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5e Class Design Guide
Provides a detailed guide on how to produce a class of acceptable standards on this wiki.
5e Classes Reimagined
A list of things the core classes can be used to represent without making any changes whatsoever! You should probably avoid making specific classes for things which appear on this page, as such a creation would at best be a variant, and at worst simply be redundant.

Class Options

5e Subclasses
If you would like to introduce new subclasses to a previously existing class with an subclass selection feature, you must create that subclass here.
5e Special Classes
For prestige classes or racial classes.


Name Summary
Aincrad Knight The brute force of battle, the Aincrad isn't to be poked at.
Alchemic Shifter Go from being a smart scientist to a powerful beast
Alcoholic An somewhat self-sustaining DPS with evenly distributed benefits and negatives.
Arcane Archer An archer trained to imbue arrows with spells.
Arcane Lobber A mainly ranged warrior who has learned to enchant their weapons to become vessels of arcane might which they use to annihilate their foes. You are no mere barbarian or ranger, but rather an intelligent fighter that can shape their weapons to suit a battle.
Arcane Puppeteer Arcane puppeteers are gifted sorcerers who channel their energy through another being.
Arcane Tinkerer Arcane Tinkerers focus arcane energies within a construct to unleash havoc upon their enemies.
Arcane Warrior Arcane warriors are durable melee fighters who have potent spellcasting abilities.
Artificer, 2nd Variant In Eberron, magic is almost technology; and Artificers are the world's master inventors.
Artificer, 3rd Variant A revised unearthed arcana artificer with mechanist subclass
Artificer, 4th Variant An update of the UA Artificer.
Artificer, Variant
Astrohunter Astromancer and hunter.
Astromancer An incredibly powerful spellcaster drawing raw power from the stars and Void.
Audiomancer This cunning arcane warrior wields the forces of sound and vibration to fell its enemies.
Aura Guardian A mighty defender that manifests aspects from one's own soul to wield various powers.
Aviator Free-willed fighters who soar through the skies attacking from above.
Battle Medic Battled hardened frontline fighter who also specialize in healing.
Battlemage Mages who uses arcane magic to augment their martial prowess.
Battlemind These warriors possess a potent combination of psionic and physical skill.
Beast Conjurer You're a sorcerer that is specialized in conjuring beast to your side to protect you and defeat your enemy's. This class is a (almost) total remake of the sorcerer of the D&D 5e player manual. taking away all but his key features and giving it a couple extra abilities.
Berserker Look at me Barbarian. I'm the tank now. Play a Viking of Norse Legend.
Blade Mage Magical warriors who enhance their combat abilities
Blade Savant A mystical fighter that can tap into arcane energies
Blademaster, Stance and Combo A martial melee class that uses stances and successive attacks to build combo points to unleash stronger and stronger attacks.
Blood Cursed A cursed individual that uses blood-and unholy-magic to defeat the opponents and seeks vengeance.
Blood Knight A bloodthirsty warrior, fighting and killing for the glory of the sinister entity, gaining benefit as the blood sheds from either the self or the enemies.
Blood Mage, Variant A mage whose chosen a very unconventional method of spell casting.
Blood Mage A magic-user that utilizes their vitality as a conduit for their powers.
Blood Mage Vladimir Variant A mage whose chosen a very unconventional method of magic.
Bloodguard Bloodguards are the cursed knights of the Old God of Blood; they are burdened with dark purpose and use overwhelming strength and unholy magics to meet their ends.
Body guard (Whole Hog) Huge walls of meat separating foes form the people they were hired to protect.
Bounty Hunter, Eberron A being who seeks their target's death, for money, faith, or even fun.
Bounty Hunter A being who seeks their target's death, for money, for faith, or for fun.
Bright Lord A Strong, warm, merciful fighter imbued with powers generated from their own good energies.
Bulwark Towering shields of muscle & metal
Card Dealer, Variant A devious trickster who relies on deception and utilizes an imbued set of playing cards for combat.
Card Dealer A devious trickster who rely on chutzpah and utilize a set of playing cards for combat advantages.
Card Slinger A card player with an explosive hand.
ChanceCaster An arcane risk-taker. Their spells can fail, but success is a rush like no other.
Channeler A divine variant of the Warlock class, Channelers have made a sacred covenant with an archangel or other celestial being.
Channeller A martial spellcaster that can Infuse spells into their weapons to deal massive burst damage.
Chromatic Outlander These Individuals use the power of the Spectral Stone to battle their foes.
Chronomancer Variant A Manipulator of time.
Classless/Adventurer Someone who was just a little TOO curious.
Commander A front line warrior who specializes in giving orders.
Curseslinger A spellcaster who can add ruinous effects to their own spells.
Daemon Eater Variant Individuals infected with a blight that grants them power.
Daring Swashbuckler A whimsically roguish martial class, en garde!
Dark Knight The antithesis to the paladin, yet similar to them in so many ways.
Dark Lord Opposite of "Bright Lord".
