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Alignment. Chaotic Neutral
Domains. Trickery, War
Divine Rank. Demigod

Mewtwo is the man-made pokemon that came from a single eyelash from the legendary Mew. However, in an attempt to make an ultimate weapon, Mewtwo is outfitted with a different skeleton to augment its physical and psychic abilities. It was named Mewtwo after Mew, to be its copy. Once a prisoner of experimentation at the hands of the evil organization that created it, Mewtwo broke out of captivity and began a massive campaign against natural pokemon. Mewtwo believed that clones like itself were superior to the original, and the two could not coexist because that which is stronger should devour the lesser. After a big battle between the forces of clones which Mewtwo created and the natural pokemon led by Mew, Mewtwo found that both pokemon had hearts that ached and expressions that shed tears. Thus, the battle was stopped before a winner was decided and Mewtwo released the control over its forces, now traveling the world of pokemon in isolation, trying to find a purpose for its existence.


Mewtwo, despite being man-made, has been recognized to have incredible power that rivals that of legendary pokemon. As such, it is an honorary mention among them as a creation who stands toe to toe with gods. Mewtwo bears hostility mainly with Mew, who it sees as a chip on the shoulder, a reminder of its artificial nature and thus, secondary importance. However, Mewtwo also distrusts humans, as their destructive tendencies that created it are abhorrent. Mewtwo generally does not care to interact with much other legendaries save Mew. To this day, however, there have been numerous reports that Mewtwo appears all over the world in several other regions, helping pokemon in need. In the Unova region, Mewtwo was seen fighting a horde of mysterious insectoid pokemon.


Mewtwo is known to be able to manipulate minds and matter with amazing psychic ability. It has used humans before by rendering them in a trance. Mewtwo also has considerable intelligence that allows it to construct and use technology, as it did to mass produce clones. This power is further augmented by the use of mega stones, which allow Mewtwo to swap between specializations with its psychic and physical powers. Not all of Mewtwo's power are combative, however, as it can also use psychic abilities to reconstruct cells and heal, as well as erase memories or construct solid objects out of space.

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