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Extended Barbarian Levels[edit]

These are additional levels for the Barbarian class. See Level 40 Expansion (5e Variant Rule) for more info.

Class Features

As a Barbarian you gain the following class features.

Hit Points

Hit Dice: 1d12 per Barbarian level
Hit Points at 1st Level: 12 + Constitution modifier
Hit Points at Higher Levels: 1d12 (or 7) + Constitution modifier per Barbarian level after 1st


Armor: None
Weapons: None
Tools: None
Saving Throws: None
Skills: None


You start with the following equipment, in addition to the equipment granted by your background:

  • None

Table: The Barbarian

Level Proficiency
Features Rage Bonus
1st +2 Demigod 4
2nd +2 Primal Path feature 4
3rd +2 Improved Ability Score Improvement 4
4th +2 Ability Score Improvement, Critical Carnage, Brutal Critical (4) 5
5th +3 Blind Rage 5
6th +3 Primal Path feature 5
7th +3 Leaping Run 5
8th +3 Ability Score Improvement, Improved Ability Score Improvement 5
9th +4 Thick Skinned 5
10th +4 Primal Path feature 5
11th +4 Brutal Critical (5) 5
12th +4 Ability Score Improvement, Extra Attack (2) 6
13th +5 Insistent Rage 6
14th +5 Improved Ability Score Improvement 6
15th +5 Primal Path feature 6
16th +5 Ability Score Improvement, Dormant Rage 6
17th +6 Primal Power 6
18th +6 Brutal Critical (6) 6
19th +6 Ability Score Improvement, Godly Strength 6
20th +6 Might of the Gods 7


At 21st level, you begin to surpass the capabilities of regular mortals as you slowly become godlike, emulating the things that make you a barbarian and transforming you into a minor deity in your own right. You’re creature type changes from humanoid to celestial, but you keep your subtype (i.e human or dragonborn). In addition, features and effects that normally can’t increase your ability scores above 20 can now increase your ability scores to a maximum of 24 instead, and your Strength and Constitution scores can be increased to a maximum of 28.

From this point on, your physical features slowly change as you gain levels in this class. For example, your eyes might glow green whenever you cast a spell, your skin might take on a permanent fur-cover, or your hair might turn the color of blood. These changes are slow, but by the time you have reached 40th level, you should exemplify several different physical manifestations of your power. Work with your DM to determine what these are and when they start showing up. Finally, you cannot gain levels in any other class.

Additionally, as you gain levels and overcome great challenges, the DM will grant you other features and traits at their discretion in relation to your celestialness, particularly one or more epic boons. Your AC and all saving throws also increase by 1.

Improved Ability Score Improvement[edit]

When you reach 23rd level, and again at 28th and 34th level, you can increase one ability score of your choice by 3, or you can increase one ability score of your choice by 2 and another ability score of your choice by 1, or you can increase three ability scores of your choice by 1. As normal, you can’t increase an ability score above 24 with this feature.

Blind Rage[edit]

At 25th level, you can choose to go into a blind rage whenever you rage. When you enter a blind rage, choose a creature you can see. While in a blind rage, your rage damage bonus is doubled, you roll an additional d20 when you make a melee weapon attack and can choose either result as the roll, and you are considered blinded and deafened in regards to your surroundings except for your target and the area directly between you and your target. If that creature becomes incapacitated, you may select a new creature to be the target of your blind rage. Alternatively, you can select a new target whenever a creature deals damage to you, choosing that creature as your target.

Leaping Run[edit]

Starting at 27th level, every step you take while running launches you forward as though you were leaping. Your speed increases by 5 feet, and when you take the Dash action for the first time on your turn your speed increases by an additional 10 feet. You also automatically succeed on Strength checks made to jump over hurdles and gaps if you took the Dash action before making the jump.

Thick Skinned[edit]

Starting at 29th level, you reduce all incoming damage except for psychic damage by 5. This feature cannot reduce the damage to less than 1.

Insistent Rage[edit]

Starting at 33rd level, you have advantage on saving throws for your Relentless Rage feature. The DC for the save is reduced by half, rounded down, after determining what the current DC is for how many times you have used that feature since your last long rest. You also ignore the first 5 levels of exhaustion while raging. However, you gain 1 level of exhaustion each time you use your Relentless Rage feature while the DC for it is above 20.

