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Altren's Mark[edit]

Looks like a small purple orb on the back of a creatures hand.


The altren's mark is a curse, usually bestowed upon children born with great mental prowess and telekinetic potential - although older targets aren't impossible - by the god of telekinesis Altren, in which their bodies are atrophied, to force their minds to open to the true power of telekinesis.

  • You have a weakened body. Your arms are extremely weak and shaky. Your handwriting is shaky and barely legible and to lift and hold any object requires a Strength roll. Any light objects have a DC 5, these are objects like pens, pencils, or a walking stick. Heavier objects, like books or tools requires a DC 10. If you try to lift a Heavy objects, that normally require a Strength check, you have disadvantage on the check.
  • You have Disadvantage on all Strength checks and saving throws.
  • Your legs are weak and your movement speed is halved.
  • You gain the Telekinetic feat
  • Most people see the mark as something bad, like a bad omen, and do not appreciate people that have it.

The Altren's Mark can be broken by casting remove curse with a spell slot of 3rd level. The curse is only broken if the target of the spell is willing.

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