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Diseases Summary
Aberrant Clone A disease that clones the victim
Acid Plague A infection of sores that contain acid
Alkali Fever If the air smells of metal, run.
Arachnomania And you thought the Drider was the most monstrous spider out there?
Assassin's Spit A common poison used to kill people from the distance of a blowgun.
Betraying Blessing A blessing which is not what it seems. Causes negative effects soon after catching.
Black Fly Filth Fever A disease spread by flies that causes the afflicted to slowly rot
Bleeding Swords don't just hurt you, silly! They make you BLEED!
Corpseblight A disease that eats undead and corpses.
Dance Fever A sickness that causes those afflicted to dance uncontrollably
Dead Frog Disease This disease is a deadly disease only found in wet tombs or deep in sewers
Hanahaki Disease Please...love me back...
Impassioned Perception Sense the emotions of others around you
Infectious Tune A tune that you can't help but whistle
Ligma A rare disease often affecting Fornite streamers.
Miners Plague Miners Plague is a disease that comes from mushrooms from the Underdark or similar locations. The Miners Plague slowly infects the host until it forms sacks of pollen on it then taking over its mind it and makes the target explode in a populated area killing the host and spreading the Plague.
Necrotic Disease A death dog is deadly indeed; one bite is all they need.
Otug's Disease A disease which afflicts you with mindless, uncontrollable rage.
Plague of Thorns Grow spikes, lose your hands
Radiation Poisoning Sickness and afflictions caused by exposure to radiation.
Random Change
Rotscale Flaky skin and an infection of the eyes can turn one into the stuff of nightmares.
Scale Sickness/Dragon Lycanthropy This is much less awesome than it sounds, I promise.
Shivers Disease Shivers Disease is a common disease that makes the host sick with extreme vomiting,Heat sweats and Uncontrollable shivering. This disease spreads to other's through sweat.
Shrinking Sickness Spread by certain animals and plants to protect themselves.
Singing Madness You can't stop singing.
Sky Fungus A fungus that compels the host to ascend, so it may reproduce
Snow Sickness The bane of travelers in the coldest regions.
Teleportitis Misty Step randomly!
The Plague A slow and painful death.
Transformational Plague You start transforming into other creatures you've touched.
Useful Adventurer A disease causing creatures to become unnaturally (and painfully) useful.
Vanishing Plague Slowly disappear
Weaver's Fever A flu-like disease. Annoying, but not lethal... unless you're a wizard.
Werepyre Curse This is what happens when a victim gets bit by a werewolf and vampire, both.
Wonky Body The afflicted’s body changes randomly, and becomes extremely awkward and possibly debilitating.
Zombie Virus Get bit by a zombie, become a zombie
Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏.ed The channeling of ones Ḡ̯͍̣̠̩̇̒̀̊ͅl͍̖̝ͨ͗̏i̜̦̗̇ͤ̎͌͌̎t̤̣ͨͨ̔̄̀̓̂c̭̖ͣ̇͒ͥͦh̐ͦ̏ into another host.

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Please leave the "(5e Curse)" identifier in the page title when creating your new curse!


For when you want something a little more supernatural, that your paladins can be afflicted with

Curses Summary
A Day in Seven Lives Turns you into a completely different person each day for seven days.
Bad Juju A curse that makes the "infected" clumsy and have bad luck.
Baneweaver Curse Something made mother nature mad. You should probably find out what.
Begger's Curse of the Sea For that one player who keeps asking to fight stuff.
Broken Halo A curse placed on a high priest or paladin for acting against their god's will.
Curse of Incompetence Reduce your proficiency score!
Curse of the River Goddess A dehydrating curse created by a spiteful river goddess.
Fiend Fever *not actually a fever
Greed's Death Cough up gold! Could be fatal...
Mackron's Curse of the Miniature Figurine A curse that turns you into a plastic miniature.
Nature's Rage May you engage in brutal combat
Sinister Sleepwalking
Slow Polymorph True Polymorph, but slower
Teleglow The matter in your body doesn't want to stay there, and the things that shouldn't be there suddenly are
Trumpet's Bane Trumpets sound nice normally, right?
Witch's Curse Fly, my pretties! Fly!
Withering Blight A curse that causes frailty and albinism
Wonderland's Curse Change size, randomly

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