal to their pack.
Golric A Golric is a Half-Goliath, Half-Orc half-breed— massively powerful and scorned by their own cultures, Golrics are borne from brutal pasts into uncertain futures.
Goodra Joyful, draconic-ooze hybrids who love giving their friends slime-covered hugs.
Goron Built like mountains, eating rocks, and wading through lava — gorons are nothing if not hardy and impregnable
Greninja Bipedal frog pokemon that destroy enemies with ninja-like movements and large shurikens made of compressed water.
Grummite Small, Green, Amphibious and Extra Mean
Half-Basilisk The half-basilisks are a strong race with dripping poison from its claws and teeth.
Half-Crystallid Humanoids crystalline augmentations, half-crystallids tend to be very skilled in combat.
Half-Dragon The spawn of Dragon and of Man.
Half-Dryad The children of the forest fey.
Half-Dwarf, Variant The rare product of a Human-Dwarven Coupling, though the results are contrary to the name.
Half-Dwarf Half-Dwarves share the versatility of their human heritage while retaining some of the resilience of their Dwarven ancestors.
Half-Giant Simple, deliberate, stubborn, and hulking. Not very nimble.
Half-Hag Tall and lanky, born from hags who bed mortal men. At least they still retain minor qualities of their hag mothers.
Half-Human Half-Phantom You are neither dead nor alive, yet both at once.
Half-Kobold The strength of a kobold and a human combined.
Half-Minotaur The further hybridization between bull and humans.
Half-Oni Half-oni tend to either be troubled or calm and collected souls. The ones that are in between usually don't last long.
Half-Satori The child of a human and a mind reader, you have inherited the appearance of the former, but the power of the latter.
Half-Satori Half-Phantom You're half-dead. You read people's minds. Nobody seems to like you... Who decided something like you should exist, again?
Half-Solar Celestials who were created in the like of solars to rid evil on the Material Plane.
Half-Tengu Half human and half demon/spirit/diety
Half-Troll Tough, fierce, and hungry, half-trolls combine the best traits of both their parents' biology.
Hallownest Inhabitant The bug-like inhabitants of Hallownest.
Hanyo These humanoids are the offspring of daiyoukai and humans.
Haraka The Haraka are a fast snakelike people that have fast metabolisms.
Harpy Harpies are skilled on the ground and in the air, able to use their talons if unbroken and sing a song to captivate her foe.
Hasani Humanoids formed of charcoal and coal whose fire lights up the Underdark.
Hellcat Hellcats, or "ralet'ke" in their native tongue, are considered magically-adept, long-lived, and very cute by most races' standards. Despite their generally-pacifistic nature, they can hold their own in a fight.
Hippokin Hippo-like people
Hircus Hircus are humanoid goats with inherent fire magic and weapon training. (Inspired by Undertale)
Hog Folk, Variant A race of humanoid hogs scarred with their repeating history of being enslaved.
Hog Folk Pig-like beast-men, the descendants of an entire race cursed by their Gods.
Hollow Corrupted souls turned monsters that seek the souls of others to devour
Homunculus, 2nd Variant To obtain, something of equal value must be lost. That is alchemy's first law of Equivalent Exchange.
Homunculus, Variant An organic construct, created to aid a magic user.
Homunculus Homunculi were created by a large merchant empire called Xerxes.
Horned Lavernicus The Horned Lavernicus' inherent traits and gained abilities combine to make them powerful (yet reluctant) foes in their desert home.
Hound Archon Canine-headed celestial defenders of the innocent and the helpless against evil.
Huncubi Essentially a cambion
Hurwaeti The hurwaeti are an ancient humanoid race distantly related to both sahuagin and lizard men.
Hydronian, Variant Hydras endowed with the gift of sentience, but damned to live exiled lives.
Hylian, Variant A race of humans from the countries of Skyloft, Hyrule and the latter's flooded counterpart, the Great Sea
Hylian The most widespread and influential people of Hyrule proper, the familiar hylian race is comprised of social creatures relatively advanced in the ways of magic and technology.
Hylotl Fish-like creatures that lives mostly under water. Most of them have colorful tiny scales.
Hyperion Brilliant and haughty psychic constructs from the Astral Plane.
