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Name Summary Spellcasting
Abomination, 2nd Variant ever been unable to contain stress? let it consume you
Alchemic Shifter Go from being a smart scientist to a powerful beast
Angel Paragon
Barbarian, "Old School" Variant An AD&D-style barbarian.
Bear Knight
Berserker, Heroic spirit A specialized class based of the Berserker Servants from the Fate series
Berserker Look at me Barbarian. I'm the tank now. Play a Viking of Norse Legend.
Black Blood, Variant A vicious virus in the bloodstream has been weaponized and known to cause a special kind of madness.
Black Blood A vicious virus in the bloodstream has been weaponized and known to cause a special kind of madness.
Black Swordsman Battered, bloodied, and scarred, these warriors fight in a world of magic and monsters with nothing but their own humanity.
Blackblade Devoted warriors who dedicate theirselves to the mastery of a magical sword known as an aterius.
Blacklight Mutation You were infected by a virulent virus, mutating your genetic code and allowing you to freely manipulate your own biomass for your own use.
Blood Caster, Variant You're not a regular Mage, you are a Caster. You are what those pesky Wizards are striving to be. What those Mages do with their Intelligence you do with pure uncut Life Essence.
Blood Cursed A cursed individual that uses blood-and unholy-magic to defeat it's opponents and maybe seeks vengeance. half
Blood Mage Vladimir Variant A mage whose chosen a very unconventional method of magic.
Bloodied Sword A knight of old worshiping the Blood God, sacrifices HP to use abilities.
Body Guard, Whole Hog Huge walls of meat separating foes form the people they were hired to protect.
Bright Lord A Strong, warm, merciful fighter imbued with powers generated from their own good energies. third
Build A God For those who can't pick a class.
Bulwark, 2nd Variant Tough individuals trained by the Order of Defenders to shield others from harm.
Bulwark Towering shields of muscle & metal (increases size by 1 category)
Calamity Host A mortal reincarnated with the Power over Abyssal Aura, lost in a cruel cycle of madness and rage.
Chaos Necromancer A Choas Necromancer is a Necromancer who has given part of his life to his deity for more dark or light magic than others do.
Chronomancer, Guardian Form (Individual) Guardian Form Chronomancers are servants of the Time and Fate Deities who focuses on dealing and taking physical damage.
Clover Grimoire User
Crusader, Variant Warriors of faith who inspire bravery.
Dad No dungeon is ready to handle the ultimate dad!
Defender Masters of defense that protect their allies with nothing more than a shield.
DoomSlayer, Variant A warrior bent on vengeance and the destruction of all things demonic and cruel.
Doom Guy, Variant
Doom Slayer Fight the armies of Hell with barbarous cruelty
Draconic Descendant, Variant Those who's ancestry can be traced back directly to the dragons, or, through years of training and searching can find within them an ancient bloodline once forgotten to history. Similar to sorcerers, but unlike sorcerers who use their ancestry for magic, the Draconic Descendant uses it for dexterity and strength. Warriors who's skin is as hard as armor and who's teeth are as sharp as daggers.
Draconic Descendant Those who's ancestry can be traced back directly to the dragons, similar to sorcerers, but unlike sorcerers who use their ancestry for magic the Draconic Descendant uses it for strength. Warriors who's skin is as hard as armor and who's teeth are as sharp as daggers.
Draconic Knight, Variant A Warrior with the blood of a Dragon. third
Dragalia Shifter Warriors from Alberia who can transform into Dragons. (Inspired by Nintendo's Dragalia Lost)
Dragon's Blood
Dragon Fighter, 2nd Variant A swordmaster that fights with deadly grace, skill, and power
Dragon Fighter, Variant A swordmaster that fights with deadly grace, skill, and power
Dragon Fighter A warrior who draws his techniques and power from the dragons.
Dragonslayer A warrior cursed by a glowing sigil on their chest, that drains their life force to increase their physical capabilities.
Drow Paragon
Elf Paragon
Eliksni Insectoid, four-armed aliens who are as adaptable as they are vicious.
Enigma Artificial immortal creatures of power
Ex-Soldier, Zack Variant Hey, would you say... I became a hero? third
Ex-Soldier Not interested. third
Executioner Execute your enemies in brutal fashion, and take advantage of restrained enemies.
Extended Barbarian Levels 20 additional levels for the barbarian class.
Farmer, 2nd Variant
Farmer Though not typically a warrior or adventurer, the long days working in the field and toiling away in the hot sun certainly doesn’t make these individuals any pushovers. Any match against one of these individuals is sure to be an endurance match that they will more than likely win.
Feca The True Shield
Feruchemist Channel the potential energy of metals!
Feruchemist Variant Channel the potential energy of metals!
