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Honor, family, tradition. This is the way of the luchador. To them, the world is just another ring to proclaim triumph over. From the righteous hero whose mere presence instills a wave of jubilation and confidence, to the darker path or rudos of the Lucha world who wish to prove they are the best by any means necessary. No matter the path taken, one thing remains paramount to the luchador: a good fight and becoming El Rey del Ring (The King of the Ring).

Creating a Luchador[edit]

Races: Universal, it is a way of life and as such, any and all means of beings have been luchadors. While it is rare for more aquatic races such as Merfolk to become one, it isn't unheard of. Though normally coming from a family line of Lucha and simply continuing their family's tradition, there have been times when youth dazzled by the spectacle forwent their normal life to join the life of Lucha or even people seeing a vision adapting to the line as well.

Group Dynamics: Luchadors can fall into all spectrums of alignment as well as parties. Good luchadors or técnicos are adept at dealing with anyone, though their constant gains for attention and battle cries of honor have been know to grate on the nerves of party members. However, when the chips are done and lives are on the line, whether it be his best friend or his hated acquaintance, these Luchadors will be the first to fly into the fray and protect them. To técnicos, the party is their family and nothing comes before that. On the opposite side, we have the bad luchadors or rudos. To them, everyone is a challenge waiting to be toppled and they tend to ally with people either to boast about their strength or use as stepping stones to find the next great challenger. While not outright malicious to the point of evil, they won't hesitate to forgo allies in the sake of proving themselves the best and make it one step closer to El Rey del Ring.

Alignment Restrictions: While all alignments are allowed for luchadors, all, no matter how good or bad, must follow the code of luchadores. The rules follow as such:

Honor above all other things, any act that would seen as dishonorable to your mask or your title is forbidden.
Robbing from the weaker is forbidden.
Attacking without first issuing a challenge or in cold blood is forbidden unless attacked first.

If any of these tenets are broken, the luchador becomes an ex-luchador until they can recover their honor by whatever means that their own personal honor deems necessary; check with your DM for what this would fall under.

Ex Luchadore

On the off chance a Luchadore is ever stripped of their mask, whether it be by a challenger or even his allies, they immediately become an ex-luchadore. You lose access to all Luchador moves and abilities aside from their Luchador unarmored movement, unarmored defense, Improved Combat Grappler and Unarmed Savant and become a Monk of equal level without access to a Monastic Tradition, access to Ki, or monk exclusive abilities.

Class Features

As a Luchador you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d10 per Luchador level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 10 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d10 (or 6) + Constitution modifier per Luchador level after 1st


Armor: None
Weapons: None
Tools: Leatherworker's tools, Cook's utensils
Saving Throws: Strength, Dexterity
Skills: Athletics or Acrobatics then choose one other: Intimidation, Performance, Persuasion, or Religion


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • (a) Leatherworker's tools or (b) Cook's utensils
  • (a) Explorer's pack or (b) Entertainer's Pack

Table: The Luchador

Level Proficiency
Unarmed Savant Unarmored Movement Features
1st +2 1d4 - Unarmed Savant, Boasting Defence, Improved Combat Grappler, Protect the Mask
2nd +2 1d4 - Finishing Move 1d8, Inspired Wrestler
3rd +2 1d4 - Way of Lucha, Shouting Challenge
4th +2 1d4 - Ability Score Improvement, Finishing Move 1d10
5th +3 1d4 +5 ft. Extra Attack, Movimiento Libre,
6th +3 1d6 +5 ft. Way of Lucha Feature, Finishing Move 1d12
7th +3 1d6 +5 ft. Fearless
8th +3 1d6 +5 ft. Ability Score Improvement, Finishing Move 2d8
9th +4 1d6 +10 ft. Bonds of the Luchador
10th +4 1d6 +10 ft. Ring Fighter, Finishing Move 2d10, Las Garras de los Muertos (The Grip of the Dead)
11th +4 1d8 +10 ft. Way of Lucha Feature
12th +4 1d8 +10 ft. Ability Score Improvement, Finishing Move 2d12
13th +5 1d8 +15 ft. Grappling Savant
14th +5 1d8 +15 ft. Finishing Move 3d10
15th +5 1d8 +15 ft. People's Champion
16th +5 1d8 +20 ft. Ability Score Improvement, Finishing Move 3d12
17th +6 1d10 +20 ft. Way of Lucha Feat
18th +6 1d10 +20 ft. Ultimate Finishing Move, Finishing Move 4d12
19th +6 1d10 +25 ft. Ability Score Improvement
20th +6 1d10 +25 ft. Dios de Lucha (God of Lucha)