Hypno A pokemon whose most horrifying characteristic is its ability to hypnotize and kidnap you while you sleep.
Iceborn Swift entities born from frozen waters, iceborn dance about the battlefield and freeze foes in place.
Iceheart Although otherwise human, you have cold elemental abilities derived from your unusual ancestry.
Illithid Alien, frightening beings of great mental prowess and forceful personalities.
Immortuos A humanoid whose loved ones were unable to bring them back from death fully, resulting in a twisted creature.
Imposed Corpse Regular looking humanoid with a parasite for brains.
Inchling Inchlings are a race very similar to humans, although they are of a much smaller size.
Incineroar Violent, selfish feline pokemon who employ fire and dirty tactics to win their battles.
Incubus/Succubus Beautiful fiends who thrive on the corruption of mortal souls.
Inkling, Variant Aquatic creatures capable of firing ink over large distances.
Inkling Transdimensional, androgynous, identical, and odd beings of Shadowfell
Insectaur Giant praying mantis-like creature that originates from the Abyss.
Insectoid Bugs the size of you
Iwin Mountain folk with a strange language as well as scales and skin.
Jackalfolk Jackalfolk are a quick and wise race.
Jiangshi Jiangshi are a special type of undead, made to be servants, but very much able to possess free will.
Jynx Humanoid pokemon whose hypnotic sashaying is as mysterious as it's unique, special language.
Kapre A large forest dwelling race of humanoids with an almost barky skin.
Karakuri A mechanical race, each bound to a small box containing a spirit.
Karkinos Karkinos have incredible strength and resilience. They have giant claws which they can use as impromptu weapons. Their exoskeletons act as natural armor.
Kemonomimi A human-like race with animal ears and/or tails
Khajiit The Khajiit are a race of feline humanoids from Elsweyr.
Kig-Yar An avian race native to Eyan, they serve the Covenant as shock troops, snipers, scouts and defensive back line infantry.
Kin, Moon Presence Variant Monsters from another plane have given spawn to hybrid aberrations through virgin mothers.
Kipir Kipir are an evolved form of a winged owlbear known as a kipine, having shed their monstrous origins for a smaller form and a more civilized lifestyle.
KirbySpawn Pink chubby pals who consume their way across the universes, saving those they can.
Kitjar These fierce feline hunters make great enemies, but even greater allies.
Kitsune A race of anthropomorphic fox people who have magic in their blood and light shape-changing capabilities.
Koborc The weird result of kobolds and orcs mating
Kokiri From a glance, kokiri are indistinguishable from hylian children. Protected by the Great Deku Tree, these innocent kids never truly age.
Kor, Variant A rock climbing race of elves known for their quick minds and feet.
Kor Kor are athletic climbers, known for their use of rope to swing and climb through the dizzying vertical terrain of Zendikar. Your Kor character has these traits.
Korok Small, peaceful, immortal, and child-like plant creatures. They aren't much for combat or stealth, but it's hard not to smile around them.
Kri Kri are large and incredibly strong creatures, but lack any mental strength.
Kryptonian Kryptonians have a series of traits in common with one another regardless of the light they find themselves under. Kryptonian powers developed under a yellow sun are detailed within the Kryptonian class.
Kyoukotsu "Crazy Bones" for people who like mismatched skeletons.
Lagomorph Desert-dwelling humanoids with the appearance and abilities of a jackrabbit.
Lapine Sleek, fast, and alert, lapine traits reflect their leporine ancestry.
Lecteur'Fou Stout and monocular creatures that compulsively search for knowledge.
Leporidian A small race of humanoid rabbits.
Leprechaun, Variant Compulsive tricksters, leprechauns have a knack for getting themselves out of the hot water they all too often find themselves in.
Lion Kin As mighty as the beast they resemble, no trial is too great for the Lion Kin.
Lionfolk A proud and honourable race that embraces a cause or oath for life
Litch A humanoid race of undead living upon the coldest summits of the world.
Living Weapon Poor souls fused with magic to be the perfect weapon of destruction.
Livingsteel A construct race created by intrepid artificers, completely alive.
Lopunny Short, graceful, and rather adorable, these timid lagomorphs pack a powerful kick.
Loxodon, Variant Rare elephant humanoids seeking a place in this world.