Death Knight, Variant Ever wanted to play a Warcraft style Death Knight in 5E? I have amalgamated the previous versions into this more vanilla variant.
Deathslinger A mercenary for the grave to ensure that no one escapes when death comes knocking
Demolitionist Makes things go boom.
Demon Hunter A demon hunter is one who has made a pact with a devil or vengeful angel to exterminate demons.
Dirge/Priest of Nihilism An unlikely melding of the antithesis of Cleric and Bard.
Doctor Medicinally-trained professional
Doragon no Senshi A traveler chosen by celestial beings to become a warrior of dragons.
Dragon Knight Warriors utilizing dragon cohorts to decimate their opposition.
Dragon Rider, Variant A brutal warrior with a dragon by his side, and magic at his fingers.
Dragon Slayer Powerful fighters who were taught by dragons to become as powerful as the dragons themselves.
Dragon Slayer (Monk Variant Edition) Powerful monks who were taught by dragons to use ki to become as powerful as the dragons themselves.
Dragon knight Warriors utilizing dragon cohorts to decimate their opposition.
Dragoon A polearm user endowed with the arcane for greater physical abilities
Dream Thief
Drunken Brawler Masters of the Drunken Fist
Elemental Assassin As an Elemental Assassin, you have chosen the path of the elements (fire, water, earth and air) to enhance your battle abilities.
Elemental Shaman, Variant A potent half-caster who draws power from the inner planes, summoning elemental spirits into totems and dynamically converting magical energy into various primordial powers.
Empath/Heart Mage Use Emotions to control the battlefield
Engineer, Variant Utilize technological devices to your advantage!
Engineer Utilize technological devices to your advantage!
Enkindler A Dark Souls inspired class. Burn your enemies alive.
Escort Someone who sells their body and/or time to others.
Fae Fang A Fae Fangs only desire is to erase potential threats, whether this be warriors or magic, through use of combat or suggestion.
Falconer Skilled wielders of the crossbow who have an inseparable bond with their bird companions.
Farmer Though not typically a warrior or adventurer, the long days working in the field and toiling away in the hot sun certainly doesn’t make these individuals any pushovers. Any match against one of these individuals is sure to be an endurance match that they will more than likely win.
Fell Rider A Fell rider is a melee fighter and fights good on a mount.
Fencer "old school" An ultra-basic melee glass cannon
Fencing Magician Fencing Magicians are wizards who have learned the art of fencing.
Fey Warrior A warrior with otherworldly powers to destroy his enemies.
Fighter "old school" variant A basic fighter in the style of OD&D
Frost Knight Masters of obscure ice magic, these knights seek to freeze those who oppose them, and protect those who back them.
Fury Balancing the devastating power of the elements and the madness that it brings, furies are unrivaled elemental magic-users.
God Seeker A largely two-handed melee-based fighter who can lead or go it alone.
Gravitonic Master, rebalanced This indomitable warrior wields and manipulates the force of gravity.
Gravitonic Master This indomitable warrior wields and manipulates the force of gravity.
Grim Reaper Death's representative, given authority to reap souls at will.
Guardian Guardians are durable melee fighters who develop nature based spellcasting abilities.
Guardian Construct (5e Race)
Guardian Knight A protector of the forest that follows the laws of nature above the laws of man.
Gungeoneer A dungeon delver who uses their wit and intellect to dip dive and dodgeroll through traps and enemies.
Gunslinger, Balanced A gunslinger designed to be balanced when played alongside conventional classes without feeling overpowered
Gunslinger, Intellect An adventurer who uses their intellect to create weaponry of mass destruction. Bang bang.
Gunslinger, New Variant
Gunslinger, Variant "I'm your huckleberry"
Healer, Revised I AM NOT A CLERIC!...I am a healer. Barbarian: There's a difference?
Healer I AM NOT A CLERIC!...I am a healer. Barbarian: There's a difference?
Heavyweight Boxer Beefy brawlers who fight for fame and glory.
Hellblazer If you ever saw Constantine and thought "I wonder what it'd be like to play him?"
Hellraised Hellraised are the embodiment of evil deeds bent on destroying those that have wronged them or get in their way.
Hemomancer (Variant) Bend the blood of your enemies to your whims.
Hermetic Mage Hermetic Mages dont cast many powerful spells, but their versatility more than makes up for it.
Hexer Monster Hunter Class based on Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski's books. Base class derived from Witcher Variant 5e Class and Witcher 3.5e class.
Hexer (variant) A curseslinger. Armed with hexes and dark magic, and accompanied by a powerful familiar.
Horn Hunter Horn hunters are unique musical playing class that can support from the back lines or be a front line attacker.
Hunter, Variant A combination of fighter and rogue with a hint of ranger.
Hunter of Artemis One of many female followers of the Greek goddess Artemis.
Inferno control the flames that melt metal, evaporate water, and disintegrate forest.
Infiltrator Next to you, a shadow on the wall, inside your head. Infiltrators excel at hiding and at revealing anything which is hidden.
Inquirer The class for detectives and investigators of all types
Inquisitor, Variant Holy warrior who is entrusted with the task of root out heresy.
