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Lagga Goddess of death[edit]

Lagga's holy symbol is a black rose

Alignment. lawful neutral
Domains. grave protection
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

Lagga is the daughter of Dukagsh and Magga. in life Lagga was a member of the home guard. she was killed while protecting a small outpost from a band of vampires. Magga saw this heroic defense and asked Dukagsh to reward her bravery. he did and assigned her the duty of protecting the living and dead form undeath. She lives in the floating city where she is in charge of the home guard there.

Priests of Lagga wear a light brown studded leather instead of the standard black leather. They watch over the battle fields and ensure the all who fall in battle do not rise again. they carry short swords and serve as battle field medics.

When Lagga appears her avatar wears brown studded leather wielding 2 short swords of disruption. She is known to reward members of the homeguard who show true bravery with the ability to lay on hands as a paladin 1/day

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