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Wondrous item, rare (requires attunement)

This item appears to be a modern-style stainless steel multitool with normal tools on it (Which might appear rather fancy or even alien to creatures in a typical fantasy setting.). However, when the attuned user tries to use the tool for any task a tool could be used for, the tool that opens from it is always the perfect tool for the job, even if such a tool would be unreasonably large or otherwise unlikely to fit inside the multitool. It can function as a dagger, set of Thieves' Tools (Or any set of tools really), can opener, drill, hand axe, hammer, crowbar, or any other object that could reasonably be an unpowered tool. This is not limited by the knowledge of the attuned user, and can therefore bring up tools that the user might never have encountered before, such as those from different time periods than the society in-game, or even tools non-humanoid civilizations might use. The extent of this is up to the DM. An unattuned user can still use whatever tool is out, but only the attuned user can close the tool (Which they can do regardless of the tool's size). An unattuned user can also cause the tools that appear to be in the multitool to open out, using it as a normal multitool that has a knife (mechanically identical to a dagger), lockpick (mechanically identical to a set of Thieves' Tools, though it's incompleteness makes the user roll with disadvantage for it), 4 Alan Keys of varying sizes, a tiny flathead screwdriver, and a can opener.

Curse: This item has a curse attached to it. Any creature that uses the multitool for any task or holds it for a minute gains a level of Exhaustion as the multitool steals away the users' internally stored vitamins and minerals that their body uses. This occurs even through gloves and other fabric, though it won't occur from being stored in a storage device like a backpack. There is no limit to this curse, it can kill the user.

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