Spiked Barricade (5e Trap)

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Spiked Barricade[edit]

Mechanical Trap

True to its name, a spiked barricade can be either a hastily assembled or finely forged piece of defensive hardware designed to protect stuff behind it and poke stuff in front of it.

The spiked barricade is a Large object, occupying a space five feet long and ten feet wide, with 20 hit points and an armor class of 16. It falls to pieces when destroyed. It counts as a structure for the purposes of spells or abilities that deal double damage to structures.

Creatures standing behind the spiked barricade have three-quarters cover. Whenever a creature in front of the barricade makes a melee attack against the spiked barricade or a creature behind it, the spiked barricade deals 1d6 piercing damage to that creature.

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