Lucario Bipedal, aura-manipulating canines with a strong sense of loyalty and justice.
Lupus Lupus are humanoids with the features of a beast, making them both ferocious and fast.
Lutrinae'l You are majestic, bold, proud; a race of Otter-like humanoids with much power, and a thrive to hunt.
Lycanroc Though they come in three different forms, these Lycanrocs are werewolf-like pokemon with glowing, blood red eyes and a love of combat.
Magicia Magic is a part of your being, down to your core.
Magmin Minature pyromaniacs of the elemental plane of fire.
Magnagrada A bear-sized, extremely durable, pink tank
Malformed Goliath Half-Dragon A powerful beast poorly merged with their humanoid forms.
Mammuthari An ancient lineage of huge, woolly beastmen.
Mana Creature A being made entirely out of magical energy.
Manakete A race of draconic humanoids with awesome magical power.
Manas A race created through the convergence of wandering thoughts, memories, souls, and excessive magical energies.
Mantis Humanoids predators based off the lethal mantis.
Marilith Formed from the darkness of the Abyss, your marilith character has several traits that attest to its demonic origins.
Marunae Mysterious mouthless fey
Mawile Small, deceptive pokemon with huge mouths growing on the back of their heads.
Medusa As deadly as they are ravishing, a serpent-haired medusa suffers an immortal curse brought on by its own vanity.
Meloetta Small mythical creatures with a beautiful voice. Depending on which breed you see, you'll either see powerful psychic attacks or graceful physical attacks.
Meowth Adorable yet fickle feline Pokemon who bring luck and trouble in equal measure.
Merfolk Erectus Amphibious coastal merfolk of the shallows and the shores.
Mewmans "It's gonna get a little weird, gonna get a little wild, I ain't from around here, I'm from another DIMENSION!"
Mimic A more intelligent specimen of a well-known species of shapeshifting predators.
Mimic Slime A Slime with the ability to morph into other objects or people but cannot change their color.
Mimikyu A small, mysterious creature both loved for its short stature and childishly crafted disguise and feared because no one knows what's actually underneath said disguise.
Miqo'te A race that inherited feline features through their ancestry and traveled all the way from Eorzea to the D&D realm.
Mobian, Variant An anthropomorphic race with many different animal subraces based on the Sonic The Hedgehog franchise.
Mobian Mobians are melee fighters and mages by nature. They tend to lean towards melee attacks and magical buffs.
Modron Beings of clockwork routine and perfect order
Mogma These mole men, with their powerful upper bodies, burrow through dirt and sand at incredible speed.
Mogogol Mogogols share many traits with the frogs from with they are descended.
Moldaren A long-lived and durable fungoid race.
Mongrelfolk Less a race than a convenient category, the highly-variable mongrelfolk consist of every being who counts multiple types of humanoids among their ancestors.
Moon Fey Often mistaken for lycanthropes, moon fey are icy shapeshifters of the Feywild.
Mousefolk Furry, nimble, small, retiring and agreeable race.
Mudcrawler Creatures born of mud, that can occasionally animate other mud puddles.
Muk Toxic slime Pokémon that smell worse than feces, rotting flesh, eggs, and heavily fermented sauerkraut... Yuck
Murloc Murlocs often hunt in groups, but, if hunting a stealthy prey, will split up and can easily be picked off.
Mutant part humanoid, part webslinging spider
Myconid A group of fungi humanoids who inhabit the underdark
Namekian These green-skinned humanoids hail from a far-away planet, and are renowned for their regenerative capabilities and manipulation of ki.
Navigator An offshoot of the human race, navigators possess a third eye that can see the supernatural.
Necrolyte A creature born from pure necrotic energy.
Nephilim Those who were cast out. The spawn of a celestial and a humanoid. A Nephilim.
Nephilim of Raziel The children of humans and the angel Raziel.
Njutco From the remote edges of civilization, these monkey-like creatures climb and trick their way to notoriety.
Nobodies Nobodies are humanoids who have lost their Heart through abnormal means.
Nobody A race of hollowed humanoids.
Norowareta Banshee Souls bound by tragedy, and cursed with undeath.
Novakid Primordial humanoids of pure solar energy that function as small suns.
