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Alignment. Neutral Evil
Domains. War,Death
Divine Rank. Lesser Deity

  • Torog being the god of Imprisonment and torture revels in the screams and blood of battles, executions, and torture dens, as well as a great deal more of unspeakable things. Torog was not always as he is not a cursed, hated being whose presence would cause any sane person to run from him and try to purify their mind. Long ago in the battle against the primordials an ancient and legendary curse was set upon him deeming that his wounds will never heal and he will become nothing more than a shadow of his old self. Despite being one of the most hated beings in all of the multiverse he was instrumental in crafting and designing many of the primordial's prisons and punishments. Be nice to him or he could just turn on the world and let slip the primordials from their eternal cages.

In the material world Torog choses to reside in the darkest , deepest parts of the underdark where he is free to slither around on his broken body and capture victims to bring back to one of his numerous torture dens. Being not one for cults and followers the surface dwellers are fortunate enough not to usually come in contact with him, but be careful where you tread in the deep reaches of the Underdark for this abomination could just be around the corner waiting to steal you away and do unspeakable things to you.

  • An adventure featuring Torog could be you were doing some subterranean adventuring and he kidnaps a party member and you must rescue him or her before they go insane or are tortured to death.

Another possible hook could be to investigate a large string of recent disappearances in a certain area and it is because he is taking more and more captives to feed his unquenchable thirst for blood and torture. Its possible that a plot could occur that he let someone go after they pleaded with the god but not before he twisted their mind to dark things and now he has started a cult on the surface to drag people down to hes lairs in the underdark.

  • One spell or rather curse that is greatly affiliated with Torog is the Curse of Torog which makes wounds never heal and the person living with every twinge of pain they ever feel. For example, if someone has received the curse of Torog if they are hurt in battle the pain of that wound will never heal and will stay at the pain level that it was at its most painful forever or until the curse is removed.

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