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Please leave the "(5e Hazard)" identifier in the page title when creating your new hazard!


Hazard Summary
Aberrant Earth Weird earth that wracks the mind with pain and absorbs the bodies of those slain while standing upon it.
An Inconvenient Rock Literally just a rock.
Black Slime Aquatic variant of green slime.
Black Tangle Thorny black vines found in dark forests.
Blood Root A bloody red, subterranean and parasitic plant that uses its deadly red roots to attack unsuspecting creatures.
Brown Slime A sticky brown ooze that prefers to feed on humanoid flesh.
Corringal Tree A tree with a sap that causes a very nasty process.
Deathspore Fungus A rare fungus that kills with poisonous spores that cause its victims to rise as undead minions.
Dreaming Water, Variant <>
Dreaming Water Supernaturally still water that causes those that touch it to enter a deep trance-like state.
Great Wall of America The Most Powerful Wall in the Universe
Growth Fruit A stinking berry that enlarges those who consume it.
Hushrooms Hushing Mushrooms, a very dangerous hazard in certain circumstances.
Jabberwock's Snare A thick bramble with magical origins that thrives in the darkness.
Magical wild path
Man-eating Mushrooms Giant average looking mushrooms that consume those who draw near.
Manchineel Trees Possibly the most terrifying natural tree in existence.
Memory Imprint Re-live an emotionally supercharged event that happened at the place.
Mesmerising Glade This will mess with your mind for a while.
Mindslicer Crystal Crystals found deep underground that disrupt the thoughts of sentient creatures.
Mindswap Rose These roses swap the souls and minds of creatures who touch it.
Quagmire Thick, sticky mud infused with elemental energy.
Radiation Field An area polluted with radiation.
Ragestone Odd stone that causes unfeeling rage in those that stand upon it.
Sand Slime A grainy ooze found in deserts.
Shrinking Violet Releases a cloud of shrinking spores.
Slope of Loose Rocks A rocky slope on a mountainside, eager to break some legs or turn into an avalanche.
Spellbane Rose Flowers that inhibit magic.
The Ledge Just a simple ledge that should be no trouble to cross.
Time Flower A crazy purpleish-blueish flower. Totally harmless.
Twilight Chamomile Just let your instinct take over, and become a animal.
Wild Winds An uncontrollable gale that moves even the mightiest of creatures.


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