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Wondrous Item, legendary (Chaotic Good)

A deceptively simple shaped lump of precious material. Actual lucky ingots were imbued with magical luck from a God of Fortune, but many replicas have since been made, leaving the real ones lost to time. The abilities of an ingot, for whom should find one, vary upon the material of which it was made:

Jade Ingot

So long as this ingot remains in your possession, your clothes automatically appear to be aristocrat clothes, in the form of a Chinese New Year outfit tailored to your character's size and shape. These clothes never gets damaged or dirty. The weight of your actual garments do not change and even those with truesight cannot see your real clothing. You also gain proficiency in persuasion checks. If you already have proficiency, double the bonus.

Silver Ingot

As long as this ingot is in your possession, you gain proficiency in checks involved in looting or stealing currency. The ingot magically doubles any amount you receive.

Gold Ingot

You may invoke this ingot by shaking it. It summons a shower of gold coins, up to 150 lbs. worth, in a 15 radius area centered on your location. This item disappears after use.

The coveted Gold Ingot

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