Frenzied Warrior A former hero corrupted by a dark energy, this class can call upon their rage to fight for their friends.
Frost Knight Masters of obscure ice magic, these knights seek to freeze those who oppose them, and protect those who back them.
Fullbringer A human tainted with undead might from birth.
Furserker Fearsome warriors who utilize their bestial strength to crush their foes. Furred races only.
Ghost Rider, Variant
Ghost Rider
Grave Knight The knight who refuses to stay down
Hardening A quirk that hardens your skin to be super tough.
Hemomancer Bend the blood of your enemies to your whims.
Holy Crusader Take back the Holy Land! Deus Vult!
Human Paragon
Juggernaut A strong warrior who blocks attacks, traps enemies, and taunts foes.
Klyntar Host
Labrys Knight A hardened warrior, wielding two battle axes with the skill most will never reach with one
Legionnaire Soldiers who rely on standard combat prowess in battle, rather than magic or maneuvers.
Lord Paladin
Lord of Shadows Lords of Shadow are beings who have abandoned their humanity and become creatures of the night with terrifying dark powers.
Lumberjack Masters of the axe who work with trees to make their trade selling wood for homes, furniture, and other things.
Magus, 3/4
Mantra Asura Beings who harness the power of Mantra to protect all of humanity.
Martial Warden
Mask Bearer
Masser, Variant
Master Of Ceremonies A valiant champion who calls upon divine powers to smite their foes and protect their allies.
Meatshield, Variant
Nordic Warrior A similar version to a Berserker, but more Nordic.
Occultic So much concentration that it literally hurts.
Old School Fighter A basic fighter in the style of OD&D
Overlord A tyrant, an oppressor, and a dictator. These are all words to describe some of what an overlord really is. third
Poison Runner
Predator Deadly,Strong,and stealthy
Primal Fighter A fighter that relies on their primal instincts to battle instead of form and technique.
Prime Guardian A powerful warrior who wields massive shields and raw divine power.
Primitive Warrior
Protagonist What's more to say than "main character"? half
Protector, Variant An ultra-basic hard tank
Quanity mage, 3/4 variant
Quantity Mage
Ranger of the North, Variant A Ranger of the North is a warrior who is trained rigorously, sometimes for years, before they are considered ready to venture beyond the wall. Until then, they do small work, training, of course, or standing watch on the wall. Tending the flames in the braziers that are used for warmth, polishing swords, working the kitchens, and many other things. After they are finished with their training is when they become a force to be reckoned with. After their training, they go beyond the wall, scouting, making maps, and hunting. Sometimes, they go on hunts for parties of wildlings whom are planning to go over the wall and raid, and most times, they do not come back. Scarcely is a ranger who survives one who is not greatly skilled.
Ravager, Variant
Rugbysta rugbyplayer use his strenght for breakdown enemys.
Sacrier Close-combat experts who embraces pain to inflict them. Originally from Dofus franchise, with a dash of some things else.
Samurai Warden Warriors devoted to the protection of other beings.
Seeker of Truth
Shield Master, 2nd Variant
Shield Master, Variant
Shield Master As the name implies, masters of the shield who specialize in protecting themselves and those around them. They might not deal the most damage, but they are made for deflecting hits others normally couldn’t take.
Sin of Wrath, 2nd Variant
Sin of Wrath, 3rd Variant
Sin of Wrath, 4th Variant
Slave, Variant
Soldier of Decay
Soul Mage As a Soul mage you gain the following class features.
Spartan, 2nd Variant
Stasis Titan Heavy Armor, Melee and Firearm focused fighter who wants to be in the centre of battle.
Storm Rage The Storm Rage is a conduit of fury, utilizing the power of storms to vanquish the enemies of the natural world.
Super Hero A brave Hero who fights for justice.
Tank A martial class focused on protection.
The Slayer A merciless hunter that rejects death solely to to get the chance to slaughter their enemies.
Tiefling Paragon
Troll, 2nd Variant (5e Race) A monstrous troll which grows more powerful as it increases in size.
Troll A monstrous troll which grows more powerful as it increases in size.
True Vampire Lancer
Unarmed Brawler A tough fighter specialized in unarmed combat
Valkyrie of Asgard The beautiful battlemaidens descend from Asgard to collect the souls of fallen soldiers.
Viking Fighters with a propensity for songs and going berserk.
War Hulk A creature of great size and strength who is specifically trained to shock and awe opposing massed troops.
Warden "old school" An ultra-basic hard tank
Wendigo The Wendigo is seen as the embodiment of gluttony, greed, and excess: never satisfied after killing and consuming one person, they are constantly searching for new victims.
Yellow Sun Kryptonian A powerful being able to channel sun energy to perform amazing feats.

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