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For Player Characters

As an extension to the AD&D 1st edition Player's Handbook, articles listed here are meant for use by both players and dungeon masters alike. If you want to play one of these classes as a player, the DM will have the final say in what classes are allowed as per usual, though keep in mind that any class you intend to play could be used against you by the forces of evil in the world. As always, improving, reviewing, or removing templates should be taken into consideration in their campaigns.

Character classes with their own abilities and requirements.

Racial options for characters with their own benefits and restrictions.

From standard equipment found in towns, to incredibly powerful magic items.

Non-Weapon Proficiencies to give characters a healthy dose of flavor.

Alternate rules for characters that don't fit under Non-Weapon Proficiencies.

For Dungeon Masters

As an extension to the AD&D 1st edition Dungeon Master's Guide, articles listed here will be mainly designed for the DM of a game. Players are encouraged to use what they find here as they and their DM see fit, as it is encouraged that the players study up on any additional rules in play. Players should not be afraid to present any articles they find to their liking to the DM of their game, if they feel one of these articles would better the game as a whole.

Worlds and regions for campaigns.

Creatures, be it man or beast, to encounter during the game.

Not swears, the other kind of curse.

Imagine not being a Paladin.

What to towns and planes have in common? We need articles for them both.

Maps make everything better.

Non-Player Characters for you to throw at your problems and players.

We can't all come up with this stuff on the spot.

Things that make both the DM and the players scared, such as traps and poisons.


Miscellaneous material that didn't fit anywhere else.

Gods, goddesses, arch-devils, demon kings... I lost count.

  • Discussion (missing data)

You can't fight in here, this is the war room!

  • Guidelines (missing data)

Guidelines for formatting, as well as content creation.

Help I ran out of jokes

  • Meta Pages (missing data)

Things relating to formatting and guidelines that didn't quite fit there.

Entirely new 1st edition supplementary material, in wiki form!

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