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Azrael The Whisperer[edit]

By Yanied

Alignment. Lawful Neutral
Domains. Knowledge, Souls
Divine Rank. Vestige
Symbols. Salt, Corvids, Books


Azrael is an angelic entity that resides in The Void, burdened with infinite knowledge. Its power comes from her intimate connection to Kurma and mastery of The Void, allowing it to access all dimensions at any point in their many timelines. It knows all. It hears all. It is watching.


Azrael's physical form exists only in The Void, as it was made and is completely suffused with its energy. It has an undefined figure, covered in a furious swirl of salt-carved feathers and surrounded by a ring of salt-carved hands. Behind it is an enormous golden halo, with three concentric circles all cut into six pieces, like a scope.

When it sends a part of his being into another dimension or plane, Azrael will wither take the form of a statue, or posses another creature's shadow. As a statue, it will move at impossible speeds in the saccades of the eyes. As a shadow, the hos't eyes will become cloudy, and their voice will sould like a thousand beings whispering at once. It is often seen in libraries or ruins, where knowledge and history can be sensed in the air.


Azrael is part of The Greater Host, and leads its own sect of the Lesser Host, known as The Echoes. It is often given messaging assignments by Kurma.


Azrael leads the Echoes, the smallest sect of the Lesser Host, and is also known to use corvids as its messengers. Few others follow it, as knowledge is both a blessing, and a curse.

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