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Burning Thingy[edit]

Contracting The Disease[edit]

Colloquially and jokingly called "burning thingy," the official medical name for the disease is infernile verneris. It is commonly contracted via sexual intercourse with beings with infernal ancestry or creatures of the Fiend creature type. This disease can affect Undead, but does not affect Constructs. The most common vectors are overly-horny Humanoids with avid and adventurous sex lives. At some point, PSAs were created against infernile verneris, often targeting promiscuous behaviors. Later PSAs were released with emphasis on special blessed forms of protection that lessened the chance of contracting this disease.


Stage 1: The infected experiences a burning pain between their legs. This pain is accompanied by itching that can leave their skin raw and open for further infection. Due to the incessant pain and itch, the infected has their base walking speed reduced by 10 feet. Stage 1 is highly volatile and can last anywhere from 1 to 12 days before advancing to stage 2.

Stage 2: At stage two, the infected has their genitals fall off. They cannot be reattached by any means save a wish spell. Additionally, the wound left by the sudden amputation leaves a wound that does not heal. The infected has disadvantage on saving throws against diseases in addition to the previous effects from stage 1. After 3 days, this advances to the final stage.

Stage 3: At the final stage, the wound finally heals, sort of. Instead of their original set, the infected grows a corpse worm where their genitals used to be. The infected has no command over this worm and it is fused with their flesh. The worm will act as normal, perhaps even attacking its host, and occupying its space. If the worm dies, the infected is left with a smooth crotch after 1d4 days.


The disease cannot be healed by anything less than greater restoration at any stage. It can be cured by wish obviously. Before the disease advances to stage 2, you can cure the disease if you spend at least one day washing the infected area with a mix of holy water and herbs while chanting scripture over it with a cross. The scripture must be from a following that opposes fiends.

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