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Trap Summary
Acid Sprayer A pressure plate that sprays a liquid.
Arc Axe An axe that is hidden around a corner, it swings upon the activation of a pressure plate.
Arcane Bolt Tower Hurls wave after wave of arcane projectiles at targets it can see.
Atlas Ceiling A shield that one must carry to safely traverse a hazardous room.
Burning Box Flame throwing room. The classic.
Chaos Crystal A gemstone which emits a chaotic magical aura.
Chest of Reflection A fortified chest that reflects damage.
Confusing Room An empty room with strange, ever changing effects.
Cuban Water Trap A dam which breaks when a trigger is tripped.
Demiplanar Arena Ensnares creatures in an arena that can only be escaped by combat.
Devilish Doors Ooohhhh do you have any bones good sir?
Door of the Weak A door that is harder to open for the strong.
Egyptian Mummy Ancient Egyptian magic meets hallways and doors to kill any trespassers.
Falling Cross Shaped Rock SHIIIIIZZAAAAAAAA!
Fingerprick Cloning Pricks you finger, sends your DNA to a mad scientist who clones you and you need to fight yourself.
Flashbang A trap that by using magic to create intensive light, blinds creatures temporarily and stuns them psychologically
Freezeflame Fog A fog that is simultaneously scorching hot and freezing cold.
Gate of Stature A gate which changes the size of those that can fit through it.
Ghoul corridor
Golden Poison Frog Trap Aw, look, a cute little fro- AHH!!
Growing and Shrinking Door It is just too little.
Identity Crisis Fume A magical mist that causes a temporary illusion concerning self.
Infinite Tunnel Wasn’t I just barely there?
Leechrune A magical rune that poisons a spellcaster's connections to The Weave.
Lexicanum Botanica Magic Book that turns nearby creatures into shrubs.
Long Hallway A long hallway, where those who walk get so bored they forget what they are doing and walk back.
Magnetic Floor A trap that pins opponents and their weapons to the ground.
Mixed Nuts
Obelisk of many things A pillar taken from the realm of endor. All inspired by the tower of sauron.
Painless Death A trap that deals damage slowly and painlessly.
Pit of Hunger A trapdoor leading to a pit of mechanical teeth with an artificial stomach
Roguesbane A fake trap with a trapdoor by the disarming mechanism.
Rust Chamber A trap that rusts openly carried metal.
Shadowed Ice Rune A shadow that freezes all in its grasp.
Shrinking Cloud A cloud of gas that causes those caught within it to shrink.
Slamming Pillars Pillars designed to crush those that step on them against the ceiling.
Slime Floor A magical floor made of a slime that looks like the surrounding floor.
Stasis Snare A trap that causes paralysis.
Statue of Thought A statue that will fire a beam of energy at anything nearby until it solves a puzzle.
Stone Trap a magic trap that turns people to stone
Stones of Betrayal Enchanted Stones that cause rampant paranoia in whoever touches them.
Swinging Log A log rigged to swing, impacting anything in its path.
The Floor is Lava Sand that turns to lava when stepped on.
Toppling Door A massive gate that falls forward onto unsuspecting adventurers rather than opening conventionally.
Trap Bowl A bowl with coins, and a liquid that dissolves flesh.
Trapped Trap Door <Yup. A trapped trap door. Mmm hmm.
Trip Wire Trip Wire on trail
Wind Tunnel A hallway that can be blasted with wind, flinging players backward and potentially into hazards or other traps.
Wooden box with a Cupcake A trap designed for the very stupid or very hungry
Wooden box with bacon A trap for the hungry.


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