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Cursed Items

Cursed Item Rarity Type Subtype
Abraxian Prisoner's Shackles Legendary Wondrous Item
Alchemical Animorpher very rare Wondrous Item Clockwork
All Seeing Eye legendary Wondrous Item
Amulet of Argent Legendary Wondrous Item
Amulet of Beholder Eyes very rare Wondrous item
Ancient Guardian legendary Wondrous item
Armor of Binding rare (+1), very rare (+2), or legendary (+3) Armor medium or heavy
Armor of Bloodlust rare Armor plate
Armor of Bound Form Rare Armor Plate
Armor of Silence uncommon Armor light, medium, or heavy
Artifact of Glass rare Wondrous item
Artillery Sword legendary Weapon shortsword
Axe of Sorrow rare Weapon any axe
Backfire Potion very rare Potion
Bag of Holding Toast uncommon Wondrous item
Bag of Rats uncommon Wondrous item
Battle Plate of the War Chief Very Rare Armor Plate Armor
Bauble of Wonder Uncommon Wondrous item
Binding Bracer very rare Wondrous Item arm brace
Binding Choker rare Wondrous item
Binding Mask Very Rare Wondrous Item Mask
Blade of Sacrifice Very Rare Weapon berserker blade
Blade of the Ruined King legendary Weapon longsword
Blade of the Warrior Queen very rare Weapon greatsword
Blade of Vertigo legendary Weapon any sword
Blood Armor of Chaos very rare Armor plate
Blood Cursed Ring of Strength Legendary Ring
Blood-Soaked Cape legendary Wondrous Item
Boastful Weapon common Weapon any
Bow of Destruction very rare Weapon longbow
Bunny Ring very rare Ring
Calamity Ring legendary Ring
Choker of Crystal Age rare Wondrous item Choker
Choker of the Stolen Voice Rare Wondrous Item Choker
Chromatus Watch legendary Wondrous Item
Circlet of the Golden Mask very rare Wondrous Item circlet
Cloak of Eldritch Outgrowth legendary armor light armor
Cloak of the Ripper legendary Wondrous Item
Coat of the Duelist legendary Armor leather
Collar of Khorne legendary Armor plate
Collar of Water-Breathing very rare Wondrous Item collar
Compass of Greed very rare Wondrous item
Corpse Eater uncommon Weapon longsword
Corpse Eater, 2nd Variant very rare Weapon longsword
Corpse Eater, Variant rare Weapon longsword
Courage-Seeker legendary Weapon longsword
Craven Edge legendary Weapon greatsword
Crown of the Faceless Queen legendary Wondrous Item Crown
Curse of Echo very rare Wondrous Item
Cursed Blade rare Weapon any sword
Cursed Clockwork Contraption very rare Wondrous Item
Cursed Nightcap varies Wondrous item
Cursed Portrait rare Wondrous Item
Dagger of Whistleblowing uncommon Weapon dagger
Dark Magic Stone legendary Wondrous item
Dead-Eye's Eyepatch rare Wondrous Item
Deceitful Weapon rare Weapon any
Deck of Plenty legendary Wondrous Item
Demon Gauntlet very rare Wondrous item
Demonic Mask uncommon Wondrous Item
Devil Armor very rare Armor plate
Dragon Mask legendary Wondrous item mask
Elixir of Madness rare Potion
Empty Genie's Lamp legendary Wondrous Item
Entropy's Vessel Artifact Weapon maul
Evil Armor rare Armor Any
Eye of Expansion rare Wondrous Item
Fafnir legendary Weapon greatsword
Fairemere Blade legendary Weapon longsword
Fairemere Blade, Variant legendary Weapon longsword
False Potion uncommon Poison
Feather Mask legendary Wondrous Item
Fey Flute artifact Wondrous Item flute
Figurine Creation Capsule very rare Wondrous Item
Forbidden Draconic Armor legendary Armor studded leather (dragon leather)
Forbidden Fruit rare Wondrous Item
