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Wondrous Item, Legendary

This mask is made of either copper, Iron or Tin, and is modelled in the shape of a fox's head.

Curse: The mask cannot be removed while attuned to it. While attuned to the mask, after a short or long rest, roll a D6. If the result is even, the wearer is altered in a random way. (roll another D6) (if a result has already been rolled, reroll unless there is a chance that you haven't achieved.

1: Copper= You become shorter by 1d6-1 inches. Iron= Your dexterity score increases by 1, up to a max of 19. Tin= The fox mask becomes made of copper.

2: Copper = You have a 50% chance of having your ears relocate to your head and become red fox ears. Iron= The fox mask becomes made of Tin. Tin= Roll a D20. on a 1, You are polymorphed into a fox for 1d4 hours. while a fox, you retain your wisdom and intelligence, as well as your ability to speak.

3: Copper= You have a 50% chance of growing a fox tail. if you do so, the pants you were wearing are damaged were the tail appears. Iron:Your max hp is reduced by 1d4. Tin= The fox mask becomes made of copper.

4: Copper= You have a 50% chance of your mouth and nose elongating and becoming more snout-like in addition, your character has a 10% chance of instantly becoming a kitsune (see race) Iron: You turn into a fox for 1d4 hours. when you turn into a fox, your clothing isn't transformed with you. Tin= The mask gains one charge.

5: All= Over the course of 1d8 days, you grow orange-red fur over your body, also your nails turn into slight claws.

6: Copper= You gain padding on your feet, like a fox. Iron/Tin= You instantly, irreversibly turn into a Kitsune(race).

If all of the rolls have been made for Copper, You instantly and irreversibly turn into a kitsune (race). The Mask of the Fox then merges with your face, becoming that of a regular Kitsune.

Charges: The Mask of the Fox has 8 charges, and regains 1d6 each day at midnight. While you have at least 1 charge while wearing the mask, nobody can see your features of a fox (due to the curse)except you. After a short or long rest, make additional rolls for the curse equal to the amount of unspent charges. You can Spend an amount of charges to use the following abilities: 1: cast "Animal Friendship" without using a spell slot, on foxes only. 2: polymorph into a fox for 6 hours. You keep your mental scores and ability to speak, but otherwise your statistics are that of a fox. You can spend a bonus action to revert to your former self. 8: You instantly and irreversibly become a kitsune(race).

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