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Devondale Duval[edit]


Alignment. Neutral
Domains. Life, Nature
Divine Rank. Vestige

Devindale Dual is the Vestige of all the necessary requirements to make coffee (sugar, water, kettles, filter and obviously coffee powder). He's considerated a lazy god with two phases: the hyperactive and the hypoactive one. In his hyperactive phase, he vagues around the world and try to destruct everything which is at his path. In his hypoactive phase, he returns to St Helens to be locked inside his own statue until the hyperactive phase returns. Each phase have a random duration — varying from two hours to a thousand years. Because of that, he's often called "the imprevisible one".

The legend says he resides in a town known as St Helens in his hypoactive phase, where true followers of him can leave offerings at his statue. If judged worthy by the vestige, they can even meet him. St Helens is a small town far up north and semi-inaccessible for most of us, due to the grueling and unique path that leads to the town. In the center of St Helens, you can see a lot of cafeterias around the big statue, made of blue marble. He's said to have a deep brown skin and wavy black hair and eyes with a white pupil.

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