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There are many material plane worlds (and their solar systems) encased in immense Crystal Spheres. Spheres float in an endless, turbulent, volatile gas called phlogiston. Intrepid adventurers can traverse this inter-Sphere ocean in a vessel equipped with a spelljammer helm, and navigating the rivers and whorls of phlogiston known as the Flow.

Each Sphere has their own pantheon. Deities have limited power in the Flow and in Spheres in which they do not have a following.

Design Notes

This is a conversion of the AD&D Spelljammer setting published by TSR. It is a set of conversions and rules to help you play this in 5th edition. The original books should still be considered source books.

I have taken a few liberties with some aspects of the original game. This is sometimes to make the game flow better (e.g. for PC helmsmen), and sometimes because I wanted more detail (e.g. ship design). If you are looking for a more traditional approach, see the alternative campaign at 5E Spelljammer (5e Campaign Setting).

Campaign Setting Information[edit]

Players Guide

Alien races inhabiting the Spelljammer universe included humans, dwarves, xenophobic beholders, rapacious neogi, militant giff (humanoid hippopotami), centaurlike dracons, hubristic elf armadas, spacefaring orcs called "scro", mysterious arcane, the Thri-kreen insectoids, bumbling tinker gnomes, mercantile illithids and simian Hadozee.
Various gear, goods, equipment and magical items available to characters.
List of official and home brewed ships
Supplemental information on spells and enchantments, as well as the nature, uses and practices of magic.

Worlds of Spelljammer

A crystal sphere (also known as a crystal shell) is a gigantic spherical shell which contains an entire planetary system.
Wildspace is similar to the outer space of science fiction, with planets, asteroids and stars, but with different physics.
The phlogiston (also known as "the Flow") is a bright, extremely combustible gas-like medium that exists between the Crystal Spheres.
The Spelljammer is a legendary ship which looks like a gigantic manta ray, and houses an entire city on its back.

Dungeon Master's Guide

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