NuMou Short, intelligent dog-like humanoids in touch with arcana
Nymph, 2nd Variant This variant of the keeps a lot from the other Nymph class on this site, however, this variant was to more greatly embrace the Nymphs grace and ability to charm other races.
Nymph Your nymph character has a variety of supernatural abilities, due to their fey blood.
Nökken Shape shifters made of shadow and born from death.
O'korn An o'korn is strong in both body and mind, their watermark making them more durable than most.
Ocelotl The Ocelotl are quick, strong and savage defenders of the wild, resembling humanoid jungle felines.
Omikyr Fey creatures that vaguely resemble humanoids with the heads of deer.
Oni Once proud protectors of the spirit world, now rowdy creatures of the night.
Ooze-Kin All ooze-kin share some common composition, giving them some similar traits.
Oozeling A race of stout and intelligent humanoids originally hailing from the Far Realm.
Otterfolk Otterfolk were first created when a wizard gave human intelligence and dexterity to a normal otter.
Ozwok A vulture-like race that are more minotaur than birdfolk.
Pandaren Hailing from the Pandaren Empire they are humanoid pandas on the World of Warcraft series.
Papallona The beautiful butterfly nymphs of the East.
Petra Vita Curious and sweet golems born from catastrophe.
Phoelarch Humanoids believed to be descended from the legendary phoenix.
Phoenixhearted Tall, wise, and colorful, the phoenixhearted embody the vibrancy of their mythical predecessor.
Plaguespreader Undead bringers of disease and pestilence
Plantling, Variant "I am a plant too. If you prick me, do I not sap?"
Pnévma Creatures of Light, magic oriented radiant spellcasters.
Pompup A race of Pomeranian power in bipedal form. Creatures of the fey? Maybe one day, someone might find out.
Primal Zerg Creatures of widely different shapes and sizes who take on the features of any life form that can be eaten.
Primarina Beautiful mermaid-like creatures whose most powerful weapon is their singing voice.
Procyon Procyons are bipedal raccoons with a deep connection to the night, and some magic.
Pseudodragon A more intelligent variant of the smallest of dragons.
Pseudoimmortal A race of humanoids with dark purple cracks adorning their body and a strange arcane power lying within them.
Pump-Kin A tall, lanky race of terrifying, pumpkin-headed humanoids born from an unjust end.
Quaggoth Savage and territorial, quaggoths climb the chasms of the Underdark. They maul their foes in a frenzy, becoming even more murderous in the face of death. They will make great Monks and Druids with their sheer power and wisdom bonus, alongside Battle Clerics, Rangers or even Fighters.
Quickling Tiny fey that are as fast as they are mischievous.
Quillback A race of porcupine-like humanoids.
Rabbitfolk Pleasant and laid back, there are few people that hate rabbitfolk.
Raesokeran Canis Anthropomorphic wolves, jackals, and coyotes from the continent of Raesokera
Raesokeran Vulpis Anthropomorphic Fox races from the continent of Raesokera
Raitohorudā The bringers of light and peace.
Rakshasa A rakshasa is a human-feline fiend hybrid, fearsome and hale in stature
Rakshia Insect humanoids that take a liking to extreme environments
Ramanaur Race of nomadic, violent rams
Ran Do not take them for fragile creatures, while few races are as amicable and good-natured, the amphibious Ran will never allow their principles to go undefended.
Raptorkin Raptorkin are the most intelligent species of dinosaur alive.
Ratfolk, Variant Short, scrawny humanoids with ratlike physical features.
Ratmen As sneaky and agile as a rat but you are a humanoid.
Raven Children Raven children are often feared for their ties with death and many use this to their advantage to intimidate others.
Reaper You have several innate traits gifted to all reapers by either the gods or their physiology.
Redhnyan Tiny fiddlehead fern fairies.
Reindeerfolk Humanoid reindeer that embody all that is the holiday spirit.
Revenant, Variant The soul of a mortal who met a cruel and undeserving fate.
Revenant The soul of a mortal who met a cruel and undeserving fate.
Rhino-Folk You are a tough humanoid with one big horn and a smaller horn behind
Rhinokin Humanoid rhino people.
Ribombee Small, fey-like pokemon who gather honey and use pollen to both attack their foes and heal their allies.
