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Greater Deities

Name Alignment Domains
Aba Lawful Good Life, Light, Protection
Aberro Chaotic Neutral Life, Trickery
Aeris Mekhaus Chaotic Neutral Technology, Advancement
Aethon Sol Lawful Good Light, War
Agethle Chaotic Neutral Death
Ahmis True Neutral The Void, Reason, Wisdom
Akatosh Neutral Dragon, Light, Time
Amaterasu Lawful Good Light, Life,
Ancient Devourer chaotic neutral Death, Tempest, War
Arantar Lawful Good Peace
Ararora Neutral Good Nature, Tempest, and Light
Arceus Neutral Good Life, Nature
Argentahl True Neutral Knowledge, Life
Auranas Neutral Life, Tempest
Avenia Chaotic Good The Earth, Life, Health
Avia Lawful good Air, Love
Axaris Lawful Good Life, Light
Azathoth Chaotic Evil Death, Tempest
Azzdan Neutral Good Knowledge, Light, Tempest
Baestril Lawful Good Knowledge
Balasar Chaotic Good Knowledge, Tempest
Barensu True Neutral An'evor, Creation, Destruction, Balance, Harmony, Destiny
Betty Neutral Evil Death, War
Boler Neutral Good Darkness/Twilight, SinEater/Grave
Boxel Chaotic Neutral War
Calabera Lawful Evil Knowledge, War
Casimir Lovataar Neutral Good Knowledge, Self-Perfection
Castor Neutral Life
Celeste Neutral Good Life, Light
Corad Lawful Evil Knowledge, Chaos
Dalsethel Good Death, Light
Dan D. Unaligned All
Darakan'ta (Grisaire Supplement) Chaotic Good Nature, Life
Darstar Lawful Good Light
Death Chaotic Neutral Death
Delirium Chaotic Good Knowledge
Desire Chaotic Evil Knowledge, Trickery
Desmaduke Neutral Good Life, Light, Nature
Despair Chaotic Evil Trickery
Destiny True Neutral Knowledge, Life
Destruction Lawful Good War
Deus Lawful Good Arcana, Forge, Life, Light, Tempest, War
Devin Duval Lawful Good Knowledge, Trickery
Diabolus Lawful Evil Arcana, Death, Forge, Trickery, War
Disleische Chaotic Neutral Creation, Slime, Spiders, and Trickery
Dolor Neutral Evil War, Death
Dream Lawful Neutral Knowledge, Trickery
Dukagsh Lawful Evil Knowledge, War
Duna Neutral Good Earth, Hope.
Duurk lawful evil tempest death
Dyce Chaotic Neutral Chance, Life, Death, Balance
Egan-Shiloga'Troh (Grisaire Supplement) Neutral Evil Life
Enera Lawful Neutral The Afterlife, Death, Honor, Oaths
Eon True Neutral Balance
Eternal Creation Lawful Neutral Creation, Light, Order
Eternal Destruction Chaotic Neutral Destruction, Darkness, Chaos
Eternal Space Chaotic Neutral Space, Knowledge, Luck
Etheria Lawful Good Life, Light
The Force Neutral Knowledge, Life, Light, Nature, War
Forgotten One Chaotic Good Wrath, Vengeance
Gary the Great Chaotic Good Fate, Freedom, Packers, Lust
Giant Flying Spaghetti Monster Chaotic Good Knowledge
Glace Chaotic Good Ice, Friendship
Gojira chaotic neutral Nature, Tempest
Grand Dil Oliel neutral evil Death, Balance, Arcana
Great Red Chaotic Neutral Dreams and Illusions
Hailix Neutral Good Chaos, Time
Hamity Neutral Good Life, Light
Harriot Ainsley Neutral Knowledge, Death, Cooking
Horus Lawful Good Light, War
Igu (Grisaire Supplement) Chaotic Neutral War, Grave
Indra lawful evil Tempest, War
Iris True Neutral Knowledge, Light
Itmes True Neutral History, Memory, Dreams
Ixris Chaotic Neutral Nature, Spring
Jeff the Cockroach Chaotic Neutral Trickery, insanity, knowledge, power, magic, Creation
Jerry Orwood Good Knowledge, Life
K'os Chaotic Evil Death, Evil, Chaos
Kalatl Chaotic Good Arcana, Knowledge, Trickery
Kaliber Lawful Good Law, Life
Kara Lawful Neutral Knowledge
Ke Kī Neutral good Lightning, Storms, Knowledge
Kezien Chaotic Neutral War, Summer
Khorne Chaotic Evil War
Kilthertis Neutral Evil Trickery
Kindred Neutral Death
King Riku Normandy ? War, Trickery and Death.
Knaris Chaotic Neutral Trickery
Kodkod Chaotic Good Life,Nature
Kom chaotic neutral storms, war, battle, rage
Kuluth Lawful Good Death, Life
Limera Neutral Evil War
Linxoran Chaotic Evil Death, Trickery
Ljlarry Chaotic Good Trickery, Knowledge