DC Ability[edit]

Your save DC for your abilities is 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Charisma modifier. This does not apply if an ability states a different save DC.

Protect the Mask[edit]

To a Luchador, the mask isn't just a symbol, it is an embodiment of their form and as much a part of them as their soul. As such, when wearing your mask, your senses are sharpened to the extreme to protect it. You have advantage on Perception checks, plus your Luchador level, to discover threats to your mask. This bonus does not apply to your Passive Perception to notice threats against allies, or yourself, but only attempts to harm and/or steal your mask.

Unarmed Savant[edit]

A Luchador is a master of quick and powerful unarmed strikes. Your unarmed attacks deal 1d4 damage + Strength or Dexterity Modifier, this damage increases to 1d6 at 6th level, 1d8 at 11th level and 1d10 at 17th level.

Boasting Defence[edit]

To a Luchador, honor and the cheers of the crowd are their strength just as much as their stamina and quick reflexes, and as such, their charisma is factored into their AC. While not wearing either armor or a shield, your Armor Class is equal to 10 + your Strength or Dexterity modifier (your choice) + your Charisma modifier.

Improved Combat Grappler[edit]

Years of training have taught you that no matter the size, weight, or ability, the spirit of Lucha is mighty and allows for feats of near superhuman strength and dexterity.

  • After a successful grapple, you may attempt to pin your opponent as your bonus action to apply the restrained effect on them, this is determined by another grapple check. When pinning an opponent, you are considered grappled with the opponent, but not restrained. This does not apply if you are restrained yourself.
  • You may use your bonus action to instead make an unarmed strike against your opponent that is grappled, pinned, or restrained by you.
  • You may use either your Dexterity(Acrobatics), or Strength(Athletics), when making a grapple check.
  • For all creatures one size larger than you, or smaller, weight and size has no affect when attempting a finishing move, grapple, or pin.
  • (If allowed by your DM, feel free to ask if you may also begin with the Grappler Feat.)

Finishing Move[edit]

At 2nd Level, the Luchador is now able to combo their offence into a powerful finishing move. As an attack action, you may attempt a finishing move on an enemy that is grappled, pinned, restrained or has 0 movement speed to deal 1d10 damage + your Strength or Dexterity modifier. You can use a finishing move once per turn, with a number of uses equal to half your Luchador level, rounded down.

  • Damage increases to 2d10 at 8th level, 3d10 at 14th level, 4d10 at 18th level. You regain uses of this feature after a short or long rest.
  • At level 8 this damage is considered magical for the purposes of bypassing resistances.

Inspired Wrestler[edit]

In the heat of battle, a Luchador can channel inspiration, whether from past victories, or bond with their mask and allies, to perform uncanny feats of technique and strength. At 2nd level, you may add an Inspiration die of 1d4 to an initial grapple attempt and as damage to a following successful pin, once per turn. One inspiration die use affects both your grapple and pin, only if they are made on the same turn. The die becomes a d6 at 13th level, d8 at 17th level. You have a number of Inspiration dice, equal to your Charisma modifier, to a minimum of 1. You regain uses after a long rest.

Way of Lucha[edit]

At 3rd level, the Luchador chooses to follow a path of Lucha. They may become a Técnico, Rudo or Espíritu. Técnicos rely less on tricks and deception and draw their strength from the bonds shared between their allies, and high flying acrobatic moves, to prevail in combat. Rudos use cunning and underhanded tactics, believing anything goes, when in the ring and will use any means to claim victory. While all Luchador are attuned with their ancestors and the creatures of their mask, the Espíritu takes it to another level. Through work and mediation, they have gained the ability to channel the spirit within their mask as well as their very ancestors to aid them in battle.