Joy Martial Artist LISA the Painful themed class based on several characters in the game.
Juggernaut A strong warrior who blocks attacks, traps enemies, and taunts foes.
Kage Literally translating to “shadow”, these are assassins who are strongest unseen
Kaleido Ever changing like a kaleidoscope, showing the exquisite form of many classes.
Ki Fighter
Ki Warrior
Knight of Darkness Individuals that harvest the life essence (souls) of their enemies in the name of Darkness.
Lancer of the Shattered Plane A fighter wielding polearms and the might of the moon, either trying to redeem or following a corrupted goddess of old.
Lich A spellcasting warrior that's hard to put down but must power their phylactery.
Luchador Honor, Family, Tradition. That is the Way of the Luchador: the masked wrestlers of Hispanic origin.
Lumberjack Masters of the axe who work with trees to make their trade selling wood for homes, furniture, and other things.
Mage Mages are spellcasters that often don't have the time or patience to prepare spells every day but lack the innate abilities of a sorcerer.
Magi The magi are hermits that infuse arcane energies into themselves. Powering their bodies and achieving greater heights.
Magus variant
Master Of Ceremonies A valiant champion who calls upon divine powers to smite their foes and protect their allies.
MechMaster A Warrior Who Uses The Sheer Force Of A Mech To Assist His And Others Needs In A Fight
Mechanist A martial class that augments its body with steampunk technology
Mechromancer, Variant An individual who through some experiment was partially converted to machine and as a result, seeks to fully complete the conversion
Mechromancer Artisans that graft advanced warforged parts to their own bodies.
Medico della Peste The controversial magical healer of the plague, who also brings swift death
Mesmer The mesmer class is a class of fantastical illusions that uses clones to fight.
Mime The mime is able to mimic other creatures and objects.
Monster/Beast Hunter
Muqatil A Middle East Fighter
Mystic (Complete) A version of the Unearthed Arcana Mystic that reaches up to level 20.
Mystic (UA-Reforged) A version of the Unearthed Arcana Mystic that has been reworked to follow the dark sun and be more like magic.
Mystic Fist Master of martial arts, wielder of the mystic power of chakra, and delver of the secrets of the multiverse.
Mystic Knight Mystic Knights are lightly armored fighters who adapt magic to empower themselves and protect their allies.
Mythical Beast The Mythical Beast is a living creature serving as a vessel for its inner Beast who builds up a bond with its host
Nano Spider If you ever wanted to be Spider-Man but with the ability to control nanobots, well then this is the class for you.
Necromancer A person who uses magic to interact with the deceased.
Nomad Travelers whose skills and tricks far surpass their abilities in combat.
Oracle, Variant A divine vessel with allegiance to no single god.
Ornithologist Magical scientists specializing in the study of birds.
Overlord A tyrant, an oppressor, and a dictator. These are all words to describe some of what an overlord really is.
Peasant A lowly peasant of no worth who, despite that, is out to get stuff done and solve some problems. Because sometimes you just need to take matters into your own hands.
Personifier A card master who infuses himself with the power of a deck of tarot cards
Phantom Thief A creative artist who steals his prey in style.
Pirate Yarrr matey's!
Plague Doctor A healer who specializes in treating the suffering of patients, and increasing the suffering of enemies
Plague Doctor (Variant) A healer who specializes in treating the suffering of patients, and increasing the suffering of enemies
Planebreaker Powerful creatures who wield great power. Sometimes known as Planar Walkers.
Planerider Wanderer of Worlds, Master of Travel, a Planerider uses their natural energy to travel between planes, and bring a little something with them.
Polymath A versatile warrior that can branch out to an array of different professions. (Kinda like an Eevee)
Primal Fighter A fighter that relies on their primal instincts to battle instead of form and technique.
Prismatic Knight These Individuals use the power of the Prism to battle their foes.
Psi-Stalker A warrior of psionic potential and martial prowess.
Psion, Discipline Variant Powerful adventurers who dominate the battlefield with their mental abilities
Psychic Psychics are masterminds, utilizing superior Intelligence to manipulate or crush their opponents.
Psychopath They serve only one purpose, stopping the voices, as they attempt to unravel their own thoughts from their corrupted subconsciousness.
Puppet A caster who's magical power resonates from being owned by an elemental.
Quietus A versatile class that uses taunts and takes advantage of those suffering around him.
Ranger, Non-Magical Variant As the name might suggest, this class is a non-magical variant of the existing "Ranger" class.
Ranger, Variant An altered ranger, more akin to rangers appearing in lore.
Ranger "old school" Variant An ultra-basic ranger/archer class
Ranger Acting as a bulwark between civilization and the terrors of the wilderness, rangers study, track, and hunt their favored enemies.
User:Rhage Warriors utilizing dragon cohorts to decimate their opposition.
Ripper Mysterious killers that, with the aid of magic, avoid detection and notice.
Rogue "old school" variant An ultra-basic stealthy rogue class
