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Rune of Animation[edit]

Magic trap

The setup[edit]

This room appears to be of a medium size and set up for an unknown purpose. Either a seating area, a smoking lounge, or even a conference/war room perhaps. But the party investigating finds out after entering that the room is actually an elaborate trap, meant to animate nearly every object contained in said room and turn them all hostile towards the group. The room itself should not bee too large, as to give the party undue worry for entering and should simply give them the impression of a normal social area that can be found for that location. In fact, if the party enters this location during daylight hours. Have then spend some time in the room either waiting for a contact to reach them, or to wait out a meeting with some other official in charge. Only to no realize that the rooms purpose changes after closing hours and that a singular magical rune in the room, becomes active against intruders.

An Intelligence check is needed at (Dc 15) to spot that there is a magical item in the room. In this instance, It will be a bust of a city official placed above the door, opposite of where the party enters. Succeeding the check by 5 or more, allows the testing character to surmise that the source of power on the bust. Is actually a magical rune inscribed on it's forehead.

The Trap[edit]

The trap will not be triggered unless one of the party members crosses the detection radius of the rune. Which happens to cover the entire side of the room in which it sits. Upon noticing the trap, characters can either attempt to dispel the rune rolling against (DC 17), or they can attempt to destroy the object that contains it. This object will usually possess an AC of 12 and no fewer than 17hp.

Upon being triggered, he rune emits a dim lime colored glow that bathes over the entire room. This affects all free sitting items in the room, furniture, brooms, dishware, cutlery, money etc.

All of these items instantly become hostile to the party and attack with no provocation. They possess the standardized stats for animated objects and are to be geared up in both number and size, according to the size and relative strength of the party.

As a note

All free items in the room are subject to this effect. Including any magical items that are not contained on a characters person, or in their hand. Laying down your +3 great sword, so that you can barricade the door from possible pursuers. Means that it will also animate and start attacking you as well.

Oborosen (talk) -I'm going to add an effect to this trap, so that it actually activates on being triggered through motion and it animates all free items in the room. Could someone please show me where to find expanded statistics for animated items such as furniture and other medium to other small objects. If you'd like to suggest that I used the statistics given in the PHB, then that's fine. But I'd like to add more flavor to the trap, in that these items were made to be used with the trap.

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