Aggravating Stone (5e Hazard)

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April Fools!
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Aggravating Stone[edit]

this rock has been sculpted into the shape of a hand flipping you off. when a creature that can see the stone starts its turn within 30 feet of it, they are forced to make a d14 constitution saving throw. if they fail by 5 or more, they become very angry, tiring themselves out and gaining two points of exhaustion. a failure of less than 5 will be slightly agitated, gaining one point of exhaustion. a creature can shut its eyes to avoid the saving throw. when they do this, they are blinded until the beginning of their next turn. if the creature succeeds on the saving throw, they are immune to the aggravation for 24 hours. the rocks ability is considered magical, and thus can be affected by an anti-magic field, or detected by the detect magic field.

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