User talk:Roxasorganiz13 A mage whose chosen a very unconventional method of magic.
Rugger A rough and tumble fighter with a strong team spirit
Rune Space Demolitionist Makes things go boom.
Runeseeker Runeseekers are researchers of ancient runes, they carve them on their weapon to use it as a spellbook and arcane focus.
Sacrae My life shudders before the wheel.
Samurai, Variant A swordmaster that fights with deadly grace and skill
Scout "old school" An ultra-basic class which tries to make the party's life easier
Shade A martial artist who draws their power from their dark inner strength and the Shadowfell.
ShadowHunter A Shadowhunter from Cassandra Clare's Mortal Instrument book series
Shadowcaster Mages who draw upon the powerful forces of the elemental plane of shadow, a warped and twisted reflection of our own world.
Shaman The bridge that connects the world of the living and the world of the dead, taking the power of spirits to cast spells and gain other powers.
Shapeshifter, Variant A being that has a strange ability to become almost any other creature.
Shapeshifter A creature that can change into a variety of different creatures.
Shield Master As the name implies, masters of the shield who specialize in protecting themselves and those around them. They might not deal the most damage, but they are made for deflecting hits others normally couldn’t take.
Shrine Maiden A servant to her Deity that acts as a bridge between the dead and living, between gods and people.
Sith A true warrior of the dark side, you are above all others in power and status.
Sky mage (V 2.0) A spin-off of the elemental mages wind attribute
Slayer This class has the sole focus of hunting down and exterminating exotic creatures.
Solar Knight "Praise The Sun!"
Soldier A modern combatant.
Soothsayer A soothsayer is a formidable opponent on the battlefield, casting spells from memory and sheer charisma. Although they are not masters over many spells, they can accumulate many through careful search.
Soul Manipulator Individuals who can draw forth the power of souls.
Soulknife Never caught unarmed, the soulknife is the literal interpretation of using the power of the soul as a weapon.
Space Marine A soldier from a far off world who has been stranded on a planet full of magic and fantasy .
Spartan, Variant Spartan Warrior are strong fighters of war that use Spears, Swords and Shields
Spatial Summoner Bonded to a mysterious creature called an eidolon, the summoner focuses his power on strengthing that connection and enhancing his strange, otherworldy companion.
Spectrum Mage Mages who specialize in the lesser used arcane magic to great effectiveness.
Speedster, Variant As a speedster you gain the following class features.
Spell Fencer A mysterious figure who utilises weapons imbued with magic to deal devastating strikes on foes..
Spell Guardian (5e Sub-Class) A magical warrior who focuses arcane energy into combat.
Spellblade A magical warrior who focuses arcane energy into combat.
Spellthief A thief who grew up using card tricks to get ahead in life. Infuses cards with magic.
Spellweaver One who can grasp the very essence of magic and command it.
Spirit Commander Command armies of ghosts from the rear or from the frontlines of battle.
Storm Knight Warrior capable of using storm and lightning powers.
Storm Mage Warriors who use the power of thunderstorms to enhance their combat abilities
Strider A deadly hunter, a killer of men, with no morals but those he chooses for himself, and an endless dept to Death itself.
Summoner, Alternate An arcane caster who can conjure a powerful ally to fight by their side.
Summoner, Different Balancing An arcane caster who can conjure a powerful ally to fight by their side.
Summoner, Variant 2 You took a different approach when it came to mastering the arcane. Instead of casting various spells, you instead morph your magic into powerful summons.
Summoner (Variant)
Sunsworn Caster "Sunsworn: Solar Caster without peer. Derived from the Solar Knight Class"
Swashbuckler Daring adventurers who combine courage, skill and resourcefulness.
Tager A person who has inextricably bonded themself with a being from the Far Realm, gaining a shifted form in the process.
Taoist Warrior Spiritual warriors who find a balance between serenity and chaos in both war and magic.
Tempest Knight, Variant The Tempest Knight is a conduit of fury, utilizing the power of storms to vanquish the enemies of the natural world.
Tempest Knight The Tempest Knight is a conduit of fury, utilising the power of storms to vanquish the enemies of the natural world.
Truenamer Scholars dedicated to learning the ancient lexicon of the universe. Some use it to control others, some use it to unravel evil magics, but all know it is powerful and not something to be taken lightly.
Twinmind Two heads are better than one, as are two bodies.
Umbramancer A mystic who delves into the forbidden arts of shadows.
Unblessed Those that were taken upon the grip of a god. To obey its every commands it's your penance. But you are yourself, if thy god granted you power, you shall use it as yourself.
Undead Summoner A dedicated summoner of undead.
Untouchable Blade One-handed melee fighter, and master duelist.
Valkrym A Chosen One imbued with darkness by the Gods to deliver their Judgement.
Valkyrie The beautiful battlemaidens descend from Asgard to collect the souls of fallen soldiers.
Vampire, 2nd Variant You were once alive, but now this blessed curse rules your life.