Lords of the Ten Towers unaligned* Knowledge, Trickery
Luna Chaotic Neutral Death, Tempest
M'iaq (Grisaire Supplement) Chaotic Evil Trickery, Tempest
Machina Lawful Neutral Forge, Grave, Life, Death, Knowledge
Manus (Grisaire Supplement) Lawful Neutral forge, strength
Marligya Chaotic Evil Trickery
Mercedes Neutral Light, Trickery
Mirad NE Death, Disease, Trickery
Monolyth unaligned* Knowledge, Life
Mordicai Chaotic Evil No clerics
Morian Chaotic Good Life, Nature
Mortem Chaotic Evil Death
Mother Nature Neutral good Nature
Musubi Neutral Good Life
Myrkul Lawful Neutral Death
Narli Neutral Evil The Sea, Deception
Neero Seess Chaotic Good Knowledge, War
Nemesis Chaotic Evil Death, Trickery, War
Netrous lawful, neutral Life
Noctem True Neutral Death
Noctra Lawful Good Darkness, Night, Moon
Nurgle Chaotic Neutral Death, Disease, Entropy
Oakider Lawful Neutral Nature
Ongana (Grisaire Supplement) True neutral Twilight/Darkness, Light
Ophis Chaotic Neutral Infinite, Chaos and Nothing
Orshidii (Grisaire Supplement) Neutral Good Forge, Knowledge
Owa Neutral Arcana, Knowledge
Palutena Lawful Good Knowledge, Light
PC God Neutral Equality, Neutrality
Pheyus Detar Neutral Evil Creation & Rage
Phil Swift Neutral Good Knowledge and Death
Plegothos (Grisaire Supplement) True neutral Peace, Order
Pollux Neutral Death
Prime Melius Neutral Good Knowledge, Life
Primus Lawful Neutral Existence, Things of the Past, Things of the Present, Things of the Future
Pyr'in Chaotic Good Fire, Courage
Regonos Lawful Good War
Resoolt (Grisaire Supplement) Lawful Neutral grave, order
Rune unaligned* Light, War
Sanctuary unaligned* Death, Life
Satasha Chaotic Evil Death
Scalan Chaotic Neutral Fire, Life, Light
Scarovon Chaotic Neutral Arachnids, Scorpio Called, Astra, Cosmology
Shadow Lawful Evil Death, War
Shalmao Lawful Good Nature, Knowledge
Shiva Lawful Evil Death Light
Sigismund Lawful Good Light, War
Silvanus Neutral Nature
Skipper True Neutral Tempest, Trickery
Sol Chaotic Good Life, Light
Sol en victus unaligned* death, war, soldiers, victory
Solé Lawful Good Light
Spolus chaotic,good earth
Survelem (Grisaire Supplement) Lawful evil Light, death
Tarekaya (Grisaire Supplement) Neutral good Tempest, Unity
Tempa Lawful Good Time
Terminus Lawful anything Order, Borders
Tetsutetsu Neutral Forge, Machines, Miracles.
The Dungeon Master True Neutral Life, Death, Destiny, Knowledge
The Final Pam Chaotic Pam Death, War
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Chaotic Good Knowledge
The Giant Cosmic Creator Spoon at the Edge of the Universe True Neutral Life, Death, Knowledge, Baking
The Great Eye Chaotic Neutral Death, Knowledge
The Lost God True Neutral The Lost, Forgotten and Abandoned
The Mana Lawful Good Life, Death, Virtue
The Outsider
The Rainbow Serpent Lawful Good Life, Nature
The Shadow which Lurks at the Edge of the Light Unaligned Death
The Stars Any Good alignment Tempest, Nature
The Sun Lawful Good Light, Life
The Un-Maker Chaotic Evil Death
Theodore Lawful Good Purity, Protection
Thánatos Chaotic Evil Chaos
Titan, God of Chaos Chaotic Good Nature, Trickery
Titarr Lawful Neutral The Sky, Sun, and Moon
Tomai Lawful Good Nature, Life
Tribore (Grisaire Supplement) True Neutral arcana, knowledge
Tzeentch Chaotic Evil Change, Magic, Deception
Unified Power Lawful Neutral Knowledge, Life
Vahohllesh Lawful Good War, Life, Knowledge, Light
Vavana Chaotic Neutral Love and War
Vera True Neutral Night, Trickery, Chaos
Viggo Chaotic Good Death War
Vita Lawful Neutral Law
Voltron Chaotic Good War, Knowledge
Vontra True Neutral Death, Knowledge, Life
Willehuam Chaotic Good Honor, Justice
Xol, Consumer of Thousands Chaotic Evil Death, Trickery
Xor'akan unaligned Death, Trickery
Yurot lawful, evil War
Zarakal Chaotic Evil Death, Vengeance
Zein Neutral Good Knowledge, Light, Nature Peace

