Noxious Fume Puffer (5e Trap)

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Noxious Fume Puffer[edit]

Magical or Mechanical Trap

This solid stone trap may take one of several forms: It may be a tall but slim ornate fountain, a thin pillar with open pipes running along its sides, or perhaps a particularly amusing statuette of a demon. Whatever its form may be, this lethal purveyor of fumes can be identified as more than a mere decoration with a successful DC(13) Arcana check, a succesful DC(15) Investigation check, or detect magic or similar spells if it's a magical trap. Both magical and mechanical variants have been known to exist.

The trap counts as a Medium object with 25 hit points and an armor class of 19. It ceases to function after being destroyed. A successful DC(15) Dexterity check made using thieves' tools or tinker's tools can also disarm the trap.

When one or more creatures begin their turn within 5 feet of the trap, or when the trap reaches 0 hit points, it emits poison gas within a 15 foot cube centered on itself. All creatures within the cube must make a DC(16) Constitution saving throw, taking 3d6 poison damage on a failed save, or half as much on a successful one. Creatures that fail the saving throw additionally become poisoned for one minute. After firing, this trap takes one minute to reset.

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