Curse of Incompetence (5e Curse)

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Curse of Incompetence[edit]

This curse is brought on by bad luck in highly magical areas. To avoid contracting the Curse, you must make a Wisdom roll, with the following DCs

  • Black cat crosses your path: DC 8
  • Spilling salt: DC 11
  • Breaking a Mirror: DC 18

To cure the curse, other than a Remove Curse spell, you may use a short rest alongside meditating with a good luck charm, such as a four leaf clover or rabbit's foot. Getting pooped on by a bird also ends the curse. The final method of curing the curse is to score a critical hit against a foe in combat, or when making a skill check in a proficient skill.

While under the effect of the curse, your proficiency bonus is reduced by 5. If doing so would reduce your proficiency bonus below 0, you do not add or subtract any points in rolls you are proficient in, and you subtract up to 5 (for every point below 0 the proficiency bonus loss would cause) on rolls you are not proficient in. In addition, you critically fail on a 2 as well as a 1.

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