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The Village of Riverside[edit]

Riverside is a fishing village located on the fork of a river. Thanks to a combination of its prime location and prospering economy, the settlement has been steadily growing in size and receiving somewhat more travelers than a typical sleepy little village.


The population of Riverside numbers 800 and some change, the majority (60%) of whom are human.


Riverside is ruled by Lord Blake, a minor nobleman who lives with his family a short distance away from the village. Much of the village's governance, however, is entrusted to the Riverside Council. Consisting of seven citizens of distinguished dispositions, council members are elected by the populace every six years. Petty grievances and legal cases involving property or damages not exceeding 25 gp are brought to the council, while anything more severe is brought to Lord Blake.


The peace in Riverside is primarily kept by a small constabulary. Should the village need to muster a military force, approximately eighty able-bodied citizens are militia members prepared for a fight.


Riverside gets business both from the land and from boats coming up the surrounding rivers. General supplies are always available from the trading post, and on a good day a few curiosities might be available too. Travelers seeking lodging can stay for the night at the Fisherman's Inn, a place which is a bit pricey but nice enough to justify the cost. There are two taverns in the town, Bailey's Pub and the Lucky Cup, where one can grab a drink or a bite to eat.


Small villages are where the spiritual truly thrive, and Riverside is no exception.

Notable People and Organizations[edit]

Lord Simon Blake is the ruler of Riverside. A paranoid and reclusive man, he purposely governs loosely and for the most part leaves the villagers to their own devices. Rumor has it that he is the victim of an unpleasant family curse.

Lady Francesca Blake, Lord Blake's more mentally stable and outgoing wife, is a mage of no small ability. She is very interested in adventurers and well-traveled people in general, and is always excited to meet them.

Constable Og is a half-hill giant and the toughest guy in the village.

Talia is the manager of the Riverside Trading Post, through which many travelers do business.

The Bryant family and the Miller family have lived in Riverside as long as the village has stood, and for almost as long have been bitterly feuding over property boundaries. Their feud has gotten completely out of hand, resulting in at least one (unsuccessful) murder attempt, and nobody really knows what to do about it.

The Sunflowers are members of a kind of social club for natural-born citizens of Riverside. They are so named because they often wear a yellow flower, or somehow incorporate a similar symbol into their clothing.

Adventure Hooks[edit]

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