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All good things which exist are the fruits of originality.
—John Stuart Mill
Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it.
—Hannah Arendt
What cannot be said above all must not be silenced, but written.
—Jacque Derrida
Those who cannot understand how to put their thoughts on ice should not enter into the heat of debate.
—Friedrich Nietzsche

Hi, so I'm an admin, since October 2019. I started from 5e and plan to work my way backwards. So far, I'm doing some simple dming in 4e. I plan to learn 3.5e and more 2e as I go. I also play Lancer, Godbound, VtM, and PbtA games. GURPS, Paranoia, Mutants and Masterminds, Hero System, Warhammer, and Burning Wheel are on my back burner at the moment.

You can probably find me a lot on the wiki discord. I work a lot with races but I can also help with classes, subclasses, backgrounds, and lots of general works. I do a lot of slogging through the swamps of abandonment, fishing out scraps to salvage and polish. If you need an image, feel free to hit me up. For simple pictures like a race sketch or something like a sketch, I don't mind drawing for free. For more complex things, I am open for commissions! You can reach me for art requests on my talk page or on my DeviantArt. I'm also a casual player and artist on Newgrounds. You can find my YouTube channel here, where I do low-quality free homebrew art.

On Balance

Balance isn't bad. It's not bad but it sure as hell kills fun sometimes. Maybe if you're the type that likes to stay in the box and figure out all the dozens of ways inside the box, you'd like it a lot more than me. I see one way in the box and I instantly think of something else outside. Maybe I'm just bad at this. But it's fun.

My Own Contributed Stuff

Products of my wacked out mind... though not too whacked out I guess... surprisingly. I don't always include every page I make.

My Races

My Backgrounds


My Classes

Probably not very good. I don't make many these days since most builds are pretty achievable with multiclassing core content.

My Creatures

Joke Stuff






Magical Weapons


Wondrous Items




I don't post all art I've drawn here.


Getting into making this stuff slowly. Hoping to one day expand into campaign settings.

Island of Nordheim
Town of Riverside

Shared Contributions

Use Mechanist (4e Class), Mechanist Powers (4e Power List) for help

Revised Stuff/Abandoned Stuff/Helped With

This is not a fully compiled list. Only some things are actually worth displaying and those are the ones I put here. If you want to see everything you can check out my contributions instead.









Magical Weapons



My To-Dos




Backgrounds/Themes: Equipment: Misc.:

Get To (Aspirations and Non-Pages)

  • A mystery based campaign setting maybe that forces a bit more investigation..... Kinda like a single big haunted palace or something
  • Images and feat tables for all 4e races!
  • I'm going to clean up the 4e abandoned stuff
  • Redo the 4e bladeling race (sigh)

To-Dos Not Mine

WIP Classes/Subclasses
WIP Misc


These aren't my original content stuffs but I did work on them or noticed them for their awesomeness or potential. There are also some good reads here!


Barnstar.png Barnstar                            
I hereby award you this barnstar for the excellent work you have done adding lore to multiple 5e races and bringing incomplete races to a playable state. Thank you very much! Know now that your diligence does not go unappreciated! Quincy (talk) 20:15, 25 December 2018 (MST)
  • Cscr-featured.pngApocalypto (5e Class) -- First Featured Article! Thanks to all the admins who helped fix it up, and thanks to everyone who voted!
  • Cscr-featured.pngAarongar (5e Race) -- First Featured Race! Thanks to everyone for their suggestions and voting!

User Stuff

Stuff only for my use. Free to look at.
Adventure Log
Imagebox - WIP
Testing Materials
Always Useful:

<div class="externalimage-holder" style="width:30%;float:right;">
{| class="4e" style="float:right"
!<img link>
|By [img link]

<div class="externalimage-holder" style="width:30%;float:right;"> {{5e Image|float:right|<!--link to an image-->|<!--Caption, art credit, link to source-->}} </div>

<div class="externalimage-holder" style="width:30%;float:right;"> {| class="D20" style="float:right" !<!--img link--> |- |By [<!--src-->] |} </div>

{{{!}} class="5e" style="text-align: left;" ! Table {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}- class="{{Odd-Even|{{#var:odd}}}}" {{!}} ipso {{!}}{{!}} lorem {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}- class="{{Odd-Even|{{#var:odd}}}}" {{!}} {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}- class="{{Odd-Even|{{#var:odd}}}}" {{!}} {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}- class="{{Odd-Even|{{#var:odd}}}}" {{!}} {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}- class="{{Odd-Even|{{#var:odd}}}}" {{!}} {{!}}{{!}} {{!}}}

  • {{4e Power/Sandbox instead of {{4e Power and {{User Creature instead of {{Stat Block 2
  • {{4e User Magic Item instead of {{4e Magic Item
  • {{4e User Racial Traits instead of {{4e Racial Traits
  • {{4e User Creature Top Essentials instead of {{4e Creature Top Essentials


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