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Paragon, the Living Embodiment of Lawful Good[edit]


Paragons are lawful good offspring of celestial beings from Mount Celestia. Their approach varies greatly but all share a passion for righteous justice and championing the cause of good.

Fiend Foes[edit]

From birth Paragons consider all fiends and evil their sworn enemies. It is in their very nature to seek out and destroy these evil beings. Paragon armies battle fiend battalions in tight, disciplined ranks. Mortals who summon an Paragon should make sure they have not summoned any fiends for aid in the past. Paragons consider any who treat with such evil to be part of the problem.

Righteous Motivators[edit]

Most Paragons do not directly involve themselves in mortal affairs. Instead they prefer the more indirect approach of encouraging mortals to make choices in favor of good and to cast off the temptations of evil. Paragons only use their might when they are forced to do so against mortal foes.

Opposition of Tyranny[edit]

Paragons abhor those with power who oppress others. Though they rarely meddle in the affairs of mortals, Paragons can be convinced to aid the cause of replacing a corrupt leader with a just one. Paragons will not support a cause of violent rebellion as it puts innocent lives at risk. A careful, calculated overthrow of a tyrant without rioting is the only sort they support.

Paragon Paths[edit]

Radiant Paragon[edit]

Radiant Paragons wield brilliant, heavenly light in pursuit of their cause. Their light is a comfort to creatures with good souls and uncomfortably harsh for creatures with evil souls. A lantern Paragon’s purpose is to explore and bring light to the darkness.

Curious and Fast[edit]

Lantern Paragons are quick and nimble. They use their speed to be the first into a room or to round a corner to see what lies ahead. They ask many polite questions of their companions, often trying to understand the motivations behind their actions (especially if that creature is a mortal). This is all done in kindness. Lantern Paragons want to better understand new people, especially those who might be worthy of their help.

First among Paragons[edit]

Lantern Paragons are the most numerous of their ilk.

Paragon Knights[edit]

Paragon Knights follow the martial path to defend and forward the cause of Order. They are disciplined soldiers in battle skilled with their swords as well as they are with their weapons.

Merciful Warriors[edit]

With the exception of fiends Paragon Knights dislike killing and prefer to incapacitate or disarm foes whenever possible. Only the greatest and most merciful knights become Paragons. The Paragon Knights lead the armies of Order.

Secret Sentinels[edit]

Paragons often guard sacred areas. They can maintain this for years while guarding holy ground.

Trumpet Paragon[edit]

The most powerful of their ilk. Trumpet Paragons serve as the elite warriors, enforcers of Divine Law, and The Mortal Instruments for celestials.

Messengers to Mortals[edit]

When a good-aligned divine being has a message to send to mortals, trumpet Paragons are the ones delivering the message. Their visits do not stop at the Material Plane. Trumpet Paragons are sent all over the multiverse, even as far as the Nine Hells or the Abyss to deliver declarations of war.

Trumpet Wielders[edit]

All trumpet Paragons carry the instrument of their namesake which is created when an Paragon becomes a Trumpet Paragon. This magic instrument works only in the hands of the Trumpet Paragon for whom it was created. These instruments are often decorated with the standard of the Trumpet Paragon’s patron deity.


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