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Please leave the "(5e Disease)" identifier in the page title when creating your new disease!


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Diseases Summary
Aberrant Clone A disease that clones the victim
Black Fly Filth Fever A disease spread by flies that causes the afflicted to slowly rot
Corpseblight A disease that eats undead and corpses.
Impassioned Perception Sense the emotions of others around you
Infectious Tune A tune that you can't help but whistle
Otug's Disease A disease which afflicts you with mindless, uncontrollable rage.
Plague of Thorns Grow spikes, lose your hands
Scale Sickness/Dragon Lycanthropy This is much less awesome than it sounds, I promise.
Sky Fungus A fungus that compels the host to ascend, so it may reproduce
Teleportitis Misty Step randomly!
Vanishing Plague Slowly disappear
Weaver's Fever A flu-like disease. Annoying, but not lethal... unless you're a wizard.
Zombie Virus Get bit by a zombie, become a zombie

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Please leave the "(5e Curse)" identifier in the page title when creating your new curse!


For when you want something a little more supernatural, that your paladins can be afflicted with

Curses Summary
Curse of Incompetence Reduce your proficiency score!
Greed's Death Cough up gold! Could be fatal...
Mackron's Curse of the Miniature Figurine A curse that turns you into a plastic miniature.
Sinister Sleepwalking
Witch's Curse Fly, my pretties! Fly!
Withering Blight A curse that causes frailty and albinism
Wonderland's Curse Change size, randomly

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