Frayed Blade legendary Weapon katana
Frostmourne, Variant Legendary Weapon longsword
Gauntlet of Frozen Soul legendary Wondrous Item Gauntlet
Gem of Javamak artifact Wondrous item
Girdle of Levitation rare Wondrous Item
Glasses of Unyielding Attraction rare Wondrous item
Golden Lute uncommon Wondrous Item
Goliath Berserker Greataxe very rare Weapon greataxe
Gothic Collar very rare Wondrous Item
Greatsword of Bloodweep very rare Weapon greatsword
Grim Reaper's Scythe Legendary Weapon scythe
Hand of the Fire Demon Rare Wondrous Item
Handheld Mirror of Life Trapping rare Wondrous Item Handheld Mirror
Helm of Heroism rare Armor great helmet
Identified Cube uncommon Wondrous Item
Identity Crisis very rare Weapon warhammer, maul
Ilmater's Retribution Very Rare Armor Plate
Imrae Legendary Wondrous Item arcane focus
Incredibly Comfy Chair very rare Wondrous Item Armchair
Infectious Milk very rare Wondrous Item
Invisible Ring of Visibility rare Ring
Iron Maiden legendary Wondrous Item
Irritating Weapon Very rare. (Requires attunement.) Weapon Any
Jack's Ripper Ring legendary Ring
Jackal Mask legendary Wondrous item
Jade Monkies Very Rare Wondrous Item Figurine of Wondrous Power
Jade Scepter legendary Weapon quarterstaff
Jarenhäg, the Killing Light rare Weapon evening star
Jeweled Choker rare Wondrous Item
Jigoku No Soko No Ha artifact Weapon okatana (A katana with a longer blade- use the stats of a longsword).
Katana of the Magus Slayer legendary Weapon longsword
King's Sword of Hearts Very Rare Weapon Greatsword
Knives of Thievery rare Weapon dagger
Kotodama no Nenju uncommon Wondrous Item
Lil' Gus uncommon Wondrous Item Ventriloquist Dummy
Locket of Charm rare Wondrous item
Locking Armor rare Armor plate
Lolth's Kiss artifact Armor breastplate
Luna's Bow rare Weapon any bow
Lusty Maiden's Earring uncommon Ring
Malediction Ring of the Onyx Alpha legendary Ring
Mana Seal very rare Wondrous item
Mask of Greed rare Wondrous item mask
Mask of Indeterminate Faces legendary Wondrous Item Mask
Mask of Spiderkind very rare Wondrous Item Mask
Mask of the Beast very rare Wondrous Item
Mask Of The Doom Flumph legendary Wondrous item mask
Mask of the Fantastic Beast legendary Wondrous Item
Mask of the Fox, Variant
Mask of Twice very rare Wondrous item Mask
Master's Multitool rare Wondrous item
Mermaid Bracelet Very Rare Wondrous Item Bracelet
Mermaid Music Box legendary Wondrous Item
Mermaid Tattoo Rare Wondrous Item
Mirror of the Medusa very rare Wondrous Item Handled Mirror
Monkey's Paw legendary Wondrous Item
Mood Ring, Variant uncommon Ring
Mournblade legendary Weapon greatsword
Myriadic Edge legendary Weapon longsword
Myriadic Edge, Variant legendary Weapon longsword
Necklace of Strangulation rare Wondrous item
Necklace of the Siren very rare Wondrous Item Necklace
Nephilic spirit weapon Rare Weapon Spirit Weapon
Noroki uncommon Weapon greatsword
Oathbow of Infinite Thirst very rare (requires attunement) weapon longbow
Onyx Champion's Mask very rare Wondrous Item
Paired Brass Guard Cats very rare Wondrous Item
Parasitic Blade very rare Weapon sword
Pen of Illiteracy common Wondrous item
Pinata Breaker very rare Wondrous Item
Pinewood's Blood artifact Wondrous Item druidic focus
Pixie Wings Very Rare Wondrous Item
Possessed Hatchet very rare Weapon handaxe
Possum Poultice uncommon Potion
Potion of Damaging common Potion
Potion of Gloop rarity varies Potion
