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Cheese Touch[edit]

Contracting the Cheese Touch[edit]

To contract the Cheese Touch, one must either touch the cheese, or be touched by someone who touched the cheese. The only way to avoid contracting the Cheese Touch from another person is by crossing your fingers; this gives you a temporary immunity that lasts as long as your fingers are crossed.


He Who Has Touched it: You've just been touched, or touched the Cheese, what does this entail? Once you have gotten the Cheese touch, everyone around you will know immediately of your unacceptable taboo. When you are suffering from the Cheese Touch, you immediately become a social outcast where no one wants to be near you. Everyone will stay a decent distance from you to avoid getting the Cheese Touch, and by proxy avoid becoming an outcast themselves.


The Cheese Touch can only be cured by passing it onto another victim.

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