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Portable Pit[edit]


This pit, five feet wide and fifteen feet deep, is made from magic closely related to the sort found in a portable hole, enabling it to occupy a portion of any ground without protruding into a floor below. It has weak illusory magic disguising its mouth as nearby terrain, which can be detected with detect magic or similar spells, a successful DC(11) Arcana check, or a successful DC(13) Perception check.

When a creature moves into the space occupied by this trap, it must make a DC(13) Dexterity saving throw, moving into an adjacent unoccupied space on a successful save. On a failed save, they fall into the pit, taking 1d6 bludgeoning damage from the fall. The walls of the pit are smooth and silky, and require a DC(15) Athletics and sufficient movement speed check to ascend and escape from.

The creator or owner of the pit may know a command word. When the command word is spoken, the portable pit will dispel itself temporarily and lift its contents back up to the ground floor, enabling trivial escape. This can also be triggered by casting dispel magic or other similar spells upon it. The portable pit will reset itself after one minute if it is disabled by command word.

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