Potion of Ooze Rare Potion
Potion of Vulnerability rare Potion
Raccoon Mask of Comical Banditry rare Wondrous item
Radnalek Cutlass uncommon Weapon cutlass
Rael's Heart artifact Wondrous Item arcane focus
Reluctant Weapon uncommon Weapon any melee weapon
Ring of Bravado legendary Ring
Ring of Bureaucratic Wizardry rare Ring
Ring of Clean Language common Ring
Ring of Decapitation very rare Ring
Ring of Dragons legendary Ring
Ring of Drowning uncommon Ring
Ring of Fertility Rare Ring
Ring of Forced Peace legendary Ring
Ring of Forgiveness legendary Ring
Ring of Gender Swapping rare Ring
Ring of Gigantism Very rare Ring
Ring of Invisible Dress uncommon Ring
Ring of Minor Inconvenience Rare Ring
Ring of Misfortune uncommon Ring
Ring of Mortality very rare Ring
Ring of Necromancy legendary Ring
Ring of Nopes common Ring
Ring of Pestilence legendary Ring
Ring of Sacrifice very rare Ring
Ring of Slight Delay very rare Ring
Ring of the Chameleon rare Ring
Ring of the Champion rare Ring
Ring of the Hunt Rare Ring
Ring of the Luddite uncommon Ring
Ring of the Soul Collector very rare Ring
Ring of the Wretched Hag uncommon Ring
Rings of the Arch-Heretic artifact ring
Rock of Pocket Filling uncommon Wondrous Item Rock
Rusted Spoon uncommon Weapon dagger
Saddlebag of Holding uncommon Wondrous Item
Sawtooth legendary Weapon longsword, handaxe
Scythe of Reaped Souls legendary Weapon great scythe
Sea Seeker artifact Weapon cutlass
Seeds of Eternal Enrootment very rare Wondrous Item
Sharingan in a Bottle very rare Wondrous Item
Shrinking Armour rare Armor Plate
Six Bullet's Revolver Legendary Weapon Revolver
Skull Knight's Set legendary Armor plate
Skull of the Last Warchief very rare Wondrous item
Skull of the Wendigo very rare Wondrous item Helm
Slavers Choker very rare Wondrous item
Slayer Destroyer legendary Weapon glaive, lance, longsword, shortsword, longbow
Snowman Incubator very rare Wondrous Item
Soul Blade rare (+1), very rare (+2), legendary (+3) Weapon any sword
Soul Reaper's Dagger very rare Weapon dagger
Spice legendary Wondrous item
Sseth's Fang Chainmail Very Rare Armor chain mail
Stasis Crystal rare Wondrous item
Stasis Slab very rare Wondrous item
Stolen Wrath legendary Wondrous Item Orb
Stuffed Doll very rare Wondrous Item doll
Sunglasses of Night rare Wondrous item
Sword of Feisty Betrayal uncommon Weapon Shortsword
The Bangle of Disintegration legendary Wondrous Item bangle
The Black Ring legendary Ring
The Crystal of Long Dreaming very rare Wondrous Item
The Idol of Zeroth artifact Wondrous Item idol
The Lich Skull Artifact Wondrous item Spellcasting focus
The Sealed Fist rare Wondrous Item
The Tyranny of Evil artifact Armor plate
The Watcher's Garb uncommon Wondrous item
Thánatos & Vita legendary Weapon Longswords
Token of the Damned legendary Wondrous Item
Transformation Control Collar very rare Wondrous Item
Transformative Pelt very rare Wondrous item
Tube of Recreation Legendary Wondrous item
Tyrfing artifact Weapon broadsword
Undead's Bane very rare Weapon Any Martial Weapon
Usekh of the Dragon rare Wondrous item
Vampire Armor legendary Armor plate
Vice Bracers rare Wondrous item
Victorian Doll Legendary Wondrous Item Doll
VoidWalker Armor legendary Armor leather
Wisecracker legendary Weapon mace
Wraithblade rare Weapon any weapon that deals piercing or slashing damage

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