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Morbid Cage[edit]


The morbid cage consists of a heavily decayed corpse trapped standing upright within a cage, suspended from a pole supporting it above the ground. A DC(15) Arcana check can verify that it is cursed with powerful fear magic, assaulting the eyes, ears, and nose all at once. It can be dispelled by dispel magic,, dispel evil and good, remove curse, or other similar magic.

This trap counts as a Medium object with 20 hit points and an armor class of 17. It loses its magical effects when destroyed.

Any creature with an intelligence score of 4 or higher that can sense it and is within 60 feet of it must make a DC(18) Wisdom saving throw at the start of each of its turns. On failed save, the creature becomes frightened, and must use its action and movement speed to move as far away from the trap as possible. If the creature fails the saving throw by 10 or more, it suffers 1d8 psychic damage from the mental trauma. The effect immediately ends on the creature once it is out of range.

This trap has no effect on undead.

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