Shouting Challenge[edit]

Beginning from 3rd level, as a bonus action, you can bellow a challenge to an enemy that can see and/or hear you, forcing them to make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failed save, the enemy is only able to target you with attack rolls, spells, or skill challenges for 1 minute. All attacks made on targets that are not you are made at disadvantage, this disadvantage doesn't apply if the spell naturally can hit multiple targets. They can repeat the saving throw at the end of each of their turns. You regain use of this feature on short or long rest.

Ability Score Improvement[edit]

When you reach 4th Level, and again at 8th, 12th, 16th, and 19th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2, or you can increase two Ability Scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can’t increase an ability score above 20 using this feature.

Extra Attack[edit]

At 5th level, the Luchador can attack twice, instead of once, whenever they take the Attack action on their turn. You may make two grapple attempts instead as well. The Luchador can now grapple two creatures within their reach at once, that are one size larger than them, or smaller albeit at the cost of any extra attacks as well as their bonus action.

Movimiento Libre[edit]

In a constant race to get up close and personal with their opponent, Luchadors in combat are able to move more swiftly then their allies to get right into the action. Starting at 5th Level, your speed increases by 5 feet while you are not wearing armor or wielding a shield. This bonus increases when you reach certain Luchador levels, as shown in the Luchador table.

Worked Strikes[edit]

The Luchador has trained their strikes to harm even the sturdiest of opponents. At 6th level, Unarmed Strikes count as magical, for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to non-magical attacks and damage.


At 7th level, the Luchador has become hardened mentally. Whether it be a creature or magic, the Luchador no longer steps down from any challenge and sees every opponent as another way to achieve the title of El Rey del Ring. You gain advantage against all effects that incur the Frightened condition.

Bonds of the Luchador[edit]

Whether a Rudo, Técnicos, or Espíritu Luchador, the Luchador understand and honors the traditions of family in some way or another, and depending on their Way of Lucha Path at 9th level, get one of three boons while near allies:

  • If a Técnicos, you understand the bonds of friendship and family more than any other and as such will fight even harder to protect them. When an ally within five feet of you is melee attacked by an opponent, and you have at least one hand or both legs free, you may attempt to stop the attack by grappling and pinning the enemy as your reaction. If you fail the check, you take all the damage your ally would've taken. This grapple or pin automatically ends at the start of your next turn.
  • If a Rudo, your allies may be expendable in the long run, but in the here and now, they are necessary. When an ally within five feet of you is melee attacked by an opponent within five feet, you may attempt to blindside your enemy by attempting one unarmed attack against them, as your reaction.
  • If an Espíritu, you have seen spirits and know their sufferings, especially those who refuse to see their loved ones enter the afterlife prematurely. When one ally within five feet of you is melee attacked by an opponent within five feet, you may use your reaction to protect them with the Lucha spirits and impose disadvantage on attack rolls made against them by one opponent of your choice, until the start of their next turn.

Ring Fighter[edit]

At 10th level, the Luchador is truly at home in the ring. When the Luchador is a ring of any kind, whether it be man-made or in the natural world (A ring is defined by having ropes and four corners, vines and webs can count as well if strung around a locked in area, arenas do work as rings), their power heavily increases. The bonuses only apply when in the ring and fade away one minute after leaving the ring.

  • Any and all magical or otherwise means of instantly disabling the Luchador have a higher chance of failing. If you have to beat a DC, you roll with advantage, and any cast when used to disable you is rolled with disadvantage.
  • If there are any allies outside the ring cheering for you, you gain a number of temporary hit points equal to your Charisma modifier. This stacks with each ally that is cheering for them, however, normal passerbies do not give said buff. NPC allies and bonded NPCs, however, can contribute.