Lesser Deities

Name Alignment Domains
Aajill Neutral Evil Nature
Aalar Neutral Evil Light, Twilight, Nature
Abaddon True Chaotic Chaos, Unpredictability, Creation
Ainz Ooal Gown Chaotic Neutral Death, War
Akarushi Lawful Neutral Light
Algamet Lawful Good Time, Knowledge
Altren N Knowledge, Force
Altzmyr Neutral Good Knowledge, Life, Undeath
Anauel Lawful Good Conviction, Tenacity
Angra Mainyu Chaotic Evil Trickery, Destruction, Darkness
Aniath Neutral Trickery
Ansenia True Neutral Sanity
Arachne Chaotic evil Chaos and Trickery
Arffur The Greatest Farmer Knight Chaotic Good Life, Nature
Arista Chaotic Good Life
Az-eal Chaotic Neutral Death, War
Azerand Lawful Good Knowledge, Nature
Aëgrar Chaotic Good Knowledge, Life
Bryxsis True Neutral Nature, Balance
Candeta Neutral Good Light, Life
Carnivorous Lawful Evil Hunger, Justice, and Wendigos
Cernunnos Chaotic Evil Arcana, Death, Nature, Trickery
Cravenos Chaotic Evil Avarice, Trickery
Daima True Neutral Tempest, Knowledge
Darvid Chaotic Neutral Trickery
Dialga Chaotic Neutral Life, Death
Dolozul Neutral Evil Trickery
Durm Chaotic Good Knowledge
Ed True Neutral Strength, War, Idiocy, Buttered Toast, and Agriculture
Eldritch Wiki True Neutral Knowledge
Eliar Chaotic Neutral Trickery
Eris Chaotic Neutral Trickery
Ethraee Lawful Neutral Sun, Moon
Ferra Lawful Good Knowledge
Findinisus Lawful Good War
Giratina Chaotic Neutral Death, Trickery
Grom-Grolar Neutral Evil Knowledge, War
Gurdijeff Lawful Good Earth
Ha'a'a Chaotic Good Death, Life, Trickery
Harlok neutral evil Forge, Strength, War
Havlok Neutral Good Nature, War
Ho-Oh Neutral Good Life, Light
Hogar lawful evil war
Hükatak Lawful Neutral Grave, Temptest
Irrai, Variant Chaotic Good Arcana, Trickery, Light
Jashin Chaotic Evil. Death, War
K Neutral Knowledge
Kaltor Lawful Neutral Tempest
Kerra Chaotic Evil Trickery
Kineua - The Faceless Queen Chaotic Evil Life, Trickery
Kor Nasson Chaotic Neutral Trickery, Knowledge
Lagga lawful neutral grave protection
Lake Guardians Knowledge, Life
Laneth Lawful Evil Cold, Undeath
Laudigan LG War
Laurrott of the Bleeding Skies Chaotic Evil Tempest
Levert Lawful Good War
Libra NG One or two from this list: Life, Love, Light
Lilith Chaotic Nuetral Wild
Lily Neutral Good Nature
Lollad Neutral Good Tempest
Lonacti Chaotic Neutral Tempest, War
Ludus Chaotic neutral Lust
Lugia Neutral Good Tempest, Nature
Magga Lawful neutral life light
Makanda True Neutral Knowledge
Malolo Neutral Evil Death
Mannad Neutral Good Nature, War
Midel Neutral Good Life, Light
Mornadest Neutral Evil Trickery
Muama Lawful Evil Death, Trickery
Nameless the Double Fae Gnome None Existence
Nightingale Chaotic Good Death, Grief
Niuf Lawful Evil Control, Stasis, Strength
Nukell Chaotic Evil War
Osses Neutral Good Swamps
Otygot Neutral Good Life, Nature
Outrider Neutral Travel, Information
Ova Chaotic Good Trickery
Palkia Chaotic Neutral Tempest, Life
Paul Mustache Chaotic Neutral Death, Trickery
Promethus Chaotic Good Life
Qepltep Chaotic Good Trickery
Ratatoskr Neutral Good Life
Remulo Neutral Good Life, Knowledge
Rose lawful neutral Life
Rukagsh Lawful Neutral Knowledge, Arcana
Secretist Lawful Neutral Knowledge
Shay Phobos Good Life, Light
Sheggen lawful neutral forge knowlege
Sirius Chaotic Good Tempest, War
Ska-Marag Lawful Evil Nature, War
Skelemora chaotic good Death, (Knowledge)
Snofach True Neutral Light
Soliel Lawful Evil Trade, Forge, Trickery
Tangarita Lawful Neutral Nature, War
Teal Downcast Lawful Good Life, Nature, War
Terrazitch Neutral Evil Trickery, Death
The Ashen Tree Neutral Death, Knowledge
The Chain Chaotic Neutral Death, War
The Enemy chaotic evil Arcana, Death, Knowledge, Trickery
The Forest Lord Neutral Good Life, Nature
The Great Crabbo True Neutral Life, Nature
The Kube True Neutral War, Knowledge
The Monster Neutral Evil Death, Trickery, Darkness, Cold, Evil
The Observer CN Death, Knowledge
The Rainbow Serpent Lawful Good Life, Nature
The Violet Emperor Neutral Evil Knowledge
Thedon Chaotic Good The forge, fire, creativity
Tlollat Neutral Evil Death
Torog Neutral Evil War,Death
Tortellini Shepard Neutral Good Life, Light
Tougal Neutral Good War
Treeba neutral life nature
Unferth CN Trickery, War
Ushta Neutral Fertility, Birth, and Growth
Valrum True Neutral Tempest, Storm, Lightning
Varrenon Chaotic Good Death, Life, Nature
Vashtorr Chaotic Evil Invention, Technology, Progress
Veranox Chaotic Neutral knowledge, war
Vidfur Chaotic Good Trickery, light
Yarx Lawful Evil War
Yuki Chaotic good Luck and Karma
Zentaur N clouds, air


