The Fiddler in the Red Fog (5e Deity)

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The Fiddler in the Red Fog[edit]

Alignment. Chaotic Evil
Domains. Trickery
Divine Rank. Demigod

The Fiddler in the Red Fog is one of the Dark Powers from the Sanctuary's Lot Setting.

Also known as the Red Hunter, a sinuous entity that creates a thick, cloying red mists in a broad area around itself and accompanied at all times by maddeningly discordant music reminiscent of crickets, cicadas, and cacophonous string instruments. The Fiddler was described as being huge in size, having the qualities of both a serpent and a centipede-like insect, and a truly horrible visage: that of a sentient but entirely inhuman creature. Always moving and hunting its human quarry.

There is a passage from the original Testament of Ghosts implying that The Fiddler in the Red Fog was born after the Visitation began. Even that it might somehow have had human ancestry.

Once the scourge of cities, Monolyth drove the Red Hunter from all large habitations. The fiddler in the Red fog has not been seen in a major metropolis since the visitation. Instead, contenting itself with preying on smaller, newer towns, and emptying villages.

Venerated as the god of murder and assassination, The Fiddler in the Red Fog has no large temple complexes. Rather, his sects are organized in small cults celebrating murderous depravity and sadism.

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