Dormant Rage[edit]

Beginning at 36th level, you never truly stop raging. Going into a normal rage requires no action by you and can be done as a reaction to when you are hit by an attack or put in the area of a damaging spell or effect, but other rages, such as a blind rage, still require you to use a bonus action to enter. In addition, ending a rage requires no action by you. Entering a rage as a reaction happens before any damage is dealt.

Primal Power[edit]

At 37th level, your connection to your inner anger boosts your physical attributes, granting you strength beyond compare. Both your current and maximum Strength and Constitution scores each increase by 4, to a maximum of 32 ; you are immune to being physically grappled, restrained, or knocked prone; and you can use melee weapons and the features of melee weapons that normally require two hands with only one hand.

Godly Strength[edit]

At 39th level, you have reached the pinnacle of physical prowess attainable by most beings, both mortal and divine. Your carrying capacity (including maximum lift and maximum load) is doubled. The minimum you can roll for a Strength check is equal to your Strength score plus your Strength modifier. Your melee weapon attacks ignore any and all resistances to damage that they would deal. Your carrying capacity (including maximum lift and maximum load) does not change when you shrink in size. You are considered to be one size larger than your current size when determining if you can grapple a creature or be grappled by a creature. Finally, both the short and long ranges for thrown weapons are doubled when you make a ranged attack with them.

Might of the Gods[edit]

At 40th level, your transformation from mortal to god is complete. Your DM will grant you one boon from the list of Epic Boons in the Dungeon Master’s Guide after taking suggestions from you. In addition, your base size increases to that of a Huge creature (or Gargantuan if your base size is Large or larger), and as an action you can shrink to the size of a Medium creature until you choose to use an action to enlarge yourself back to your normal size. Anything you are wearing or carrying changes size with you, and all of your weapon attacks deal an extra die of damage while you are your normal size. You also gain sufficient power to grant divine powers to one creature, beginning your ascent to true godhood.

Primal Path[edit]

Path of the Berserker[edit]

Fanatical Bloodlust

Starting at 22nd level, when you go into a frenzied rage, you can choose to go into a fanatical frenzied rage. If you do so, for the duration of your rage you are in a frenzied rage and you can make one melee weapon attack during each of your turns (no action required), and if you deal sufficient damage with an attack to reduce a creature to 0 hit points you must choose another creature within your weapon’s reach. Roll a d20 and add your weapon’s To Hit bonus. You deal damage to that creature equal to the excess from the previous attack on a hit.

Brainless Fury

Starting at 26th level, you are immune to psychic damage while raging, and you automatically succeed on all saving throws to perceive illusions as what they are, seeing through the falsehood to your foe. You are also immune to any effect that would alter how you behave while raging, including effects that turn creatures and spells like suggestion and command.

Fear Aura

Starting at 30th level, you passively exude an aura of fear around you. You have advantage on Intimidation checks made against any creature that is is not one of your companions. Additionally, each hostile creature that begins its turn with 15 feet of you must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw against a DC of 8 + your Charisma modifier + your proficiency bonus or be frightened of you for 1 minute. An affected creature can repeat the save at the end of each of its turns, ending the effect on itself on a success. A creature that succeeds its save is immune to this feature for 24 hours.


Starting at 35th level, you have advantage on the first melee weapon attack roll you make against each creature to have damaged you between the end of your last turn and the start of this one. You deal an additional 10 damage if you hit one of those creatures and it isn’t your turn.

Path of the Totem Warrior[edit]

Totemic Embodiment

At 22nd level, you gain a magical benefit based on the totem animal you chose at 14th level.

Bear. The spirit of the bear roars inside of you, granting you the abilities gained at 14th level even while you aren’t raging.

Eagle. The spirit of the eagle soars inside of you, increasing your fly speed while raging by 30 feet.

Wolf. The spirit of the wolf howls inside of you, increasing your speed by an additional 10 feet while raging.

Form of the Beast

At 26th level, you can cast shapechange on yourself once per short rest, but you are only capable of changing into an animal you have chosen to be your totem animal. However, you retain your hit points and hit dice, and only revert form when the spell ends or you fall unconscious. Any gear you are wearing changes shape to fit and/or become a part of your animal form, retaining all of their bonuses and magical properties. Any weapons you are wielding morph into your animal form, becoming your claws, teeth, or beak while retaining their damage dice and all of their magical properties, while clothes and armor become your hide, fur, or feathers while also retaining their magical properties and AC. Additionally, any physical melee attacks you make while in your animal form are considered magical for the purposes of overcoming resistances and immunities.