Name Alignment Domains
"Bob" Chaotic Neutral Knowledge, Trickery
Ailawin Spirit of Spring Chaotic Good Light, Nature, Life
Anansi Lawful Evil Knowledge, Trickery
Artemis Chaotic Neutral Nature and Death
Celebi Chaotic Good Nature, Life
Dragons of Legend Lawful Neutral Death, Life
Farmer Oggan Neutral Good Peace, Nature, Order
Garanox Lawful Good War
Gob and Lob Chaotic Neutral Trickery, Nature
Grandma Myrna Lawful Good Knowledge, Peace
King Jollity Lawful Good Order, Light, Peace
Legendary Beasts Chaotic neutral Nature, Tempest
Legendary Birds Chaotic neutral Nature, Tempest
Mew Chaotic neutral Knowledge, Trickery
Mewtwo Chaotic Neutral Trickery, War
Odo the Fool Chaotic Neutral Trickery
Orn Chaotic Good Knowledge
Pij the God of Canoes Neutral Tempest
Roberd Goodhand Chaotic Good Protection, War
Sudar Mas Chaotic Evil Tempest
Tamowa Chaotic-neutral Transformation, trickery
The Fiddler in the Red Fog Chaotic Evil Trickery
The twins Good Death, Nature
Ulian Chaotic Good Trickery, Grave
Za'az Fa'lyk Neutral Evil Nature and Death


Name Alignment Domains
Grund the Worldshaper Lawful good Nature, Stone
Hecate Chaotic Neutral Death, Trickery
Ivo Lawful (Any) Life, Tempest
King Ghidorah Lawful Evil Conquest, Destruction, Balance
Soulgar Lawful Evil Death, Life
The Nameless Flame Neutal Evil Fire
The World Serpent True Neutral Nature, Knowledge
Vulodin Chaotic Good Light, Nature


Name Alignment Domains
Aakronus Chaotic Evil Knowledge, War
Adoeak Serpenthelm True Neutral Trickery
Alea Chaotic good Trickery
Algoron Lawful Neutral Time
Azrael Lawful Neutral Knowledge, Souls
Brielle Neutral Good Creation
Devondale Duval Neutral Life, Nature
Eihwaz Chaotic Evil death, knowledge
Flurb Chaotic Evil Speech
Kinte Chaotic Evil War, Trickery
Kurma True Neutral Knowledge, Creation, Destruction, and The Void
Mikhail Lawful Neutral Destruction
Regigigas Chaotic Neutral Nature, Tempest
Sanguar, the Blood Star Chaotic Evil War, Blood
Void Neutral Grave and Death


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Pantheons with one or many improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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