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For Player Characters

Along with being intended to be used by player characters, dungeon masters are encouraged to use this section to design and run playing sessions and to take improving, reviewing, or removing templates into consideration in their campaigns.

Aberrations, beasts, humanoids, oozes, undead, and many others. (2359 items)
  • Classes
    By swords, sorcerery or something else entirely! Your choices have never been greater. (1901 items)
  • Backgrounds
    Your history has so many choices! (435 items)
  • Equipment
Need to buy anything? The sales are a wide selection of armor, weapons, adventuring gear, magic items, tools, mounts and vehicles among others. (4840 items)
Spells for all levels of gameplay. (2647 items)
Subraces, subclasses, feats, and variants for both races and class features alike. (3925 items)
Anything you can do, I can do better. (100 items)
For Dungeon Masters

Along with being intended to be used by dungeon masters, player characters are encouraged to use this section to discover possibilities in their campaign by asking your dungeon master about implementing pages from this section into the campaign.

New worlds and their associated options. (115 items)
Monsters, non-player characters, and templates. (3566 items)
Details on the planes of existence and terrains. (46 items)
Charms, blessings, epics boons, spells of legend, hidden skills, and more. (11 items)
Traps and other artificial stumbling blocks. (80 items)
Natural impediments to an adventurer. (55 items)
Afflictions to make the PCs sick, or to rot or turn into goo. (79 items)
Towns, dungeons, empires and more. (189 items)
Stories and dungeons to challenge your players. (47 items)
Combat actions, supplemental, transformational, and radical variant rules. (313 items)
Dungeons & Dragons related stories. (10 items)
Phenomenal cosmic power. (345 items)
General discussions and answers to various topics. (554 items)
Contribute in the featured article process! (39 items)
Helpful guidelines for creating pages and formatting. (18 items)
Contact the administration and learn about some of the contributing guidelines.
Leftovers, anyone? (86 items)
Wiki-style D&D books. (17 items)
Relevant indexes.(1 items)
Pick up the dry cleaning. Walk the taxes. File the dog.
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