Risen Animal, Variant Animals transformed into humanoids by magic-users.
Risen Animal Animals transformed into humanoids by magic-users.
Rito, Variant Avian humanoids that combine their prowess in the air with their shortbow skills.
Rito This avian race comes in diverse varieties, and most are capable of winged flight.
Roc Roc "Ca Ca! Ca Ca Ca Ca! *Ahem* Caw. Caw. CAW."
Rogren Rogern are highly intelligent creatures that are also incredibly strong and durable.
Roo Nomadic Humanoid Kangaroos.
Roserade A bipedal bouquet of roses that is just as deadly as it is beautiful.
Ruler Reborn and undead, rulers of eras now past walk the Material Plane again, ready to rebuild their kingdoms.
Runeterra: Demacian Demacians often have great skill working in leading and following as one unit.
Runeterra: Frelijordian Strong is useful to describe them, but not quite enough.
Runeterra: Ionian Grace, wisdom, and skill, these are the pillars that support an Ionian.
Runeterra: Noxian Noxians have great skill in lying and brutalizing!
Runeterra: Rakkor Weapon masters and mighty warriors make up the tribe of the Rakkor.
Runeterra: Yordle Jovial, fierce critters who can surprise the most unsurprised.
Ryujin A race of Oriental Draconic humanoids.
S'Tek S'Tek are a race of chameleon-like humanoids who inhabit jungles and other wooded regions.
Saberon Vaguely feline beasts who have adapted to nearly all of Draenor’s diverse environments.
Sableye Tiny, goblin-like, gem-eating Pokemon who reside in deep, dark caves.
Saiyan Legends speak of their unparalleled skills in combat, their unshakeable pride, and their ferocious appetite.
Salazzle Venomous reptilian pokemon whose pheromones can influence the thoughts and actions of beasts and even people.
Sangheili The sangheili are suited for combat as not only are they a proud, strong, and agile species but also a very fierce.
Sanujae Sanujae are small squirrel people with an honorable martial society.
Sasquatch Reclusive monsters of the wilderness finally growing to prominence.
Satori Thoughts, memories; the mind cannot escape your third eye.
Satyr The goatfolk of the woods.
Scalekin Descendants of an ancient race of dragons.
Scion of the Old Ones Creatures of twisted, alien magic with horrifying forms and reality-bending abilities.
Scorpion-kin A race of humanoid scorpions
Scrafty With a rude attitude and saggy skin-pants, these punkish lizard pokemon defend their territory by spitting acid and delivering powerful kicks.
Scro Orcs in space!
Selachinoid Deadly, aquatic hunters and pirates.
Seraphim Benevolent Angels, that have been born into a flesh and blood, earthly body.
Serene Your beauty as a female is unparalleled by Human and Elven standards. This beauty coupled with your magnanimous aura give you a massive Charisma boost. Your voice can be the most enticing and dangerous aspect of who you are.
Serfrar The child of a dwarven and elvish heritage.
Serperior Beautiful, regal-looking serpents that possess a glare that can terrify most any creature.
Shardmind Shardminds are sentient fragments of the Living Gate, which once stood at the pinnacle of the intricate lattice of the Astral Sea.
Silmarin Slimy humanoids that live in swamps.
Silverblight Silverblight are a race of winter lycanthropes that have lost their ability to transform after being cursed by a powerful black dragon.
Silvet The Silvets are a creative, energetic race of humanoids who share a special bond with peace.
Siren A merfolk subspecies composed of females, each are masters of charm and beguilement.
Skaven, Variant While breeding practices vary greatly every skaven usually shares a common share of strengths and weakness.
Skeksis Skeksis are a race of ever decomposing avian-based humanoid monstrosity mix.
Skeleton The reanimated completely decomposed corpse of a humanoid.
Skull Kid These cursed, magical children wander through forests for centuries, playing songs and tricks alike.
Slann Unmatched masters of magic and leaders of the lizardmen races.
Slate Humanoid creatures that have incredible strength of personality but lack a true heart. They are the ultimate performers and masters of theatrics.
Slimefolk Sentient slimes that take the form of humanoids.
Slimelings Bipedal Oozes who enjoy absorbing their victims
Slowking Gentle geniuses who reside near wetlands
Smeargle Bipedal canine pokemon who create art with paint-oozing tails.