Hit Dice: 1d8 per Vampire level Hit Points at 1st Level: 8 + Constitution modifier Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d8 (or 5) + Constitution modifier per Vampire level after 1st

Vampire, Variant Once living, you now find your life a constant fight against the gnawing hunger inside of you.
Variant Ranger (Commando) Non-magical Ranger with emphasis on infiltrating and surviving in hostile territory
Vessel Warriors whose bodies encapsulate otherworldly spirits.
Void Champion Chosen by a mysterious deity and granted incredible power, Void Champions harness the energy of the Void to defeat their foes. Inspired by the Dishonored game series
Volumancy A magic user who must use Scroll to caste
War Hulk A creature of great size and strength who is specifically trained to shock and awe opposing massed troops.
Warden Wardens are durable melee fighters who can change stances and evolve to specialize in an element.
Warmonger of Erythnul
Weapon Master The Weapon Master is a skillful soldier who handles weapons as if it were an extension of their body.
Wildwalker The creatures of the forest are your life. Fight alongside them or summon them to fight for you!
Wind Blade A fighter who uses their swordsmanship and control over the winds to battle.
Witch, Variant Double, double, toil and trouble, cauldron burn and cauldron bubble... yeah. THAT kind of witch.
Witch Doctor v 2.0 A mysterious and powerful practitioner of black magic, whose voodoo and versatility allow him to protect his friends and destroy his foes with terrifying efficiency.
Witcher, Variant Monster Hunter Class based on Polish writer Andrzej Sapkowski's books.
Wraith Host Class based of Talion and Celebrimbor from the Middle Earth games
Wraith Warrior
Xilan Warrior
Zephyr A fighter who uses the power of wind to enhance their movements and attacks.
Zombie You were dead, but you're getting better.
Zoomer Zoomers are people who use their speed to make quick and deadly strikes.