Spirit Finder

At 30th level, you can cast reincarnate, scrying, and find the path, but only as rituals. reincarnate can only be cast on an animal you have chosen as one of your totem animals, and scrying only allows you to see through the eyes of various animals (as with the spell beast sense) in the area of the location or creature you wish to scry upon as long as they are a creature you have chosen as one of your totem animals. A creature you are seeing through the eyes of can be mentally persuaded to move towards the creature or location you are attempting to scry, and you can change from seeing from one creature’s eyes to another as an action during the duration of the spell. A creature won’t put itself in danger to accommodate your wishes. Animals similar to your totem animal can substitute if your chosen animal is not in the area, such as hawks for the eagle totem. Wolves, bears, dogs, weasels, badgers, raccoons, and even otters and seals are all interchangeable.

Totemic Mastery

At 35th level, you gain a magical benefit based on the totem animal of your choice. You can choose the same animal you selected previously or a different one.

Bear. Your skin grows tough and hairy as the spirit of the bear takes on a physical mantle in your body. You gain a +2 bonus to AC after calculating other bonuses and armor.

Eagle. Your arms grow feathers as the spirit of the eagle forces itself into your physical form. You gain a +30 bonus to your fly speed, gaining a fly speed if you didn’t have one before.

Wolf. Your fingers and toes grow massive claws and your teeth turn sharp as the spirit of the wolf possesses your body. The damage die for your unarmed strikes becomes a d8 if it wasn’t already that size or larger, your unarmed strikes deal an additional damage die of damage, and they deal bludgeoning, piercing, or slashing damage, your choice before you make the attack roll.

Path of the Zealot[edit]

Celestial Anger

At 22nd Level, your anger during rage has become so great that you can destroy lesser foes in a single strike. You now add 1d6 + half your barbarian level to all attacks, regardless of whether it was the first attack or not. This damage will be either necrotic or radiant, chosen when you got this feature at 3rd level.

Champion of the Gods

At 26th Level, your very purpose is to protect and fight alongside your god. Any spells cast on you that are intended to help you now require only a single gold piece to cast. You are soon to join the ranks of the Gods, and these will be the first offerings to you.

Improved Presence

At 30th level, you gain an aura that surrounds you. Those nearby you feel the pride and anger you have when you rage, bringing them to the same levels of righteous fury that is so familiar to you. Any allies within 10 + your barbarian level feet will have advantage on attack rolls till the end of your rage. Your bonus action can now be used to give your allies 2d10 temporary hit points, and an automatic critical hit on their first attack next turn.

Eternal Fury

At 35th level, your anger can be taken out in those that have wronged you without even your knowing. Your godly body can now store damage that has been dealt to you, if only to avenge your allies or destroy your enemies. During a rage, one quarter of all damage dealt to you is stored in an explosive bank. On hitting 0 hit points, all the damage in your bank is released, and all unfriendly creatures within 30ft must succeed on a DC 25 constitution saving throw or take all the damage in your bank of anger. This damage is either necrotic or radiant, and is the same as the damage type for your Divine Fury.

Path of the Ancestral Guardian[edit]

Spiritual Defenders

At 22nd level, you have gained an unbreakable connection with your ancestral spirits. They can now not only hinder your foes, but also protect your allies. The total damage dealt by your first target last turn is now reduced by 10, increasing to 20 at 35th level. You cannot reduce damage to below 1 with this feature.

Ancestral Shield

At 26th level, your ancestral spirits have become swifter than ever, and can now protect many of your allies at a time. Any friendly creatures within 60ft of you gain an AC bonus equal to half of your proficiency bonus.

Spiritual Meeting

At 30th level, your ancestors are now on alert at all times. You can cast the spells clairvoyance and augury a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus per long or short rest. You can also cast the spell speak with dead provided the dead in question are known to be related to the caster’s family.

Furious Ancestors

At 35th level, your ancestral spirits have been effectively absorbed into your essence. They can now lash out at your enemies whenever required to protect you and your family from danger. Whenever you use your Spirit Shield feature, you can now make an attack against the attacker, dealing additonal force damage equal to half your barbarian level

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