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Bard classes tend to have themes focused on music or performance usually with spellcasting.

Bard Classes[edit]

Classes based on the bard archetype.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Bard, 3rd Variant Another extensive rework of the classic Bard class of 5th Edition. full 8
Bard, Variant An extensive rework of the classic Bard class of 5th Edition. three-quarters 8
Melodist When music meets magic. Musical support class. Overhaul/Rework of Minstrel class. half 8
Minstral A swift artisan that combines cunning speed and empowering magic to strengthen those around them. half 8
Snake Charmer Use soothing music to make snakes bend at your will. Summon increasingly powerful snakes to aid you in battle. full 6

Bard Mashup Classes[edit]

Mashup classes with multiple themes, one of which is the bard archetype.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Agitator A spellcaster whose main goal is to rile up those around them. full 8
Bocere 6
Dirge/Priest of Nihilism An unlikely melding of the antithesis of Cleric and Bard. full 6
Dirge/Priest Of Nihilism, Variant An unlikely melding of the antithesis of Cleric and Bard. full 6
Elder Sage An unparalleled loremaster whose mere presence marks impending events of grave magnitude. half 4
Gri-Gri Mystic (Wokan) A primitive casting class, able to learn casting spells through sacrifice, spellbooks or scrolls, or by being taught. full 10
Hermetic Mage Hermetic Mages dont cast many powerful spells, but their versatility more than makes up for it. 6
Luchador Honor, Family, Tradition. That is the Way of the Luchador: the masked wrestlers of Hispanic origin. 12
Manipulator A bard-like spell caster focused more on manipulation rather than music full 8
Mime The mime is able to mimic other creatures and objects. 8
Mime, 3rd Variant 8
Mime, Variant A skilled manipulator who specializes in copying others' abilities, spells, appearance, and voice among other things. 8
Puppeteer, 3rd Variant You can make a Puppeteer quickly by following these suggestions. First, Charisma should be your highest ability score, followed by Dexterity. Most people see puppeteers as menacing, or even villainous, due to the close association with death. Not all of them are evil, but the forces they manipulate are considered taboo by many societies. half 6
Vain An entertaining soul, one who exists as a unique competitor whose swagger will guide them further. 10
Viking Fighters with a propensity for songs and going berserk. 12

Bard Classes Based on Existing Fiction[edit]

Bard classes which are based on characters or archetypes from other works of fiction.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die
Empty Being 8
Keyblade Guardian half 10
Keyblade Mystic full 6
Mobian Genius 8

Bard April Fools Classes[edit]

Bard classes with a more comedic twist.
Name Summary Spellcasting Hit Die

Incomplete Bard Classes[edit]

Bard classes with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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