El Agarre de los Muertos (The Grip of the Dead)[edit]

At 10th level, whether by a vision, or spiritual journey, the Luchador is given power by his ancestors to allow them to physically combat all beings. The Luchador has the ability to touch and grapple all creatures that would be untouchable, by magical means. A creature you are grappling must make a spellcasting ability check with proficiency contested by the Luchador's Strength (Athletics) or Dexterity (Acrobatics) check in order to use a spell or effect, such as astral projection, blink, dimension door, Drawmij's instant exit (q.v.), etherealness, gate, maze, misty step, plane shift, or teleport, to escape the grapple. It also prevents creatures from using natural abilities, such as the teleportation of a blink dog or balor. A grapple attempt is made with disadvantage, if the creature is already ethereal, or astral, and does not prevent extra-dimensional perception, or attack. This ability does not stop summoned creatures from vanishing when the spell that summoned them ends.

Grappling Savant[edit]

At 13th level, the Luchador has slowly learned how to manipulate their own weight and identify weaknesses in the opponent's form when grappling. The Luchador gains the ability to grapple any opponent of any size. Also, any grapple attempts against an opponent that is one size larger or any size smaller is made with advantage.

People's Champion[edit]

At 15th level, the Luchador has become a symbol to the people. Whether a hero of the people, or the villain, their fame has quite literally empowered them. The Luchador gains damage resistance to endure against any foe and forever keep their reign eternal. As a reaction, you can select one enemy that attacks you and gain resistance to their attacks for one minute, including effects that require a saving throw. This ability is usable once per day and recharges on a long rest. This ability does not stack with any resistances you already have.

Ultimate Finishing Move[edit]

At 18th level, the Luchador can transform a renowned signature move into their Ultimate Finishing Move. The Luchador may use this move on enemies that are grappled, restrained or stunned, as a bonus action. The opponent must make a saving throw equal to 8 + your proficiency + your Strength or Dexterity modifier (your choice). On a failure, the opponent takes 10d10 damage and is automatically grappled, pinned and restrained, or half damage on a success and not grappled, pinned, or restrained. The damage dealt cannot be reduced or negated, by resistance or immunity. The Luchador cannot use this ability again, until finishing a long rest.

Dios de Lucha (God of Lucha)[edit]

At 20th level, the Luchador has attained the title of El Rey del Ring, but, it isn't enough anymore. The beings of the natural material plane can no longer sate the thirst for battle within the Luchador, they need more to prove that the way of the Lucha is truly the way. The Luchador's body no longer ages, nor do they need to sleep, eat, or drink staying at its prime at all times in attempt to find stronger opponents to fight. A short rest is all that is needed to gain back all Luchador abilities and die, even abilities that normally require long rest. Their mask becomes one with the Luchador, no longer being able to be removed. At this point, the Luchador can grapple any and all creatures of any size, or form, with advantage.

Ways of Lucha[edit]


The people's hero. These are the Luchadors that strive to not just better themselves for themselves but strive to show the people that anything can be achieved, through hard work and determination. While they might boast and fight, they remember their roots and work to raise confidence in all folk. At times, they become folk heroes, riding into towns and using their prowess to overtake corruption through Lucha, then leaving before they can be rewarded, all in the sake of justice. Técnicos fight for El Rey del Ring but use clean high flying spectacle moves and provoke their allies to success through their own personal strength.

Lucha Libre

At 3rd level, a Técnicos style of wrestler prides themselves in their speed and agility, and heavily prefer the air over the ground. The Técnicos' prowess in such aerial fields allows them to instead use their Dexterity modifier instead of Strength when jumping and making jump attempts. While unarmored, you have the ability to become airborne after performing a long jump or high jump, except you only have to move at least 5 feet before making the jump. When you make a high jump, you leap into the air a number of feet equal to 5 + your Strength or Dexterity modifier if you move at least 5 feet on foot immediately before the jump. When you make a standing high jump, you can jump the full distance. When you make a long jump, you cover a number of feet up to your Strength or Dexterity score if you move at least 5 feet on foot immediately before the jump. When you make a standing long jump, you can leap the full distance. Either way, each foot you clear on the jump costs a foot of movement. This can only be done if you are wearing no armor. If your airborne movement would land on an opponent, with a size equal or larger than yours, you take no fall damage and can make a grapple check as a bonus action. Furthermore, when attempting to vault off a grappled enemy, ally or inanimate object to become airborne, you may roll an Acrobatics/Athletics check, with advantage, allowing you to move a distance equal to your standing long jump distance. Attacks of opportunity against you are made at disadvantage when moving this way, unless they are attacking from directly beneath you.