Snorlax Rotund, bear-like pokemon sleep, eat, and then sleep some more.
Solari Human-like creatures born from the sun, who are strengthened during the day and weakened at night.
Songchild Results of an ancient experiment who treat the world with the hate they are given.
Soratami An enigmatic, secretive race, who live in the clouds.
Sorath Creatures from the upper planes that have radiant blessings.
Soul Forged
Soul Merchants Hunched, heavily cloaked travelers who love a good bargain.
Soul Reaver You are a soul reaver, blessed with a second life and powerful weapon; cursed with an unlife and a thirst for souls. You have a variety of abilities as a result of resurrection.
Soul Stitched Corpses, sewn together by stitches, powered by electricity and given intelligence by a snatched soul.
Soulrippers As a soulripper you can drain the life out of a creature with your deathstare.
Spiderfolk Drider-like insectoids with a hatred for all other races.
Spirit Fox Foxes that practice magic
Sprite In secret groves and shaded glens, tiny sprites with dragonfly wings flutter. For all their fey splendor, however, sprites lack warmth and compassion. They are aggressive and hardy warriors, taking severe measures to ward strangers away from their homes. Interlopers that come too close have their moral character judged, they are put to sleep or frightened off.
Squirrelfolk, Variant Squirrelfolk are a short, cute, but noble woodland race. Enlightened by Rillifane Rallathil at the dawn of time.
Squirrelfolk A race of small fur covered humanoids with a striking resemblance to squirrels.
Starborn Starborns have many traits in common with one another regardless of what they do so they still all have the same kind of traits.
Stormborn Touched by the power of a raging storm, stormborn have powers beyond that of mere humans.
Stylvix Owl-like relatives of the aarakocra and masters of the arrow.
Subrosian Small, mysterious, subterranean people who already wear robes and habitually bathe in lava—to them, sunlight and open skies are quite alien phenomena.
Suva Beautiful celestials that comfort their allies and crush their foes.
Swordwing Humanoid insects of the Underdark
Sylvari, Variant A race of curious and sometimes naive plant people, all born from the same magical tree.
Sylvari Botanical humanoids with a sense of wonder and curiosity about the world.
Taelan From the space between Planes, they observe intently.
Tamaranean Tamaranean minds and behavior may seem pretty weird to members of other races. But despite their good looking appearance, these golden-skinned humanoid people who descended from a feline-like race can be loyal, courageous, and strong companions.
Tarrasqin Humanoid semi-immortal tarrasques that seek knowledge and understanding, direct opposites of the creature they originated from.
Tau'ri "We dont hunt because we have to, we hunt because we want to, its what we were born to do..."
Tauren The Tauren are a race of large, bovine humanoids from the World of Warcraft series.
Tentacle Mass Aberrant creatures of unknown origin.
The Betrayed Deformed shadows of elven ancestry, these towering, emaciated, porcelain-skinned creatures' appearances hide their abilities they have adapted over hundreds of years of brutalization.
The Bonded Creatures born from the Elemental Chaos and ever in flux, these creatures are born alongside their Chaos Die.
The Faerie Folk Tiny winged folk who hail from the Feywild.
Thri-Kreen Swift and cunning hunters, the mantis-like thri-kreen wander the deserts and savannas of the world.
Time Lord The most advanced of any race in the universe.
Tokay Primitive and esoteric, these reptilians are known to inhabit tropical islands. Generally, their knowledge of the outside world is quite limited.
Tortithid Amalgamation between alien aberration and turtle, gives these creatures varying traits from both races
Trapinch Small but aggressive antlions who trap prey in inescapable sand pits and crush them with powerful jaws.
Treant Treants are large living trees that roam the world.
Trichadons As a peaceful race, trichans rarely tend towards fighting roles, but they can take more intelligent fighting classes such as sorcerers.
Tritomati Enigmatic three eyed humanoids
Troglodyte Humanoid salamander like creatures with tough, leathery scales.
Troll Trolls are a diverse sapient race based on the World of Warcraft series.
Trollkin The decedents of trolls and humans, with human ingenuity and a troll's bottomless belly.
Tsareena Short and vicious, yet protective, plant-like humanoids who kick foes into submission.
