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Dragons of Legend[edit]

The three dragons from source

Alignment. Lawful Neutral
Domains. Death, Life
Divine Rank. Demigod

Tao Trio[edit]

This trio of deities is composed of the concept of yin, yang and wujin, from the continents of orient. When imported elsewhere, there came to be a different interpretation of the three, seeing them as a battle between truth and ideal. Zekrom is yang, controlling lightning, and symbolizing ideal. Reshiram is the embodiment of truth and yin, using the element of fire. Kyurem is the element of ice and wujin, being void of both yin and yang. It is the third, enigmatic entity which hungers for something to fill its empty shell of a body.


There are conflicting legends about where the legendary dragons supposedly came from. Zekrom and Reshiram supposedly originate from dragon stones, which represent their dormant forms. Only when touched with a heart matching their truth or ideal do they reveal their true forms. It is believed that they both once used to be one being which split when confronted with the duality of ideals and truth in human nature. An extension of this myth is that kyurem was the original shell which held the two. Upon splitting, it was left cold and empty, but it retains its power to fuse with either reshiram or kyurem.
Another origin story is that kyurem is the odd one out. There are legends in Unova talking about a giant crater where shards of otherworldly stone are found. It is supposedly there that Kyurem landed from space as a cataclysmic frozen comet. The alien dragon leaked amazing amounts of ice energy which froze its entire body from inside out.
Some like to merge these two theories and say that a single unknown alien entity crashed into the Unova, making the Giant Chasm. As a result of it wanting to help humans, it split when two heroes of ideal and truth confronted one another. Kyurem is the leftovers after the split and the three only show up when certain times call for their powers.


The most popular legend concerns the early origins of the Unova region and all but excludes Kyurem. Once upon a time, a single dragon was allied with two heroic to create the Unova. But the older brother sought truth and the younger sought ideals. They began to argue and fight, resulting in the split and creation of Reshiram, who sided with the older brother, and Zekrom, who allied with the younger. The two were evenly matched and could not conquer one another. Eventually, the brothers set aside their difference, but their descendants revived the fight. As a result, the region was nearly destroyed and Zekrom and Reshiram withdrew from the world.
There is another small set of anecdotes that show the dangers of both truth and ideals without balance. It is said that any ruler who summons either Reshiram or Zekrom has great fervor for either ideal or truth. But they are bound to fall to darkness when the zeal takes them, and their country will be ravaged in either a sea of fire or a storm of lightning. After that, the dragons leave a trail of destruction in their wake.
Among the defender Pokemon, also known as the swords, Kyurem is the legendary arbiter. Kyurem tests those who aspire to be swords of justice and knights them after they have passed the trial by fire.


Zekrom is a black, bipedal Pokémon resembling a dragon mixed with a dinosaur, with darker patches on various portions of its body like armor. It has red sclerae, white irises, and black pupils, as well as a small horn-like protrusion on its snout. The back of its head sports a thundercloud-like crest tipped with a glowing light-blue node. There are six pairs of sharp teeth visible when its mouth is open, two in the upper jaw and four in the lower. At the base of its neck, on its chest, is a black crest. The bases of its wings have armor like black scales which are also on its shoulders. Its wings have a fanned, and seemingly webbed shape with a small spike on the joint. The lower length of Zekrom's arms extend to mitt-like covers over the clawed, dark-colored hands on the undersides. The front portion of Zekrom's waist is black, with its belly and thighs having thin striations down their length. Its knees are black, as are the foremost parts of its three-clawed feet and spiked heels. When its emotions surge, it enters overdrive mode and its conic tail lights up with a blue light.


Reshiram is a Pokémon with draconic, avian and mammalian traits. On the first glance it looks like a bipedal, white bird dragon. A long, voluminous, wispy tails streams out from the upper side of the snout and outwards from the back of its head. The tips of these tails light up with soft glows of fire light. Reshiram's face is fringed with fur. Its eyes have blue irises and black pupils. There are two pairs of pointed teeth visible when its mouth is open, one in the upper jaw and one in the lower. Under the head is a long and slender neck held in two bands. Its arms flare out into a wing-like appearance, sporting four claws which resemble hands on the leading edge. Reshiram has a ruffled breast, with the lower portion protruding outwards to a point. Long feather-like protrusions jut out of its thighs. On its feet are large gray claws, three at the front and one positioned at the back, resembling high heels. Reshiram's tail is a mass of plume and ribbon-like extensions, surrounded by two large bands, similar to the ones around its neck. Unlike Zekrom's it is not conic and flares out like an engine. When its emotions surge, it enters Overdrive mode and its tail lights up with a fiery glow.


Kyurem is a Pokémon of draconic shape with blue and grey color schemes. Kyurem has a frozen head shaped like an arrow with yellow eyes without pupils and a yellow crest on its skull. Three pointed teeth jut out the bottom of either side of its jaws, which are frozen shut by the ice covering its head. Its long, gray neck has striae running around its whole body, legs, arms and tail like Zekrom. It has two tiny arms, each with its own claw and each arm is jointed together with its frozen wings. Each wing has two spikes of ice. The ice covering the wings can break, revealing gray tendril-like appendages on Kyurem's back. The right side of its body has been broken as a result of the freeze. Its legs are somewhat slender, and has three sharp ice-like claws on each enormous foot. Its tail has three blue conical spikes on its tip, and appears to be similar to Zekrom or Reshiram's tails.


Due to the three once being one entity, it is possible for them to be fused once more, according to legend. However, as mankind has grown more divided, it is seemingly impossible. Kyurem is the only one with this capability, as it can essentially absorb Kyurem or Reshiram to fill the void in itself. However, it cannot absorb them both due to their opposite poles, which can destroy the chassis that is Kyurem. Fusing with Reshiram makes white Kyurem and fusion with Zekrom makes black Kyurem.

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