Classes Based on Existing Fiction

Classes which are based on characters or archetypes from other works of fiction.
Name Summary
Black Mage A agent of pure magical destruction.
Crusader You are a valiant champion whose goal is to smite evil.
Dragon Ogre (5e Race) A monstrous quadrupedal hyrbid of dragon and ogre.
Dragon Rider A warrior possessing magical powers by being bonded with a dragon. (Based on the Inheritance Cycle by Christopher Paolini.)
Ghost Rider
Graceling Graceful death dealer
Hero of time This is an interpretation of the famous character Link from the video game Legend of Zelda; Ocarina of Time into a class for fifth edition Dungeon and Dragons.
Huntsman A versatile fighting class that makes use of a transforming weapon and mitigates damage with Aura (RWBY).
Hyrule: Fighter You are a master of traditional combat. Few can match your training and talent on the battlefield.
Hyrule: Opportunist With finesse and tact, you exploit the vulnerabilities of your foes with uncanny skill. There's no opportunity you can't seize.
Hyrule: Researcher Your magical study comes to fruition in unique forms of spellcasting.
Hyrule: Sage Whether by devotion or fortune, you have inherited divine magic to affect the world around you.
Hyrule: Scion With power inherited from a supernatural being, you blend martial and magical prowess.
Keyblade Wielder
Keyblade Wielder Kingdom Heart beckons, will you answer its call?
Mistborn Channel the power of Preservation through metals!
PSI Kid A young adventurer with their newly awakened psionic power, harnessed by their emotions. Based on the Psionic by Ethan.
Pegasus Knight A protector of the weak, riding a winged horse.
Revenant Revenants channel the spiritual energy of powerful souls in the spirit realm.
Runeterra: Defender They can take all the hits for the party and still hit back.
Runner Runners (from Mirror's Edge) are able to manipulate kinetic energy and outdo opponents in combat with use of martial arts.
Sacrier Close-combat experts who embraces pain to inflict them. Originally from Dofus franchise, with a dash of some things else.
Tokyo Ghoul A Mutated monster who just wants to live
War Wizard An instrument of destiny that follows the 14 Wizard's rules.
Wonderful One A masked hero, fueled by their Wonder-Pendant.
YoRHa Troop Soldiers for the Glory of Mankind

April Fools Classes

Classes with a more comedic twist.
Name Summary
Cuisiner The cuisiner is a chef who is ready to take down any opponent in the name of food.
Halfwit A hero empowered by their propensity for mistakes.
Mary Sue
Muscle Wizard A martial mage who has taken the monk's study of the fist and enhanced it with arcane energy. Think Saitama or Major Armstrong.
Score Maniac Your ability scores are now 3 times 10 to the 8th power. Congrats.
Tentacle Summoner Summon tentacles from beyond the planes !
The Biggest Terry Every wanted to be the BIGGEST Terry? Well, now you can.

Incomplete Classes

Classes with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

Classes that are works in progress.

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