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Ragnarok Mark[edit]

From Final Fantasy XIII


The mark of Ragnarok is the a sign of the end. This is specified in certain places doomed by the gods. As such, its effect varies with the god that chooses to bestow it. Usually, the curse is placed as a trap over a large area, like a kingdom or small country. Creatures that enter that chosen area become marked. It cannot be removed until the creature leaves the affected area. As the creature loses hit points, the eye in the center of the mark begins to open. If the creature reaches 0 hit points while still having the mark, its true effects come to bloom, and the eye in the middle opens fully

The creature has disadvantage on death saving throws. Upon dying, the creature becomes the plaything of the god who enacted the curse, and the mark is permanent, even if the creature leaves the affected area. The exact details depend on the gods who use it, and differ based on that. For example, those marked by Auril rise to be her zombified frozen servants in Nordheim.

This mark cannot be removed by remove curse within the affected area. Only wish may have any effect.

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