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Fighter classes tend to have themes focused on the use of martial weapons and/or the use of martial prowess and skill. They typically have little to no spellcasting ability.

Fighter Classes[edit]

Classes based on the fighter archetype.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Archer, 2nd Variant Masters or ranged weapons, archers take down their enemies with accuracy and power from a distance. 8
Archer, Variant Those with unrivaled accuracy with ranged weapons. 8
Archer Those with unrivaled accuracy with ranged weapons. 8
Battle Alchemist Warp the battlefield to your every desire. 10
Binate Duelist An experienced warrior, wielding two weapons with the skill most will never reach with one 8
Blade Dancer A fighter who uses their Dances, creating devastating combos 10
Blade Master, Variant A warrior with an inseparable bond to their blade. 10
Blade Master A warrior who pursues perfection on the combat with blades. 8
Blade Savant A mystical fighter that can tap into arcane energies 8
Bladedancer 10
Blademaster, Stance and Combo A martial melee class that uses stances and successive attacks to build combo points to unleash stronger and stronger attacks. 10
Bladescribe 10
Blood Mystic 8
Body Guard, Whole Hog Huge walls of meat separating foes form the people they were hired to protect. 12
Bright Lord A Strong, warm, merciful fighter imbued with powers generated from their own good energies. third 12
Combat Tactician Fighters who use their battlefield knowledge to complete the mission. 10
Creator Soul Holders of almost godlike power. Capable of manipulating aspects of the universe to create powerful "constructs". 8
Dragon Fighter, Variant A swordmaster that fights with deadly grace, skill, and power 12
Dragon Fighter A warrior who draws his techniques and power from the dragons. 12
Fencer An ultra-basic melee focused class 10
Gladiator, Variant 10
Juggernaut A strong warrior who blocks attacks, traps enemies, and taunts foes. 12
Labrys Knight A hardened warrior, wielding two battle axes with the skill most will never reach with one 12
Meatshield, Variant it's your job to defend and haemorrhage hit points so buckle up 12
Meteor Knight The Meteor Knight is a heavily armed combatant, who moves through enemy lines with ease. 10
Old School Fighter A basic fighter in the style of OD&D 12
Red Mage, Variant half 8
Sentinel One bound to duty of the guard 10
Shadow Walker II A warrior that uses their internal shadow to cast spells. 8
Shielder As the name implies, shielder's specialize in protecting themselves and those around them. 10
Siege Warrior A melee combatant specialized in mass skirmishes, war and siege battles. 10
Slinger These men and women make masterful use of the humble Sling, raining death upon their enemies with stones or lead bullets. 10
Stasis Titan Heavy Armor, Melee and Firearm focused fighter who wants to be in the centre of battle. 12
Strider A deadly hunter, a killer of men, with no morals but those he chooses for himself, and an endless debt to Death itself. 10
The Scout Scout from Tf2 6
True Vampire Lancer 12
Weapon Master The Weapon Master is a skillful soldier who handles weapons as if it were an extension of their body. 10
Zephyr A fighter who uses the power of wind to enhance their movements and attacks. 10
Zombie You were dead, but you're getting better. 8

Fighter Mashup Classes[edit]

