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Wondrous Item, very rare

The Infectious Milk appears as normal high-grade dairy milk. The milk's effects only affect mammals. If a non mammalian creature ingests the milk, they will immediately begin to throw up and will be poisoned for 1d4 hours. The host will only become infected if they ingest the milk.

Infectious Lactation. Over the first 1 to 2 days, the infection will begin to increase the host's lactation rate, or if the host is not lactating causes it to begin doing so. It appears that any mammal is susceptible to infection regardless of gender. The initial symptoms of the disease have a rapid onset but are relatively minor: swelling of mammary gland tissue (causing breast development in males) and increased sensitivity of the nipples in both males and females. On average a humanoid of either gender in this stage of the disease will produce between 0.5 and 1 liters of milk per day. If this milk is extracted on a regular basis, with milking intervals of no less than once every eight hours, the disease appears to remain stable indefinitely in this state. If a host is not milked adequately, mammary glands continue to develop. Left unchecked, this development will diverge from normal humanoid growth patterns: rather than remaining confined to a single pair of breasts, it will begin spreading down the front of the chest and abdomen. Additional pairs of nipples will develop along the way and the nipples will lengthen and thicken dramatically. The eventual result resembles an enormous fleshy udder stretching along the entire front of the torso, with between six and eight pairs of teats. A host at this stage can produce upwards of forty liters of milk per day. Occasionally, the milk will take on the infectious effects of the milk that brought the host into this situation. Full development will make it so that the host is unable to wear any type of armor. Due to the large demands of milk production, the host must double their food intake to keep on going at normal levels.

The process can only be reversed by drinking the milk of a mysterious blue, three horned cow which will usually be found living in solitude high in the mountains.

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