Tsukumogami A spirit formed by an inanimate object after 100 years of neglect.
Twili A race of humanoids with strange powers that live in the Twilight Realm.
Tyrogue Small, humanoid pokemon that are always looking for a fight, especially against foes stronger than it.
Umber Hulk Insectoid monstrosities who are mistreated.
Unnuc The ape men of the Orphan Isle, eager to explore the world they have been isolated from for so long.
Valados Vicious creatures born of flame that will turn on their own if needed.
Vampire Inhuman, merciless, and uncaring about their earlier life. Vampires are undeath and evil manifest of inversed good and paradox.
Vegepygmy Short, thin, and green with tendrils of fungus which wrap and dangle around its arms, midsection, and legs.
Vidreans Life forms that generate themselves inside of large crystals. They're known for their innate magical abilities and many go on to be very powerful with magic.
Viera Viera are more bold than the animal they resemble and will not think twice about anybody that dare lay a harmful hand on the forests they live in or what they've sworn to protect.
Viperfish Scaly aquatic humanoids that use this lumination to their benefit.
Void Elf World of Warcraft, Void Elves.
Voidling A secretive race literally born of the void.
Voidwalker Basically you're the invisible man.
Vulpin A human-like race with fox-like ears, tails, and eyes.
Warforged, 2nd Variant Built for a war that has ended, searching for purpose.
Warforged, 3rd Variant Sentient constructs created for the purpose of battle and decimation, or for whatever their creator wishes.
Warforged, 4th Variant Built for the job.
Wayang Wily and sly, wayangs are small humanoids of the wayang subtype who spend much of their time avoiding others, especially the predators that live in the wilderness near their hidden settlements.
Weaver Arachne Smaller arachnid based .
Weavile Cunning, cat-like arctic weasels who tear the flesh of prey with razor-sharp claws.
Wemic Centaur-like monstrosities with the upper half of a human and the lower half and face of a lion.
Wendigo, Variant Beasts no longer human, after having consumed of forbidden flesh.
Wendigo An abhorrent looking creature created from a cursed humanoid, with an affinity for human flesh.
Wokin The descendants of ancient werewolf clans, Wokin appear human in appearance.
Wolfborn Descendants of lycanthropes who are feared and misunderstood. Their kind are very, very few in number, but those that are alive are still hunted like the monsters they are not.
Wolffolk Wolf-like humanoids strengthened by the bonds of family.
Wormhearted Ones The result of an eldritch union between aberrant worms and humanoid flesh.
Wyvernling The cross between immense power and human morals.
Xaelia Knowledge hungry Fae that feed off the dark energy of the void.
Xenomorph The aliens from the "Alien" franchise, adapted to fit within the realms of D&D
Xernvis Humans evolved from war with powerful eye prowess
Xorn Gem-eaters born of the earth elemental plane
Xortan Musty desert people who love parties as much as fighting.
Yama You are one of the supreme judges of the afterlife; your very presence demands respect, as you have come to lay judgement.
Yardrat They have quite a few unique and useful abilities.
Yautja The Predator. Strong, versatile and deadly are a few of the things that describe a Yautja
Yellow Orc Orcish nomadic herders, of a more peaceful and enlightened nature. Easily discernable by their rat-like faces and thick hairy yellow skin.
Yetifolk Yeti like humanoids that live in the cold reaches of the mountains.
Yewheart I Am Groot A race of tree-like humble humanoids.
Yinglet A race of diminutive rodent-like creatures.
YoRHa Android Mechanical constructs that are designed to destroy machines.
Yokai Creatures of a wild variety of spirits
Yotarmi A race of blind, prideful, and violent humanoids with ashen skin.
Yuan-Naga Yuan-naga are half snake, half human hybrids that are given a heinous reputation that they don't quite deserve.
Zangoose Fluffy mongoose pokemon with long, sharp claws and a hatred for snakes.
Zekyl The offspring of drow and draconic unity
Zen'Trath A race of monstrous, slime-like creatures born from magical experimentation.
Zora Although sea zora and river zora are quite distinct, together they claim the title of the only truly amphibious race in Hyrule — and are the second most populous, exceeded only by hylians.
Zoroark Sly, black fox pokemon who are experts at disorienting foes with their mastery over illusion.