Crowd Favorite

At 6th level, a Técnicos has gained appeal with their party and can bolster their resolve by striking up confidence within them. You gain proficiency in the Performance skill, if you’re already proficient, your proficiency bonus is doubled. As an action, you can give a speech or perform an act to inspire up to 6 allies within 10 feet, giving them advantage on their next attack roll, lasting until the end of their next turn. This can be used only once per short rest.

The People’s Resolve

At 11th level, a Técnicos refusal to let down their allies allows him to forgo dying. When reduced to 0 hitpoints, you can make a DC 10 Constitution saving throw. On a success, you instead drop to 1 hitpoint and negate any instant death effects. The DC for the saving throw increases by 5 each time it is repeated and resets after finishing a long rest.

Lucha Tag Team

At 17th level, a Técnicos can either recruit an NPC or even an ally and instill their skills of Luchador in them, making them their Lucha Tag Team partner. While within 10 feet of each other, you both gain advantage on saving throws and melee weapon/unarmed attack rolls. Once per round, either of you may impose disadvantage on one attack roll against your partner. Your tag team partner can also aid you in executing your ultimate finishing move, imposing disadvantage on the opponents saving throw as a reaction. You may only change partners if your initial one dies and/or betrays you. (Up to DM’s discretion whether you may have more allies.)


For the flip side of every coin, there is a darker side that embodies another face of it. For every Técnicos, there is a Rudo. They care little for the rules and barely stay inside them enough to fight and respect the code of Lucha. They will seemingly change sides on a whim, use weapons and fear tactics to force people to submit to their will and power, all to become El Rey del Ring.

Dirty Brawler

To a Rudo, victory will be gained by any means, whether it be through guile and cheating or just being dirty handed, the ends justify the means in a fight. At Level 3, you gain the ability to use all objects around you as a weapon, be it chairs, thumbtacks, trash cans, or even a bag of salt.
  • You are proficient with all improvised weapons, the damage die is 1d4 for a throwing weapon, 1d6 if a one-handed melee weapon, or 1d12 if a two-handed melee weapon. Any melee attack made with an improvised weapon may use your Unarmed Savant damage die instead.
  • You are proficient with Sleight of Hand, when making an ability check to conceal an improvised weapon, or plant on an opponent.
  • As a bonus action, you can insult an opponent within 30 feet to throw off their focus. The target of this insult must succeed on an Intelligence saving throw with a DC of 8 + Charisma Modifier + proficiency bonus, or have disadvantage on their first attack roll against you on their turn. Also, the insulted opponent becomes more vulnerable to your strikes. For 1 minute, you add your proficiency bonus to improvised weapon damage against the insulted opponent. Only one opponent can be under the effects of your insult during combat.

Fearful Appearance

Your very visage strikes dread into people and enemies as stories of your malicious tales spread through the world. Your very name is only whispered in fear that you will be summoned by its call. At 6th level, you gain proficiency in the Intimidation skill, if you’re already proficient, your proficiency bonus is doubled. Every round, you may attempt to strike fear into an opponent, not immune to fear, within 30 feet of you as an action. The opponent must make a Wisdom saving throw equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + Charisma modifier or become frightened for 1 minute. Creatures one size larger then you ignore your proficiency bonus, while creatures two size larger than you ignore the effect. Creatures frightened by you may attempt the saving throw again, at the end of their turns.

Vaya con Dios

Your ruthlessness knows no bounds and as such, your mask grants you forbidden knowledge, the art of destroying an opponent’s very soul with one deadly strike. Vaya con Dios. At 11th level, you can as an action expend 3 Inspiration dice to target an opponent within your melee range that is frightened by you, paralyzed, stunned, or unconscious. Enemies that are frightened must also be restrained. Enemies with 0 hitpoints cannot avoid this effect. Paralyzed, stunned, sleeping, or frightened enemies make a Constitution saving throw equal to 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Strength/Dexterity modifier. On a failure, the target instantly dies, a frightened targets drop to 0 hitpoints. You may also expend your Ultimate Finishing Move instead to attempt Vaya con Dios again. Once successfully executed, you cannot perform Vaya con Dios again, until you finish a long rest.

