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Greater Deities

Name Alignment Domains
Akatosh Neutral Dragon, Light, Time
Argentahl True Neutral Knowledge, Life
Azzdan Neutral good Knowledge,Light,Tempest,
Celeste Neutral Good Life, Light
Dalsethel good death and light.
Desmaduke Neutral Good Life, Light and Nature
Devin Duval Lawful good Knowledge, Trickery
Dukagsh Lawful Evil Knowledge, War
Eternal Creation Lawful Neutral Creation, Light, Order
Eternal Destruction Chaotic Neutral Destruction, Darkness, Chaos
Eternal Space Chaotic Neutral Space, Knowledge, Luck
Eternal Time Lawful Neutral Time, Deceit, Charm
Harriot Ainsley Neutral Knowledge, Death, cooking
Hunger Chaotic Evil Death, hunger, gluttony
Iris True Neutral Knowledge,Light
Janus Neutral Good light Knowledge
Kaliber Lawful good Law, Life
Kilthertis Neutral Evil Trickery
Lords of the Ten Towers unaligned* Knowledge, Trickery
Monolyth unaligned* Knowledge, Life
Noctem True Neutral Death
Rune unaligned* Light, War
Sanctuary unaligned* Death, Life
Shalmao Lawful Good Nature, Knowledge
Sigismund LG Light,war
Skipper True Neutral Tempest, Trickery
The Dungeon Master True Neutral Life, Death, Destiny, Knowledge
The Flying Spaghetti Monster Chaotic Good Knowledge
The Outsider
The Sun Lawful Good Light, Life
Tomai Lawful Good Nature, Life
Vahohllesh Lawful Good War, Life, Knowledge, Light

Lesser Deities

Name Alignment Domains
Aajill neutral evil Nature
Aniath neutral Trickery
Arffur The Greatest Farmer Knight Chaotic Good Life, Nature
Az-eal Chaotic Neutral Death, War
Azerand Lawful Good Knowledge, Nature
Havlok Neutral Good Nature, War
James Veitch CG Knowledge, Trickery
Kaltor Lawful Neutral Tempest
Kinte Chaotic Evil War
Laurrott of the Bleeding Skies chaotic evil Tempest
Levert Lawful Good War
Mannad Neutral Good Nature, War
Muama Lawful Evil Death, Trickery
Nameless the Double Fae Gnome None Existence
Ova Chaotic Good Trickery
Secretist Lawful Neutral Knowledge
Shay Phobos good Life and Light
Sirius Chaotic Good Tempest, War
Terrazitch Neutral Evil Trickery, Death
Thanasia Neutral Death
The Ashen Tree neutral Death, Knowledge
The Chain CN Death, War
The Violet Emperor neutral evil Knowledge
Tlollat neutral evil Death
Tortellini Shepard Neutral Good Life, Light


Name Alignment Domains
"Bob" Chaotic Neutral Knowledge, Trickery
Garanox Lawful Good War
Ira, Prince of Wrath Chaotic Evil Dark, Wrath
Pij the God of Canoes Neutral Tempest
Sudar Mas chaotic evil Tempest
The Fiddler in the Red Fog chaotic evil Trickery
The twins good death, nature.


Name Alignment Domains
Vulodin Chaotic Good Light, Nature


Name Alignment Domains
Adoeak Serpenthelm True Neutral Trickery
Devondale Duval Neutral Life, Nature


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These deities have one or more improving, reviewing, or removing templates present. Please help work on the problem presented on the template.

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