Adoeak Serpenthelm (5e Deity)

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Adoeak Serpenthelm[edit]

Alignment. True Neutral
Domains. Trickery
Divine Rank. Vestige

Adoeak was once a lone adventurer of the world of Toril, dodging in and out of dungeons without being spotted and looting everything he could find. This habit of his brought him to rob a precious infernal artifact from a secret cult to Asmodeus, angering the devil. When Asmodeus sent devils after Adoeak to kill him, he threw the artifact into the ocean before their eyes and escaped. Then he disgracefully looted a temple to Mephistopheles, inflicting the wrath of another Arch-devil. Despite having the two most powerful devils in all of the Nine Hells trying to murder him, Adoeak humiliatingly dodged them at every turn, humoring a great deal of trickster gods until they decided to bestow divine power to him, rising him to the rank of Vestige.


Adoeak appears as a human (because that's what he was) with long brown hair on his head and trimmed land-chops on his face. He maintains a cheerful, adventurous attitude most of the time. His equipment and clothing may vary but he is never seen without a large gray cloak complete with a hood and his symbol etched on the cape. He appeals to most adventurers by being able to relate to them and often joins moderately tough parties of them for dungeon-delves.


This vestige resides nowhere, preferring to travel everywhere.


Being a vestige, the lowest form of deity, most other gods ignore him and only certain Trickster gods, those who where entertained by his adventures, address him directly.


Adoeak has no clerics or temples as he is known by only a few folk and not being important enough to worship, although, a small handful of warlocks are permitted power by him (they are treated as warlocks whose otherworldly patron being The Undying type, as explained in the Sword Coast Adventurers Guide). Those warlocks are all good friends of his as he does not provide power to others and they don cloaks similar to his. However, there are drawbacks to being a warlock of Adoeak, as devils and cultists loyal to Asmodeus and Mephistopheles target them.


If Adoeak appears in your campaign, he is likely to be unknown to all of the adventurers or disguised as someone else. He is treated as a level 20 rogue of the Thief archetype and a level 5 fighter of the Battle Master archetype but can easily pretend to be someone of much lower level. At the end of the adventure or a specific dungeon, he reveals himself to the party and vanishes, leaving behind a magical reward.

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