Avatar of Treachery

At level 17, you are imbued with the ancient power of your Luchador Rudo line, you and your mask become the harbinger of all Rudos that have come before you. As an action, you can surround yourself in a 10 foot radius sphere of shadow for 1 minute, turning all bright light in its area into dim light. The shadows cloud all vision other than yours, negating the benefits of Darkvision, but not Truesight. You have ¾ cover within the sphere and ranged attacks against you are made with disadvantage. All creatures that enter, or end their turn in the aura must make a Wisdom saving throw. On a failure, enemies take 2d10 psychic damage and become frightened, or only half damage on a success.

Espíritu Luchador[edit]

Where the Técnicos use high flying acrobatics and Rudo use underhandedness, the Espíritu Luchador or Spirit Wrestler relies more on the spirits of their ancestors and of their mask to gain power and strength. All Luchadors hold an affinity to the spirit world, but none more so then the Espíritu Luchador. They may call on the spirit of their mask to gain animal-like power, or their ancestors to channel their own hidden and special moves.

Spirit of the Mask

At 3rd level, the Luchador can passively channel an aspect of an animal. You gain additional Inspiration dice, equal to your Constitution modifier and once per combat, during any action, you may expend an Inspiration die to gain the benefits of a Spirit Form for 1 minute, selecting one of the following aspects:

  • If a marine animal, your swim speed becomes equal to your movement and all combat while in the water incurs no disadvantage. While underwater, all melee attacks by enemies not adept to water are made with disadvantage. Also, you can expend an additional Inspiration dice to reduce one attack roll against you equal to the dice roll. This can be used after the attack is rolled, but not after the damage result.
  • If an avian creature, your long and high jump distance are increased to 15 feet and do not require movement to be done. You no longer take fall damage from a drop of 20 feet, unless forced by an enemy. If you take any fall damage, you can expend an Inspiration dice to reduce the damage by 5 times the dice roll.
  • If an agile land creature, You can Dash, Disengage, or Dodge as a bonus action, as well as have advantage on Dexterity checks. When making a saving throw, you can expend an Inspiration dice to add to the roll. No damage is taken if successful.
  • If a strong land creature, you have advantage on any strength checks and strength saving throws, and you are considered one size larger for the purpose of grappling, pushing, pulling and lifting. Your unarmed strikes gain the Siege ability and deal an extra 1d4 damage. When pinning an opponent, you can expend an Inspiration dice to deal damage equal to double the dice roll .

Ancestral Ward

Through extensive meditation, the Espíritu has bonded with their ancestors, who vow to protect their harbinger, to ensure they stay true to their Lucha code. At Luchador level 6, you have advantage on saving throws against charms, magical blindness, incapacitation, paralysis, petrification, poison, stun and magically applied unconsciousness. In addition, you gain resistance to psychic damage.

Del Luchador Salvador

At 11th level, your ancestral lines vow of protection extends even to the grip of death. When you drop to 0 hitpoints, you may expend all your remaining Inspiration dice to regain 10 hitpoints for every dice expended.

Harmonic Convergence

At 17th level, the Espíritu has reached Lucha enlightenment and become one with his ancestor’s spirits. Changing into your Spirit of the Mask form no longer expends an Inspiration Dice. You may change your spirit form during any of your actions at the cost of an Inspiration Dice. When you change into your spirit form or change forms, you may combine 2 aspects instead of 1. Also, at the start of any combat phase, you always start with a minimum number of Inspiration dice equal to your Constitution modifier.


Prerequisites. To multiclass into a Luchador you must meet these prerequisites: Strength or Dexterity 13 and Charisma 13 as well as the grappler feat.

Proficiencies. When you multiclass into Luchador, you gain the following proficiencies: Acrobatics.

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