Mashup classes with multiple themes, one of which is the fighter archetype.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Abyss Knight A fighter who exchanged its soul to gain demonic powers. 10
Alcoholic An somewhat self-sustaining DPS with evenly distributed benefits and negatives. 10
Arcane Blade Arcane blades merge combat ability and elemental magic to defeat their enemies, casting spells and empowering their bodies using the power of mana. 10
Arcane Ranger A mixture of ranger and wizard half 8
Arcane Thrower A user of vast skill in throwing weapons embedded with elemental power. half 8
Arcane Warrior Arcane warriors are durable melee fighters who have potent spellcasting abilities. full 8
Armed Infantry A soldier with access to simple firearms. 10
Avatar (Last Airbender) 8
Battle Hedgehog A warrior of a small race wearing spiky armor 10
Battlemage, Variant A magic-wielding combatant that uses the weave of raw arcane energy to enhance their martial capabilities half 10
Battlemage Mages who uses arcane magic to augment their martial prowess. half 8
Battlesmith A weapons smith that forges their own powerful equipment to augment their combat abilities 10
Black Knight half 10
Blade Mage Magical warriors who enhance their combat abilities half 8
Blade Singer A graceful fighter that mesmerizes foes with a mix of magic and swordplay. 10
Blink Mage, Variant 8
Blink Mage A whimsical being with no attachment to any physical place. 8
Blood Knight A bloodthirsty warrior, fighting and killing for the glory of the sinister entity, gaining benefit as the blood sheds from either the self or the enemies. 10
Channeller A martial spellcaster that can Infuse spells into their weapons to deal massive burst damage. half 10
Combat Butler 8
Corsair The corsair is a vicious pirate under the service of a patron, deadly and intimidating, capable of shooting or cutting an enemy's head clear off without hesitation. Not for the faint of heart. 10
Daring Swashbuckler A whimsically roguish martial class, en garde! 10
Draconic Knight, Variant A Warrior with the blood of a Dragon. third 12
Dragon Kin Those who's ancestry can be traced back to the dragons, similar to sorcerers, but unlike sorcerers who use their ancestry for magic the Dragonkin use it for strength. Warriors who's skin is as hard as armor and who's teeth are as sharp as daggers. Those are not mere mooks but true dragonkin who make their ancestors proud! 10
Dragon Knight Warriors utilizing dragon cohorts to decimate their opposition. 8
Dragonslayer A warrior cursed by a glowing sigil on their chest, that drains their life force to increase their physical capabilities. 12
Empowered Born with a special power known as the Spark, you bring enemies to their knees and allies from their graves. 10
Enkindler A Dark Souls inspired class. Burn your enemies alive. half 10
Fencing Magician Fencing Magicians are wizards who have learned the art of fencing. half 8
Flowing Blade Slice Enemies to Pieces 10
Follower of Marutuk A beefy frontline fighter that's especially effective when in combat against dragons of all kinds. 10
Force-user 10
Hand of the Kraken A religious warrior that summons tentacles to control the battlefield. half 10
Heavyweight Boxer Beefy brawlers who fight for fame and glory. 10
Ice Warrior A combatant capable of controlling ice with magic. 10
Knight Warriors of nobility and valor who fight for either their lady's hand or for fame and honor. 10
Lodestar half 1d10
Luchador Honor, Family, Tradition. That is the Way of the Luchador: the masked wrestlers of Hispanic origin. 10
Mage, Variant A caster of arcane magic, used by wise scholars and chaotic enigmas alike. They are capable of prodigious potential and great change. full 6
Mageblade, Variant A magical warrior who focuses arcane energy into combat. half 8
Magebow A quick witted mage who uses a magic bow half 8
Magus, Variant A master of magic and weapons, but not as proficient as your average wizard or fighter. three-quarters 8
Marrow Knight Individuals with special armor made of their own bones which grants them a variety of magical abilities. half 10
Marshal A battlefield commander experienced in inspiring and ordering their companions 10
Master of the Arcane Sword A warrior specialized in a way of combat that blends the use of mundane weapon techniques with arcane magic. half 10
Mechmaster A warrior who uses the sheer force of a mech to assist the needs of themselves and others in a fight. 6
Mystic Knight Mystic Knights are fighters who adapt magic to empower themselves and protect their allies. half 8
Nordic Warrior A warrior that comes from the north, protected by magical runes and by the gods themselves, and imbued with lust for pleasure, adventure and war. 10
Occultist 8
Predator Deadly,Strong,and stealthy 8
Psychomancer half 8
Soldier, Variant A modern combatant. 10
Soldier A modern combatant. 10
Soulknife Never caught unarmed, the soulknife is the literal interpretation of using the power of the soul as a weapon. 8
Storm Razer As a Storm Razer, you gain the following features: half 10
Vampyre Knight You are one of the last descendants of old these Vampyre's use their blood to empower them selves and show true fear. half 10
Warpriest A divine warrior that manipulates radiant energy to assist friends or harm foes. half 10
Werewolf 8

Fighter Classes Based on Existing Fiction[edit]

Fighter classes which are based on characters or archetypes from other works of fiction.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Apostle In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law? Is it like the hand of God hovering above? At least it is true that man has no control; even over his own will. 10
Aura Swordsman A strong and skillfull swordsman. Has infinite potential with the sword and a strong body due to strict training. 10
Black Blood, Variant A vicious virus in the bloodstream has been weaponized and known to cause a special kind of madness. 12
Black Blood A vicious virus in the bloodstream has been weaponized and known to cause a special kind of madness. 12
Black Swordsman Battered, bloodied, and scarred, these warriors fight in a world of magic and monsters with nothing but their own humanity. 12
Deprived 6
Devil Hunter, 2nd Variant Style on your enemies, Devil May Cry style. 10
Devil Hunter, Variant Style on your enemies, Devil May Cry style. 10
Doom Slayer, 3rd Variant 12
Dragonsmith A warrior with a size-changing dragon and nifty smithy skills third 10
Earth Bender, Variant Earth Benders are tough, resilient, and will stand their ground, no matter what. 8
Earth Bender Earth Benders are tough, resilient, and will stand their ground, no matter what. 8
Electrification A quirk designed to shock your opponents. 8
Greatcoat 10
Gungeoneer A dungeon delver who uses their wit and intellect to dip dive and dodgeroll through traps and enemies. 10
Hunter, 2nd Variant A mysterious hunter who has mastered their own blood to perform unnatural feats. 8
Huntsman/Huntress, Variant A highly customizable warrior who protects people and slays monsters. Based on the show RWBY. 10
Quincy A secret, long-forgotten organization of humans hell-bent on slaying the undead instead of purifying them. 8
Quirk User A person whose unique power has 10
Ranger of the North, Variant A Ranger of the North is a warrior who is trained rigorously, sometimes for years, before they are considered ready to venture beyond the wall. Until then, they do small work, training, of course, or standing watch on the wall. Tending the flames in the braziers that are used for warmth, polishing swords, working the kitchens, and many other things. After they are finished with their training is when they become a force to be reckoned with. After their training, they go beyond the wall, scouting, making maps, and hunting. Sometimes, they go on hunts for parties of wildlings whom are planning to go over the wall and raid, and most times, they do not come back. Scarcely is a ranger who survives one who is not greatly skilled. 12

Fighter April Fools Classes[edit]

Fighter classes with a more comedic twist.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Bud Light Knight, Variant A warrior in service to a kingdom that uses the power of Bud Light to attack their enemies and help their allies. 10
Furry Clad in cursed fursuits, these savage warriors are animals in their minds and abilities. 10

Incomplete Fighter Classes[edit]

Fighter classes with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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