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“Christ, you can’t even tell what these things are. They’re just the most confusing thing to exist in this world. Period.” – Unknown Military Officer

Physical Description[edit]

Whether it’s a hulking beast, or a slender mage, two things are common between these creatures. One, their rat-humanoid appearance, and a mask. However, few have been spotted without their masks on, revealing gaping jaws with razor sharp teeth. Their skin can range anywhere from a fair pale tone, to a dark brown, or even to a grey, similar to that of drows. They have a varying body mass and size, which usually ties them to an occupation. They can be hulking leviathans of strength, or nimble shadows in the night. When creating a ziurkis, if you prefer, roll a d100. From 1 – 5, your character does not have the signature metal mask, signifying the loss of a preferred person.


Not much is known about this species, but what is known is that they can express strong emotional bonds with a preferred person. Records of these creatures date back as far as records have been written and it is assumed that these creations are either that of angels or devils. They don’t seem to have a habitat, and are usually found performing all sorts of different roles.


Seemingly basic in mindset, ziurkis live for one purpose: Find a person worthy of their service, and protect them at all costs. They sleep wherever they can, but aren’t discriminated against, despite their ghastly appearance. They are quite accepted by society and are almost common place around the kingdom doing odd-jobs that are needed. Most common to find in towns are the muscular ones, but the slender ones assist mages, or help thieves. They do not seem to hate any particular species on their own, but if a race particularly discriminates against the person they have chosen to protect, they will hate them, and almost attack on sight, if not told otherwise by their person. It is fairly unusual to see a ziurkis without their mask: if one is seen without it, their preferred person has surely died, the mask being thrown away in grief or anger. If a ziurkis ever develops a bond with another person or creature after having lost their mask, however unlikely, the ziurkis will surely seek to replace it.

Note: When playing this race, either start from the beginning having either your preferred person be dead, be another player, or be close to the party, so less complications arise. With your similarity to kenkus, the same rules apply for speaking. Mimic out your sounds or say what sounds you mimic, do avoid annoying your party.

Ziurkis Names[edit]

Your name usually derives from a name that you've heard and liked, or a name that your preferred person gave you, in order to make it easier to communicate.

Ziurkis Traits[edit]

Either a tall muscular mass carrying seemingly impossible objects, or as a shadow in the night, you are unique from any others of your race.
Ability Score Increase. Your Constitution increases by 1. Other ability score increases are found in the subraces.
Age. You don't seem to physically age, but you do seem to last considerably longer than your preferred person. The longest lived ziurkis live to be around 400 years old.
Alignment. Your alignment is usually what your preferred person's alignment is, however some Ziurkis have been known to defect after their person has died.
Size. Your race varies in height depending on what subclass you are, but the average range is from 5' to 7' tall, even rivaling Dragonborn on certain occasions. Your size is Medium.
Speed. Your base walking speed is 30 feet.
Mimicry. You have the ability to mimic any sounds or voices that you have heard beforehand, but usually struggle to link together spoken words. A creature that hears sounds you make can only tell they are imitations if they make an Insight check vs your Deception skill.
Preferred Person. You have chosen to protect and accompany one person you know for the remainder of their life. Your preferred person must be a creature with an Intelligence score of at least 6 or more, and also share at least one language with you. Your other racial traits may refer to your preferred person, and your choice of preferred person may only be changed if they die. If your previous preferred person is dead or has died, you may choose to spend from 3-4 hours (or however long you prefer) bonding with another creature who meets the requirements to make them your new preferred person.
Outstanding Loyalty. If your preferred person is hit by a melee attack within 10 ft. of you, you can use your reaction to make a single attack against the creature that hit them, taking a -3 to your attack roll.
World Travelled. You know the area around where your preferred person lives extremely well, and have advantage on History checks within a 200 ft. radius of your preferred person's house.
Languages. You can understand, read, and write in common, and one other language that your preferred person speaks. However, you can only speak using your Mimicry trait.
Subrace. You can either be a Stiprus, Greitai, or a Protingas.


Ability Score Increase. Your Strength increases by 2.
Size. You count as one size larger for the purpose of carrying capacity.
Muscled Mass. Your unarmed strikes deal 1d4 + your Strength modifier bludgeoning damage on a hit. You are also proficient with your bite attack, which is a melee weapon attack that deals 1d6 plus your Strength modifier piercing damage on a hit.
Unarmored Defense. While you are not wearing any armor, your Armor Class equals 10 + your Constitution modifier. You can use a shield and still gain this benefit.


Ability Score Increase. Your Dexterity increases by 2.
Fleet footed. Your speed increases by 10 ft.
Nimble body. You are proficient in the Stealth and Sleight of Hand skills.


Ability Score Increase. Your Intelligence increases by 2.
Innate Magic. At 1st level, you can cast the cantrip thaumaturgy. At level 5, you can cast magic missile as a 1st level spell once before needing to complete a long rest.
Arcane Knowledge. You are proficient in the Arcana skill.
Understanding. Your intellect is profound. You can learn one extra language of your choosing.

Random Height and Weight[edit]

5′ 3″ +3d12 70 lb. × (1d4) lb.

*Height = base height + height modifier
**Weight = base weight + (height modifier × weight modifier)

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