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The world of pokemon is vast and full of unexplored waters. The godly ones who shaped the world are known as the legendary pokemon. Alongside them are the mythical pokemon who share their powers in more limited aspects and reign over others nonetheless.


At the beginning, there was nothing but the egg of the Original One. When the Original One came to be, life, nature, and creation burst forth. From the Original One's design, there came his three sons. One of time, one of space, and one of reflecting repugnance. He made it so his sons could govern and create their own servants and deputies to serve as the worlds were being made. The Original One, Arceus, made life populate the many creations he blessed and saw to it they were fruitful. Palkia gave them a space which they could exist in, not to be crushed in the void of emptiness. Dialga gave them time and so they were allowed to age and change. Giratina, however, watched with jealousy at the wonders his brothers could do whilst he ruled the gloomy and lonely Reverse World. From the creations of Arceus and his sons, there came forth the numerous other gods of the other regions. As these gods grew in number, the originals came to fade from memory a little, usually best retained in the Sinnoh and Ransei region.

Arceus (5e Deity) - The Original One; Creator

Dialga (5e Deity) - Lord of Time

Palkia (5e Deity) - Master of Space

Giratina (5e Deity) - Lurker of the Reverse World and controller of antimatter

Lake Guardians (5e Deity) - Bringers of emotion, knowledge and willpower

Regigigas (5e Deity) - Master of Titans

Kanto and Johto[edit]

The humble region of Kanto does not fully acknowledge Arceus as the great creator. To them, Mew is the ancestor of all pokemon. They desired Mew's power so that they created Mewtwo as a mirror to it. They also have their trinity of the birds of disaster, who are said to cause great strife upon meeting. The guardian, Lugia, from Johto, is said to be the one to quell their squabble to prevent the destruction of the continents. Ho-Oh, a bringer of light and life, is said to have been blessed by Arceus with the power to give life back. Thus, the three legendary beasts were revived with new purpose. Dialga is said to have first created Celebi in the Johto.

Legendary Birds (5e Deity) - Where the three converge shall be death and destruction

Lugia (5e Deity) - Guardian of the Seas

Legendary Beasts (5e Deity) - Where three perished, new life was given with purpose

Ho-Oh (5e Deity) - Guardian of the Skies

Mew (5e Deity) - Supposed ancestor to all

Mewtwo (5e Deity) - Clone of the ancestor

Celebi (5e Deity) - Time traveler


Unova is a region adorned by fashionistas, modernity, glittering cities, and bustling industry. They worship the power of dragons and swords. To them, Arceus and the trio of creation are second to their draconic trinity, which derives more of its roots alongside the legendary pokemon of the lakes, who taught humans thought. Unovans believe Reshiram and Zekrom to have been dragons made gods by human ambition and reason, making them pillars of truth and ideals, respectively. They fought alongside two human heroes who fought for ideals and truth. Kyurem, the third dragon, is the physicality which is brought to life when conjoined with either of them. Kyurem is also the anointer of the holders of the Sacred Sword. Those who use this weapon usually train new holders to wield it and test themselves before Kyurem. The wielder of these blades serve to protect pokemon.


The Kalos bears a tragic history with kingship. The theme of life and death bring their main deities, Xerneas and Yveltal, back to the roots in Sinnoh religion. It is believed Xerneas was bequeathed the power to grant life from Arceus, as Ho-Oh had been. Yveltal, on the other hand, was given its dominion over death by Giratina, out of spite against the creator. Zygarde is the epitome of rebirth, being able to break in pieces and reform.


The Hoenn region largely respects nature due to the might force of the seas, quakes and storms having shaped its history. Palkia is said to have created Rayquaza, Kyogre and Groudon for the purpose of maintaining certain spatial elements; namely, air, water and earth. In addition to the elements of this world, the Hoenn has a strange affinity for energies of extraterrestrials. In their history, many meteorites have crashed onto their land, resulting in many strange phenomena. One was the emergence of the two alien pokemon, Deoxys and Jirachi. Another happening was the subsequent ice age that ensued from the dust cloud kicked up by the meteors. From one of the metal meteors arose Registeel, a being of alien metal. From the ice age rose Regice, and from the alien particles of the dust which settled from the rocky areas of impact came Regirock.


The solar and lunar cycles rule the Alola. Odd wormholes into extraterrestrial territory make them vulnerable to creatures known as Ultra Beasts. The pulls of cosmic power spawn nebulous creatures that eventually gather power and evolve into Lunala and Solgaleo. Together with Necrozma, they form the trio of light. It is said that when the region was first born, it was these three which brought light onto its sandy shores, when Necrozma fell from the sky. It is thus unclear whether they were created by Arceus or one of the trio of creation, though scholars believe it to be the work of Palkia. Legends say that when Necrozma returns, it will seek to devour all the light of this world, in which case the guardian Tapu of the Alolan islands must rise with humanity and protect the land.


The noble region of Galar is underwhelming compared to the other regions with their two champions Zacian and Zamazenta. This is attributed to the fact that the region is full of large pokemon as it is, due to the mysterious Galar particles leaking into the air from the slumbering Eternatus, which allow pokemon to turn into great behemoths. Eternatus is an alien creature that fell from the sky millennia ago, and nearly destroyed the region by driving all the pokemon berserk. It was lain to sleep by the sword and shield of the region, who are hailed as heroes. Due to the impact of the Eternatus meteor, there are Regis in this region as well, mainly in the Crown Tundra.

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