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Wondrous Item, rare (special)

This item appears to be a red ribbon with a red jewel in the center

An item given to untrustworthy but important spies that cannot easily be replaced and need powers of shapechanging and elusiveness to succeed on their mission. It's bearers are often held at a distance to the controller, because of the draining kiss of a succubus/incubus as well as their resent towards whoever forced this "gift" upon them. Many tales are told of gracious adventurers who converted an enemy into a friend by freeing them of the choker, quickly leading to the "master's" demise.

When donned, every hour the wearer must make a DC 15 Wisdom saving throw. On a success, nothing happens and the wearer must make another saving throw in another hour if they are still wearing the choker. On a failure, the collar will automatically attune itself to the wearer and the wearer will suffer the choker's effects.

Curse of Bound Servitude.The red ribbon will melt into the skin and will now appear as a series of intricate tattoos going around the wearers neck. The jewel will embed itself into the users neck and will be bound to the wearer's soul. They will then be under the influence of whoever is wearing the Slavers Choker that is connected to their jeweled choker. The wearer of the Slavers Choker is telepathically bonded to them and can, as a standard action, cast the dominate person as well as the inflict wounds spell on the cursed creature, regardless of the distance between the bearers of the respective chokers and without the need for components. They can do so once per day, regaining use of the ability at dawn. Their master can forcefully turn them into a succubus/incubus for a duration of up to one week. After being transformed, the target retains their ability scores and alignment. They gain the actions, movement speeds, senses and traits of a succubus/incubus, with the exception of charm and telepathic bond. Every time they revert back to their normal form, they will begin to retain more and more traits of a succubus/incubus, be it small horns on their head, sharper nails, small protrusions from their backs or a more feminine face. Eventually, after the sixth use of this ability, the transformation will become permanent and the wearer of the jeweled choker will be stuck in the form of a succubus/incubus. They still need to access the magic of the gem to gain access to the traits and actions of a succubus/incubus. If attunement to the item ends, the cursed character loses all traits and actions of a succubus except the claw attack, senses and flight speed.

Once attuned to the collar, the only ways for it to be removed from the wearer is through a greater restoration spell or if the person wearing the Slavers Choker perishes. The jewel in the wearers neck will remove itself from their skin and the tattoos around their neck will go black. They can now be washed off by a special herbal solution. If they have been transformed into a succubus/incubus, their previous form can be restored through a resurrection spell. The crystal will loose all color and after 1 hour, will teleport back to whoever is in possession of the Slavers Choker if they are still alive. They can then perform a ritual so that the jewel can regain its effects and be used again.

No Masters, No Rules If the choker is not bound to a Slavers Choker, the gem will rejuvenate the bearer instead, decreasing their apparent age (but not their actual age) by 3d10 years, to a minimum age of their respective physical maturity. They take on slight features of a succubus/incubus of their respective gender, for example smooth skin, full, lush hair or mesmerizing eyes with a red tint. The tattoos growing around their neck are flattering and showcase artistic mastery. Afterwards, it falls of the wearer's neck, shatters at the slightest touch and becomes non-magical.

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