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Spike Trap[edit]

Mechanical Trap

Spike traps have existed for almost as long as dungeons have. This particular incarnation makes the trap both space-efficient and modular by using a specially cast pressure plate that allows the spikes beneath to directly protrude through holes in the pressure plate. A successful DC(15) Perception check can notice the pressure plate snugly fit into the floor, as well as faint traces of blood from past victims that may or may not have been cleaned away. Due to the pressure plate being slightly recessed into the floor, fitting a wedge under it requires a successful DC(14) Dexterity check to avoid setting the trap off and impale oneself in the process.

Whenever a creature crosses the spike trap's space or ends their turn there, or when 10 or more pounds of weight have been placed on it, the trap triggers. Any creatures in the trap's space take 5d4 piercing damage and are restrained until the end of the round, when the spikes automatically recess back into the floor. The trap resets itself once a round ends where the plate isn't being held down.

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