Mist from the Beyond (5e Hazard)

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Mist from the Beyond[edit]

A strange mist that causes short-term madness for every turn spent in it. A strange mist with magical origins and made from the shattered minds of those who witnessed the great Cthulhu.

When a creature has their minds destroyed by The Great Dreamer and dies, they begin emitting a strange mist from their eye sockets. This mist has a hazy dark blue tint and smells like brine and seawater. The mist can be found, although uncommonly, in graveyards and tombs. The mist can also be found in abandoned churches or places that have a connection to Cthulhu, like sacrificial altars.

Spells like Detect Magic can see the magical properties of the mist.


  • If a creature breathes in the Mist, they must succeed a DC 12 Constitution or Wisdom saving throw. If they fail, take 3d8 psychic damage and their Wisdom checks have disadvantage for the next 2 hours.
  • If a believer or a follower of Cthulhu breathes in the Mist, they heal for 2d6 health instead.

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