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These are adult-oriented pages on D&D Wiki, and there's nothing wrong with that. Many of our users are adults, as D&D has been around for 40 years. The exact definition of what counts as "adult" is left mostly up to the community. While one user may find classical art depicting nude figures to be tasteful and acceptable, another may regard this as pornography. Discussion of this template's use should always be carried out in the format of "Given actual people are likely to be offended by this because of actual reasons". Any usage of this template in the format of "I am offended by this, mark it as adult" or "I have marked this for adult content" is unacceptable, and goes against the collaborative nature of this wiki. This is a tool for the community to protect itself, not for individual members to censor their fellow wikians. IF a reasonable discussion has occurred, and those involved have agreed to the use of this template, it can be added to the top of the page by copying this code there.

{{Adult Theme}}

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