April Fools Races[edit]

These entries may not actually have been submitted on April 1st, but they certainly fit the spirit of the day! Every year on April Fools Day, we celebrate by releasing a news article highlighting these pages. They are intentionally designed to be comedic and entertaining.

Name Summary
Admin The admins of the site.
Awakened Shrub Naturally with a Challenge Rating of 0.
Ayy Lmao We out here bro...
Beefforged Large living constructs made of beef.
Beeforged Large living constructs filled with bees.
Breadin Animated bread and cookies
Bullet Kin
Candy Person A race of those made out of candy- humanoid and candy shaped alike!
Chicken Bawk bawk BA-KAW!
Crimson Demon A clan of modified humans known for their red eyes, magical talent, and odd behavior.
Dirt Literally sentient dirt.
DuelSoulBlade Shadow Vampelf You're summary is blank because it's not important.
Ed Kid A race derived from the powerful children of the Peach Creek Cul-De-Sac from The Cartoon Network Series "Ed, Edd, n Eddy"
Eggledites A failed experiment creating sentient, talkative eggs.
Emperor Hamster
Fidget Spinner A Dank Spinning race that will be helpful in a fight...
Font Skeleton Mysterious monsters that speak using their own unique typefaces.
Gazorpazorpfield A lazy, profane cat created as a parody of Garfield.
Globglogabgalab Schwabbledabbleglibbeglabbe schwibbleschwabglab. Dibbledabble schwibbleschwabble glibbleglabschwab.
Goble "Have you ever seen something so odd you suddenly have a knife in your back?"
God Since gods are well gods they get lots of overpowered abilities
Inu The borkiest race you'll find. Shiba Inu folk of Eastern origin for those who just want to be cute and badass all at once.
Isekai Loli By being reincarnated, you gained several blessings that made you very strong.
Jungle Knuckles An April Fools race based off of primitive tribal structures.
Kong A race of sentient apes renowned for an obsession with bananas.
Koopa A group of happy-go-lucky turtle-like beings, their shells change in color with each representing years of experience and ranking among one another. They're known for being nigh impenetrable thanks to their shells and one could consider them well-rounded in most regards.
Lead Face Can it have an AK-47 for a head? Yes.
Little Pony My Little Pony!
Living Toon Whats up doc?
Magical Plant A small plant that has been granted sentient life through some experimentation
Mariokin Most Mario-kin are known for their incredible athletic abilities, especially jumping.
McChicken Just a great tasting chicken sandwich.
Memeites Not Pronounced May-May
Muscledeer A race of deer who ate bulk powder, took steroids, and use gym equipment.
Nopon Globetrotting fuzzy boys that love their Hom-Hom friends
Not Dwarf Not Dwarves are...NOT DWARVES! The result of magical genetic experimentation, they are a corruption of underdwellers, part Drow, part Dwarf, part Mole Rat.
Original Character DONUT STEEL
Paintling You're living paint.
Pamspawn As spawn of the Final Pam, your character has several abhorrent traits.
Piranha Plant A deadly plant, armed with a large head filled with razor sharp fangs and leaves as sharp as daggers.
Sans He's the coolest skeleton ever, has multiple jobs so he can have multiple lunch breaks
Santa's Helper Those little elves that made toys for Christmas are real. Or was that just your imagination?
Shaggy Rogers
Shambling Mound Very large creatures constructed of swamp plants, wood, and fungi, Shamblers can make very excellent guardians for an adventuring party.
Toad You are an illustrious toad of Toad Hall.
Tuna and Sweetcorn Tuna and sweetcorn, on the verge of being perhaps a deific race, are beings of small-human-sized, sandwich-like visage
Wable Whable, Whable, Whable, Whable, Whable...
Were-Terrasque The destructive potential of the tarrasque is so vast that some cultures incorporate the monster into religious doctrine, weaving its sporadic appearance into stories of divine judgment and wrath. Legends tell how the tarrasque slumbers in its secret lair beneath the earth, remaining in a dormant state for decades or centuries. When it awakens in answer to some inscrutable cosmic call, it rises from the depths to obliterate everything in its path.

Incomplete Races[edit]

Races with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

Races which are works in progress:

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