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A bikini is a two-piece garment designed for women originally as a swimsuit. The top consists of several straps and two pieces of fabric that cover and support the woman’s breasts. The bottom is typically a brief, underwear-like piece of cloth, normally giving full coverage to the front and buttocks, with thin straps arching over the hips, though some bikinis have thong bottoms. Traditionally the intent of a bikini has been to show off as much skin as possible while avoiding tasteless indecency or total nudity.

Like any type of clothing, different sizing and tailoring is needed to make a bikini comfortable for the wearer, though special attention must be given to different sizes for the bottom and top. Two women of similar height and weight can have very different hip and chest sizes. Unlike most other armors, bikinis are unlikely to fit a wearer other than the one for whom it was intended. Magical bikinis resize to fit the wearer (some cursed versions instead resize the wearer to fit the bikini (which is exactly what certain women wish for)), but mundane bikini armor is typically sold in separate top and bottom pieces. All bikini armor intended for use in combat has comfortable padding inside to allow prolonged wear and prevent chafing.

Bikinis are difficult to use as armor because they attempt to serve two competing interests – revealing the body and protecting the body. Special training is required to gain any significant defensive bonus from bikini armor, but a skilled warrior woman in a bikini can twist to catch a strike on the few bits of armor she is wearing, or indeed move in a distracting enough way that her opponent’s concentration on the attack falters. Light bikini armor is flexible enough for even spell-casters to use it without drawback, and even the heaviest bikini armor, the full-plate bikini, is still highly revealing and comfortable to wear with proper training.

Different variations on chainmail bikinis exist around the world, even in the same culture, with different bikinis used for special purposes. Religious cults, especially those of fertility goddesses or misogynist gods, have been known to craft special pleasure bikinis and dominatrix bikinis, which are relatively ineffective in combat but grant bonuses in very specific social situations. Seafaring cultures design their bikinis to make swimming in armor easier, and warrior cultures sometimes adorn their bikinis with spikes and blades. A few monastic orders even use bikinis as weapons in close combat and grapples, twisting the cords and bindings around foes’ limbs to restrict their movements.

Bikini armor can be worn by males, though they look silly in it, and most males cannot qualify for feats and prestige classes that emphasize the bikini, as most require substantial breast size. Men tend to wear codpiece armor (including loincloths), which is statistically identical to bikini armor.

The Bikini Armor Template[edit]

Bikini versions exist for practically any other type of armor in existence. Thus, this ‘template’ can be used to modify any existing suit or type of armor. The Bikini Armor template grants the following modifiers to normal armor; in all other ways, the armor is identical to the base armor.

Cost: Being a form of expensive lingerie, you must double the base armor’s cost. Then add in the cost for masterwork armor (150gp). If the armor is crafted from special materials, the cost for the materials are not doubled.

Armor Bonus: The armor’s bonus to AC is reduced by 1/3rd (Round to the nearest whole number). If the armor is heavy armor, you then add +1 to its AC Bonus.

Arcane Spell Failure: The arcane spell failure chance is reduced by 15%, as bikini armor is less restrictive.

Donning: Donning light bikini armor takes 2 rounds, or 1 round to don hastily. Medium and heavy bikini armor takes 1 minute, or 5 rounds to don hastily. Half-plate and full plate bikini armor takes 4 minutes to don, or 1 minute to don hastily.

Removing: Removing light bikini armor is a move action. Removing medium or heavy bikini armor takes 2 rounds, and removing half-plate or full plate bikini armor takes 1 minute.

Weight: The base armor’s weight is reduced to 1/5th of normal weight. but it does not count as being a lighter armor type, because fighting in a bikini is just awkward.

Hit Points: Bikini armor has one-fifth the hit points of the base armor.

The Chainmail Bikini Feat[edit]

Requirements: Armor Proficiency (Any), Charisma 13+. With this feat, you gain a bonus to your AC, its a Naked Armor bonus equal to your Charisma bonus. This applies against any creature who finds you attractive. Some abberations, animals & mindless creatures do not allow this benefit.

Naked Defense Feat[edit]

Requirements: Chainmail Bikini, Charisma 17+. You are so beautiful that intelligent creatures of either gender and sexual preference find you attractive and your Naked Bonus applies against them. Some creatures with an alien body shape will cause you to lose this benefit however.

Table: Armor and ShieldsMedium armor (counts as Light Armor)Heavy armor (counts as Medium Armor)
ArmorCostArmorMax DexArmor CheckArcane SpellSpeedWeight
BonusBonusPenaltyFailure Chance30 ft 20 ft
Light armor
Padded160 gp01000%30 ft 20 ft2 lbs
Leather170 gp1800%30 ft 20 ft3 lbs
Studded leather200 gp1700%30 ft 20 ft5 lbs
Chain shirt350 gp1605%30 ft 20 ft5 lbs
Hide180 gp1605%30 ft 20 ft5 lbs
Scale mail250 gp15-110%30 ft 20 ft6 lbs
Chainmail450 gp24-215%30 ft 20 ft8 lbs
Breastplate550 gp25-110%30 ft 20 ft6 lbs
Splint mail550 gp33-425%20 ft 15 ft9 lbs
Banded mail650 gp33-320%20 ft 15 ft7 lbs
Half-plate1,350 gp32-425%20 ft 15 ft10 lbs
Full plate3,150 gp43-320%20 ft 15 ft10 lbs
Mithril Plate12,150 gp45-110%30 ft 20 ft 5 lbs

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