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Classes which are variants or mashups of the artificer core class.

Artificer Variant Classes[edit]

Classes which are variants of the Artificer class.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Arcane Mechanik As an arcane mechanik, you gain the following class features.
Arcane Puppeteer Arcane puppeteers are gifted sorcerers who channel their energy through another being. half
Arrowsmith The Arrowsmith uses custom arrows to create chaotic and useful effects on the battlefield from afar.
Artificer, Variant
The artificer's are the master of powers underlying magical constructions; spells and the creation of magical goods.
Engineer Utilize technological devices to your advantage!
Grenadier An Expert in Explosives, a Grenadier is all about chucking explosives and hitting multiple enemies with AoE dmage
Machinamancer Machinamancer class features
Machinist half
Marionetista A peerless puppeteering master and manufacturer
Mystic Puppeteer A mystic who has crafted and enchanted small puppets, using them for anything and everything from the mundane to fighting in their stead.
True Artificer half

Artificer Mashup Classes[edit]

Classes which are mashups partly inspired by the Artificer class.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Battlesmith A weapons smith that forges their own powerful equipment to augment their combat abilities
Engineer, Variant Utilize technological devices to your advantage!
Golem Pilot half
Gunslinger, 4th Variant Another gunslinger class based on single shot weapons more fitting of a medieval setting.
Gunslinger, Variant "I'm your huckleberry"
Handcannoneer When a gunslinger just doesn't satisfy your destructive needs and you think you need more damage.
Mechromancer, Variant An individual who through some experiment was partially converted to machine and as a result, seeks to fully complete the conversion
Puppeteer, 3rd Variant You can make a Puppeteer quickly by following these suggestions. First, Charisma should be your highest ability score, followed by Dexterity. Most people see puppeteers as menacing, or even villainous, due to the close association with death. Not all of them are evil, but the forces they manipulate are considered taboo by many societies. half
Soul Crafter p third

Incomplete Artificer Classes[edit]

Incomplete Classes which are variants of the Artificer class or which are mashups inspired by the Artificer class.
Name Summary Spellcasting
Alchemist of Transmutation Alchemists are individuals capable of studying and practicing alchemy. As the craft of alchemy requires a full understanding of chemistry, physics and ancient alchemical theory, alchemists are closer to scientists than magicians, but the ability to perform alchemy is also tied to an inherent talent for manipulating matter and energy, so not all people can become competent alchemists merely by studying.
Arcane Puppet Master half
Arcane Tinkerer Arcane Tinkerers focus arcane energies within a construct to unleash havoc upon their enemies. half
Artificer, 2nd Variant In Eberron, magic is almost technology; and Artificers are the world's master inventors.
Artificer, 3rd Variant A revised unearthed arcana artificer with mechanist subclass half
Artificer, 4th Variant An update of the UA Artificer. half
Artificer, 5th Variant An amalgamation of several different Artificer classes. half
Artificer, 7th Variant As an artificer, you gain the following class features.
Artificer, 8th Variant A class for the voyager homebrew campaign
Artificer, Gunslinger Variant A version of the Artificer class focused on the Thunder Cannon and magical items.
Battle Mage As a battle mage, you gain the following class features. full
Child of the Darkness you gain the following features.
Elemental Master At level one, choose a subclass. This will determine which element you are connected to.
Gunslinger, 2nd Variant A gunslinger designed to be balanced when played alongside conventional classes without feeling overpowered
Health Mage
Information Mage full
Mechmaster A warrior who uses the sheer force of a mech to assist the needs of themselves and others in a fight.
Monochromancer Harness the forces of light and darkness to shift the battle in your favor. full
Monster Hunter
Servomancer Create Servos that help in battle and exploring
Sheikah Attack with a flurry of blows to deal maximum damage.
Slugslinger half
Snake Charmer Use soothing music to make snakes bend at your will. Summon snakes from pocket dimensions to aid you in battle. full
Spirit Smith Using the spirit of your enemies as material components for spells and items, improving both defense and offense, and much more!
The CardSlinger
The Ironclad
The Silent (Slay the Spire Class) A deadly group of hunters and huntresses from the foglands.
Tinker A well-versed mechanic that pilots a mech suit that can block onslaughts of attacks and can protect the vulnerable.
Vampire, Seraph 2nd Variant Vampiric things

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