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By Lo0bo0

Alignment. Chaotic Good
Domains. Nature, Life
Divine Rank. Demigod

Possibly one of the weakest pokemon that have a mythical reputation, Celebi is a being that borders on normal and amazing with uncontrollable powers over time.


Celebi is a green fairy-like creature. It has round feet with no toes, three-fingered hands, and clear wings on its back. It has a round head that comes to a curved point. This bulbous head is reminiscent of an onion, which is why people sometimes call it an onion sprite, or 'the onion of time.' It has large baby-blue eyes with thick black rings around them, and a pair of green antennae with blue tips.

Interactions and Legends[edit]

This tiny pokemon is a being that exists throughout time and is able to travel through it. People have recounted how it can teleport to different instances along a single time line, and can glimpse at futures and pasts between the gaps of time. It also has a strong connection to plant life, and loves to frequent forests, where it helps garden and keep plants healthy. As such, it also has extensive knowledge on the properties of healing herbs and berries, which it can use to save the life of another being from terminal illness. It is known only to show itself in times of peace, not being a very apt fighter. Its powers also react mainly to necessity, making its time traveling very risky to use.

However, there is a time when Celebi was evil, and its immense psychic powers devastated the forest it dwelt in. Because Celebi violated its duty as the Voice of the Forest in doing so, the forest reacted by draining away its life force and killing it. When it dies, however, Celebi is merely replaced by another copy. It is said countless Celebi exist, numbering as many as the different lines of time itself. But they all share the same temperament, personality, and memories.

It is said that Celebi is a sign of peace and prosperity to come. As long as it is seen in the world, there will be happiness. It travels about the world in search of temporal anomalies, which it amends by sending the paradoxes back to their own original time. It also has the ability to purify those who have been overtaken by shadows.


Celebi was originally a single being created by Dialga, the lord dragon of time. Because Celebi was a very fragile being, Dialga allowed it to split into multiple selves to occupy all time lines, and endlessly replace one another to ensure immortality. It is meant to be Dialga's janitor as it goes and takes care of anomalies the greater god itself cannot be bothered to accomplish. Because of its association with plant life, and its ability to revive dead flora, Celebi is popular among druids as well as life domain clerics. However, Celebi does not lend much power, being only a demigod. Its clerics are very close to druids, and can only use minor time reversal to heal wounds at most.


The Time Flute is an artifact of which there exists only three. This object can be used to summon Celebi from the Relic Forest, where it often resides across time lines. Upon use, the flute crumbles away and Celebi is summoned. It can be used by anyone, and so evil hands often try to find it to lure Celebi to them.

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